On This Day

Historical Events on November 25

  • 1034 Malcolm II, King of Scots (Máel Coluim mac Cináeda) (b. 980) dies; Donnchad, the son of his second daughter Bethóc and Crínán of Dunkeld, inherits the throne.
  • 1120 'The White Ship' capsizes near the Normandy coast while crossing the English Channel transporting many nobles, including the heir to the English throne, from France to England; about 300 die, only 1 survivor

Historic Event

1165 Holy Roman Emperor Frederick I (Barbarossa) visits Utrecht

Victory in Battle

1177 Battle of Montgisard: Baldwin IV of Jerusalem defeats Saladin and a larger Ayyubid force

  • 1185 Pope Lucius III (Ubaldo Allucingoli) reigned 1181-85, dies and is replaced by Umberto Crivelli (Pope Urban III)
  • 1277 Giovanni Gaetano Orsini elected as Pope Nicolas III
  • 1357 Charles IV issues letter of protection of Jews of Strasbourg Alsace
  • 1491 The siege of Granada, last Moorish stronghold in Spain, begins

Victory in Battle

1500 Governor De Bobadilla of Santo Domingo captures Christopher Columbus

  • 1598 Jacob Cornelius van Neck's merchant fleet reaches Bantam, West-Java on second Dutch expedition to Indonesia
  • 1659 Michiel de Ruyter conquers Danish city Nyborg
  • 1667 A deadly earthquake rocks Shemakha, in the Caucasus, killing 80,000 people.
  • 1715 First English patent granted to an American, for processing corn

Coup d'état

1741 Elizabeth of Russia seizes power in a coup with the aid of Imperial Russian guards in Saint Petersburg, Russia

  • 1744 Austrian forces pillage & kill Jews of Prague
  • 1755 King Ferdinand IV of Spain granted the Beaterio dela Compania de Jesus or now known as the Congregation of the Religious of the Virgin Mary(RVM) a royal protection.
  • 1758 Britain captures Fort Duquesne (later Fort Pitt/Pittsburgh) from French
  • 1766 Pope Clement XIII warns On dangers of anti-Christian writings
  • 1783 Britain evacuates New York city, its last military position in the United States

Historic Publication

1792 Benjamin Banneker first publishes his Farmer's Almanac

  • 1817 First sword swallower in US performs (NYC)
  • 1826 The Greek frigate Hellas arrives in Nafplion to become the first flagship of the Hellenic Navy
  • 1834 Delmonico's, one of NY's finest restaurants, provides a meal of soup, steak, coffee & half a pie for 12 cents
  • 1839 Cyclone slams south eastern India with high winds and a 40 foot storm surge, destroying city of Coringa. Storm waves sweep inland, destroying 20,000 ships and killing an estimated 300,000 people.
  • 1841 35 survivors of the mutiny on the slave ship Amistad return to Africa
  • 1847 Opera "Marta" is produced (Vienna)
  • 1863 Battle of Missionary Ridge, Tennessee
  • 1864 Confederate plot to burn New York city fails
  • 1864 Confederate retreat at Sandersville, Georgia

Historic Event

1867 US Congress commission looks into "impeachment" of President Andrew Johnson

  • 1874 The United States Greenback Party is established as a political party consisting primarily of farmers affected by the Panic of 1873.
  • 1876 Indian Wars: In retaliation for the American defeat at the Battle of the Little Bighorn, United States Army troops sack Chief Dull Knife's sleeping Cheyenne village at the headwaters of the Powder River.
  • 1884 John B Meyenberg of St Louis patents evaporated milk
  • 1894 Greenback (Independent) Party organizes in Indianapolis
  • 1897 Spain grants Puerto Rico autonomy
  • 1899 Battle at Graspan, Cape colony: General Methuen beats Farmers
  • 1902 Franz Lehar's opera "Wiener Frauen" premieres in Vienna
  • 1905 Telimco makes the 1st ever advertisement for a radio set, by advertising a $7.50 set in the "Scientific American" which claimed to receive signals for up to one mile

Music Concert

1907 Jules Massenet's opera "Thaïs" has its first American performance in New York

  • 1908 Dorando Pietri (It) beats Johnny Hayes (US) in Madison Square Garden marathon by 60 yds
  • 1911 CFL Grey Cup, Varsity Stadium, Toronto: UT Blues win 3rd straight title; beat Toronto Argonauts, 14-7

Sports History

1911 Australasian Championships Men's Tennis, Melbourne: 1907 Wimbledon champion Norman Brookes of Australia beats countryman Horace Rice 6-1, 6-2, 6-3

  • 1912 American College of Surgeons incorporates in Springield, Illinois
  • 1912 Socialist International rejects that world war is coming
  • 1913 The Irish Volunteers founded in Dublin to "secure the rights and liberties common to all the people of Ireland"
  • 1920 1st Thanksgiving Parade (Philadelphia)
  • 1920 WTAW of College Station, Tx, broadcast 1st football play-by-play

Historic Event

1922 Crown Prince Hirohito of Japan becomes Regent of Japan in his ailing father's stead

  • 1925 KPD proposes German Parliament expropriate possession of monarchy
  • 1930 Ito, Japan records 690 earthquake shocks in 1 day

Sports History

1930 Sporting News picks Bill Terry as NL MVP & Joe Cronin as AL MVP

  • 1933 1st Soviet liquid fuel rocket attains altitude of 261' (80m)
  • 1935 International Institute for Social History (IISG) forms in Amsterdam
  • 1936 Germany & Japan sign anti-Komintern pact
  • 1937 World's Fair of Paris closes (31.2 million visitors)


1938 Lavrentiy Beria succeeds Nikolai Yezhov as the head of the Soviet secret police, NKVD, after Yezhov was executed on Joseph Stalin's orders

  • 1940 Nazi Intelligence agency Sicherheitsdienst (SD) arrests Dutch resistance fighter Bernard Ijzerdraat, founder of De Geuzen
  • 1940 SS Patria carrying illegal immigrants sinks in port of Haifa, 200 die

Sports History

1940 Football team University of Michigan retires Tom Harmon's #98

  • 1940 Woody Woodpecker debuts with release of Walter Lantz's "Knock Knock"
  • 1940 First flights of the de Havilland Mosquito and Martin B-26 Marauder.
  • 1941 German Jews in Netherlands declared stateless (lose of nationality)
  • 1941 Lou Boudreau, 24, becomes Cleveland Indians player manager
  • 1941 Finland joined the Anti-Komintern Pact.
  • 1942 National Organization for Aid to Underground, LO, forms
  • 1943 U-600 sinks in Atlantic Ocean
  • 1944 32nd CFL Grey Cup: Montreal HMCS defeat Hamilton Flying Wildcats, 7-6
  • 1944 World War II: A German V-2 rocket hits a Woolworth's store in Deptford, United Kingdom, killing 160 shoppers.
  • 1947 New Zealand accedes to Statute of Westminster, becomes a dominion
  • 1947 The 1st systematic Hollywood blacklist is instituted, denying employment to American entertainment professionals due to alleged Communist ties or sympathies
  • 1948 16-inch coastal guns removed from Fort Funston, San Francisco
  • 1948 KING TV channel 5 in Seattle, WA (NBC) begins broadcasting
  • 1949 "Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer" appears on music charts

Sports History

1949 Ted Williams wins AL MVP

  • 1950 "Tickets, Please" closes at Coronet Theater NYC after 245 performances
  • 1950 CFL Grey Cup, Varsity Stadium, Toronto: Toronto Argonauts claim 9th title; shutout Winnipeg Blue Bombers, 13-0
  • 1950 UN gives Eritrea to Ethiopia
  • 1951 17 die in a train crash in Woodstock, Alabama
  • 1951 Cleveland Browns penalized a record 209 yards against Chicago Bears
  • 1951 Commemoration of Dutch resistance fighter Hannie Schaft forbidden
  • 1951 3rd NASCAR Sprint Cup: Herb Thomas wins
  • 1951 Cleveland halfback Dub Jones ties the NFL record for most touchdowns in a game crossing for 6 in Browns 42-21 win v Chicago Bears at Cleveland Stadium
  • 1952 George Meany appointed as chairman of AFL
  • 1952 Only win ever for NFL's Dallas Texans (1-11), beating the Chicago Bears, 27-23 at the Cotton Bowl
  • 1953 "Guys & Dolls" closes at 46th St Theater NYC after 1,200 performances
  • 1953 Earthquake and tsnunami strike Honshu, Japan
  • 1953 Hungary beats England in soccer match, 6-3
  • 1955 Race segregation forbidden on trains & buses between US states

Music Premiere

1955 Walter Piston's 6th Symphony, composed to mark the 75th Anniversary of the Boston Symphony, premieres, led by Charles Munch

Historic Event

1955 Clement Attlee resigns as leader of the UK Labour Party

Historic Event

1957 US President Dwight Eisenhower suffers a mild stroke, impairing his speech

  • 1958 Senegal becomes an autonomous state in French Community
  • 1959 "Once Upon a Mattress" opens at Alvin Theater NYC for 460 performances
  • 1960 "Amos 'n' Andy" made its last broadcast on CBS radio
  • 1960 First atomic reactor for research & development, Richland, Wa
  • 1960 CBS ends last 4 radio soap operas (Ma Perkins, Right to Happiness, Young Dr Malone & 2nd Mrs Burton) & cancels 4 other series
  • 1960 Three of the four Mirabal sisters, opponents of the dictatorship of Rafael Trujillo of the Dominican Republic, are assassinated

Sports History

1961 NBA's Bob Cousy becomes 2nd player to score 15,000 points

  • 1962 WBJA (now WMGC) TV channel 34 in Binghamton, NY (ABC) 1st broadcast

Historic Event

1963 JFK laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery

  • 1965 Congo military coup under Gen Mobutu, President Kasavubu overthrown
  • 1966 Cincinnati infielder Tommy Helms is voted NL Rookie of Year
  • 1966 Pirate Radio Station 390 (Radio Invicta) closes down (reopen 12/31)
  • 1967 "Apple Tree" closes at Shubert Theater NYC after 463 performances
  • 1967 Puerto Rico placed on Atlantic Standard Time
  • 1968 15th National Film Awards (India): "Hatey Bazarey" wins the Golden Lotus

Music History

1969 John Lennon returns OBE to protest against UK's support for Vietnam War

  • 1969 KC outfielder Lou Piniella is voted AL Rookie of Year
  • 1970 New York Yankees catcher Thurman Munson wins AL Rookie of Year
  • 1970 In Japan, author Yukio Mishima and two compatriots commit ritualistic suicide after an unsuccessful coup attempt
  • 1971 37th Heisman Trophy Award: Pat Sullivan, Auburn (QB)

Historic Event

1971 British Labour Party leader Harold Wilson proposes Britain should work towards a withdrawal from Northern Ireland, and after 15 years; the Republic of Ireland could rejoin the British Commonwealth

  • 1972 "Ambassador" closes at Lunt-Fontanne Theater NYC after 9 performances
  • 1973 3 Palestinians hijack KLM B747 above Iraq, to Dubai
  • 1973 CFL Grey Cup, CNE Stadium, Vancouver: Ottawa Rough Riders 8th Championship; defeat Edmonton Eskimos, 22-18
  • 1973 Bloodless military coup ousts Greek President George Papadopoulos
  • 1973 US cuts maximum speed limit cut to 55 MPH as an energy conservation measure
  • 1974 Irish Republican Army is outlawed in Britain following deaths of 21
  • 1974 Rangers' Mike Hargrove wins AL Rookie of Year
  • 1975 Netherlands grants Suriname independence (National Day)
  • 1975 Portuguese leftist officers occupy 4 airbases
  • 1975 A loyalist gang nicknamed the "Shankill Butchers" undertakes its first "cut-throat killing"; the gang was named for its late-night kidnapping, torture and murder (by throat slashing) of random Catholic civilians in Belfast

Sports History

1976 O.J. Simpson gains 273 yards for Buffalo vs Detroit

Music Concert

1976 The Band's farewell concert at San Francisco's Winterland Ballroom, San Francisco, California; guest performers include Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Van Morrison, Ringo Starr, and the Staples Singers; concert film "The Last Waltz" directed by Martin Scorcese

  • 1976 Viking 1 radio signals from Mars help prove the general theory of relativity
  • 1976 NYPD officer Robert Torsney shoots unarmed youth Randolph Evans while answering response at youth's Brooklyn home
  • 1977 David Steed balanced stationary on a bike for 9 hrs 15 mins

Boxing Title Fight

1977 Thomas Hearns KOs Jerome Hill in 2 rounds in his 1st pro fight

Election of Interest

1978 New Zealand general election won by ruling Prime Minister Robert Muldoon and the National Party

  • 1979 "Most Happy Fella" closes at Majestic Theater NYC after 53 performances
  • 1979 CFL Grey Cup, Olympic Stadium, Montreal: Edmonton Eskimos retain Championship; defeat Montreal Alouettes, 17-9; Eskimos shut out of MVP and MV Canadian awards
  • 1979 Israel returns Alma oilfields in Gulf of Suez to Egypt
  • 1979 Pittsburgh gains 606 net yards against Cleveland, winning 33-30

Sports History

1979 Pat Summerall and John Madden broadcast a game together for the first time, a pairing that lasts 22 years and becomes one of the most well-known partnerships in TV sportscasting history

  • 1980 Coup in Burkina abolishes constitution
  • 1980 France performs nuclear test at Mururoa atoll

Sports History

1980 Imran Khan scores his 1st Test Cricket ton, 123 v WI Lahore

Boxing Title Fight

1980 Sugar Ray Leonard regains WBC welterweight boxing crown when Roberto Durán quits in the 8th round of infamous “no mas” fight at the Superdome, New Orleans

  • 1980 Upper-Volta military coup under Col Saye Zerbo, President Lamizana flees
  • 1981 Failed coup by South African mercenaries in Seychelles
  • 1981 Rollie Fingers is 1st relief pitcher to win AL MVP

Appointment of Interest

1981 Pope John Paul II names Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger "Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith"

  • 1982 The Minneapolis Thanksgiving Day Fire destroys an entire city block, including the Northwestern National Bank building and the recently closed Donaldson's Department Store.

Boxing Title Fight

1983 Larry Holmes TKOs Marvis Frazier in 1 for heavyweight boxing title

  • 1983 Soyuz T-9 returns to Earth, 149 days after take-off
  • 1983 Syria & Saudi Arabia announce cease-fire in PLO civil war in Tripoli
  • 1984 Julio M Sanguinetti wins Uruguay presidential election
  • 1984 William Schroeder is second person to receive Jarvik-7 artificial heart
  • 1985 Chicago White Sox shortstop Ozzie Guillén is named AL Rookie of Year

Sports History

1986 A's Jose Canseco wins AL Rookie of Year

Historic Event

1986 Iran-Contra affair erupts, President Reagan reveals secret arms deal

Historic Event

1986 Oliver North's secretary, Fawn Hall, smuggles documents out of his office

  • 1987 Pakistan cricket leg-spin bowler Abdul Qadir takes 9-56 against England in 1st Test at Lahore; best figures by a Pakistani, and by any bowler against England
  • 1987 India all out for 75 v West Indies at Delhi, Patterson 5-24
  • 1987 Supertyphoon Nina pummels the Philippines with category 5 winds of 165 mph and a surge that swallows entire villages. at least 1,036 deaths attributed to the storm.

Music History

1988 Chuck Berry pays $250 fine to resolve NYC assault charges

  • 1988 Convention on exploitation of Antarctic mineral resources signed
  • 1988 US & Soviet chess grand masters Donaldson & Akhmilovskaya wed
  • 1988 Widespread earthquake hits North East US, Canada, no damage reported
  • 1988 German politician Rita Süssmuth becomes president of the Bundestag.

Sports History

1989 David Boon scores 200 v NZ at cricket WACA

  • 1990 CFL Grey Cup, BC Place, Vancouver: Winnipeg Blue Bombers' 10th Championship: beat Edmonton Eskimos, 50-11; Winnipeg's 28 points in 3rd quarter is Grey Cup record

Election of Interest

1990 Lech Wałęsa wins Poland's first popular election

  • 1990 India bowl the Sri Lankan cricket team out for 82; Venkatapathy Raju (I) takes 6-12 off 17.5 overs
  • 1993 Dutch Antilles government of Liberia-Peters falls
  • 1993 Failed bomb attack on Egyptian premier Atef Sedki, 1 dead
  • 1994 Sony founder Akio Morita announces he will be stepping down as CEO of the company
  • 1995 "Patti LuPone on Broadway" closes at Walter Kerr NYC after 46 performances
  • 1996 After 24 years, Disneyland Main Street Electrical Parade, ends
  • 1997 US telephone technician Richard Bliss arrested for spying in Russia

Album Release

1997 "Sevens" 7th studio album by Garth Brooks is released (Grammy Award Best Country Collaboration with Vocals 1998, Billboard Album of the Year 1998)

  • 2000 Earthquake in Baku, Azerbaijan
  • 2000 12th Rugby League World Cup: Australia beats New Zealand 40-12
  • 2000 Federation Cup Women's Tennis, Las Vegas, Nevada: Lindsay Davenport beats Conchita Martínez of Spain 6-1, 6-2 to give US an unassailable 3-0 lead (ends, 5-0) and record extending 17th title
  • 2001 CFL Grey Cup, Olympic Stadium, Montreal: Calgary Stampeders claim their 5th Championship in team history; beat Winnipeg Blue Bombers, 27-19
  • 2005 Polish Minister of National Defence Radek Sikorski opens Warsaw Pact archives to historians showing maps of possible nuclear strikes against Western Europe, including the nuclear annihilation of 43 Polish cities by Soviet-controlled forces.
  • 2007 The first European Parliament election and a referendum on changing the voting system (called by the President and declared invalid because of insufficient turnout) were held in Romania.
  • 2007 CFL Grey Cup, Rogers Center, Toronto: Saskatchewan Roughriders win 3rd title; defeat Winnipeg Blue Bombers, 23-19
  • 2008 A car bomb in St. Petersburg, Russia, kills three people and injures one
  • 2009 Flooding in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia; powerful storm brings 3 years worth of rain in 4 hours, killing over 150 people and sweeping thousands of cars away during Hajj
  • 2011 Sudden violent storms strike southern Sri Lanka, killing 27 people and drowning many fishermen caught by surprise. Thousands of homes lose their roofs and several more sustain damage. Landslides along with flooding was reported on the mainland.
  • 2012 11 people are killed and 30 are wounded by twin car bombs hitting a Protestant church in Nigeria
  • 2012 16 people are killed and 44 injured after a wedding party bus plunges 300 ft down a gorge in India
  • 2012 100th CFL Grey Cup, Rogers Center, Toronto: Toronto Argonauts defeat Calgary Stampeders, 35-22; Argos owner David Braley first team boss to win back-to-back Grey Cups with 2 different teams (also 2011 champion BC Lions

Soul Train Music Awards

2012 26th Soul Train Music Awards: Miguel, Beyoncé win

Sports History

2012 German Red Bull driver Sebastian Vettel finishes 4th in season-ending Brazilian Grand Prix at Autódromo José Carlos Pace to claim his 3rd consecutive F1 World Drivers Championship by 3 points from Fernando Alonso

  • 2013 17 people are killed and 37 are wounded in a cafe bombing in Baghdad, Iraq
  • 2013 Disney release “Frozen: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” (Grammy Award for Best Compilation Soundtrack for Visual Media 2015, 2014 Billboard Album of the Year)
  • 2014 US Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel resigns, ending nearly two years in the Pentagon's top job
  • 2014 Switzerland's Bern Art Museum agrees to accept artworks looted from their Jewish owners by the Nazis
  • 2014 Protest erupt across US after a decision by Missouri grand jury not to bring charges against a white policeman who shot dead a black teenager
  • 2014 Missouri Governor Jay Nixon orders hundreds more US National Guard troops to the town of Ferguson to prevent a second night of rioting and looting

Sports History

2014 Lionel Messi becomes the UEFA Champions League all-time top scorer

Papal Visit

2015 Pope Francis begins his trip to Africa, visiting Kenya, Uganda and the Central African Republic

  • 2017 Actress Naya Rivera arrested on a domestic battery charge in West Virginia
  • 2017 Longest known frozen embryo to be successfully born is delivered in Tennessee - Emma Wren Gibson, frozen 24 years ago
  • 2018 Historic north Californian Camp Fire declared 100% contained with 85 dead, 249 missing, covering 153,000 acres with 14,000 homes burnt
  • 2018 EU leaders approve an agreement for Britain to leave the EU (Brexit)

Sports History

2018 British Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton wins season-ending Abu Dhabi Grand Prix to claim his 5th Formula 1 World Drivers Championship by 88 points from Sebastian Vettel; Mercedes' 5th straight Constructors title

  • 2018 Davis Cup Tennis, Lille: Marin Čilić beats Frenchman Lucas Pouille 7-6, 6-3, 6-3 to wrap up the final for Croatia, 3-1