On This Day

Historical Events on November 28 (Part 2)

  • 2018 Australian state Queensland raises its fire warning to "catastrophic" for the first time as 130 fires burn
  • 2018 French director Luc Besson accused of sexual harassment by five more women, adding to four already made public
  • 2019 Zimbabwe on the brink of man-made starvation according to the UN
  • 2019 Iraqi security forces open fire on protesters killing at least 25 in Nasiriya a day after the Iranian embassy in Najais is burnt down
  • 2019 European parliament declares a climate emergency
  • 2019 Mosconi Cup nine-ball pool, Las Vegas, Nevada: US retains trophy with an 11-8 win over Europe; MVP: Skyler Woodward (USA)
  • 2020 At least 110 people killed in attack on Koshobe village in north-east Nigeria by Boko Haram jihadist group

Historic Event

2020 Joe Biden injures his foot playing with his dog Major

  • 2020 Thousands of farmers begin entering Delhi to protest proposed agriculture reforms

Music History

2021 Barbados becomes a Republic, removing Queen Elizabeth II as head of state in a ceremony with Sandra Mason sworn in as the first President, with Rihanna declared a national hero

  • 2021 Honduras presidential elections: Xiomara Castro elected country's first female president (declared 2 Dec)