On This Day

Historical Events on May 9 (Part 2)

  • 2018 Manchester City smashes EPL records in 3-1 win over Brighton - most goals (105), most points (97) and most wins (31)

Malaysian 14th General Election

2018 Historic win in Malaysian general election by opposition coalition Pakatan Harapan led by 92 year old former Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad, defeating Prime Minister Najib Razak and ending 61 years of rule by the Barisan Nasional coalition

  • 2018 Walmart takes a majority stake in Indian online retailer Flipkart for 16 billion

Taj Mahal

2018 India's Supreme Court criticises the country’s archaeological conservation body for failing to protect the Taj Mahal from discoloration and green slime

Historic Event

2018 President of Iran Hassan Rouhani and some Iranians react angrily to President Trump pulling the US out the Iran Nuclear deal

  • 2018 Dam bursts after heavy rains near Solai, Kenya, killing at least 41
  • 2018 Nicaraguan anti-government protests involving tens of thousands take place in Managua and Matagalpa y Chinandega
  • 2018 Oldest viral DNA, a form of hepatitis B, reported discovered in 7,000 year old skeleton found in Germany
  • 2018 Argentina announces talks with the IMF amid a new financial crisis with interest rates at 40%
  • 2019 English clubs create football history by taking all 4 final spots in Europe's 2 major competitions; Chelsea & Arsenal qualify in Europa Cup after 'miracle' Champions League wins for Liverpool & Spurs

Historic Event

2019 Pope Francis introduces new rules on reporting sexual abuse in the Catholic Church, criticized for not going far enough

  • 2019 New Australian $50 bank note misspells responsibility as "responsibilty" on 46 million notes
  • 2019 French adventurer Jean-Jacques Savin (72) successfully crosses the Atlantic Ocean in a barrel arriving in Martinique
  • 2019 At least 65 migrants drown off the coast of Tunisia when their boat capsizes after leaving Libya according to the UN
  • 2019 Archaeologists hail Anglo-Saxon tomb found 2003 in Prittlewell, England, as Britain’s equivalent of Tutankhamun’s tomb as full report of its contents published