Historical Events on September 9

  • 701 St Sergius I reign as Catholic Pope ends

Battle of Svolder

1000 Battle of Svolder, Baltic Sea: King Olaf on board the Long Serpent defeated in one of the greatest naval battles of the Viking Age. He leaps to his death overboard.

  • 1379 Treaty of Neuberg, splitting the Austrian Habsburg lands between the Habsburg Dukes Albert III and Leopold III.
  • 1493 Battle of Krbava field, a decisive defeat of Croats in Croatian struggle against the Ottoman Empire invasion.

Victory in Battle

1513 Battle of Flodden: English forces defeat the Scots near Branxton in Northumberland and kill King James IV of Scotland, the last monarch in Great Britain to be killed in battle

Royal Coronation

1543 Mary Stuart, at nine months old, is crowned "Queen of Scots" in the central Scottish town of Stirling

  • 1553 The Roman Inquisition burns all copies of the Talmud and other Jewish texts in Rome's Campo de Fiori

Historic Event

1556 Pope Paul IV refuses to crown Ferdinand I of Austria Holy Roman Emperor

Conference of Interest

1561 Conference of Poissy: Religious theologians gathered by Catherine de' Medici

  • 1567 Lomaraal van Egmond & Philip van Hoorne captured
  • 1570 Cyprian city of Nicosia falls to the Ottomans, afterwards an estimated 20,000 citizen are massacred and the rest sold into slavery
  • 1591 -10] Battle at Flores Azores: Spanish beat English
  • 1675 New England colonies declare war on Wampanoag indians
  • 1683 Expelled Polish & Lotharings reach Wienerwald
  • 1739 Slave revolt in Stono SC led by Jemmy (25 whites killed)
  • 1753 1st steam engine arrives in north American colonies
  • 1767 Colegio de San Ignacio de Loyola Vizcaínas - the oldest continuously operating educational institution in Mexico, opens for the education of girls and women in Mexico City [1]
  • 1776 Congress officially renames the country as the United States of America (from the United Colonies)
  • 1817 Alexander Twilight, probably first African American to graduate from a US college, receives BA degree at Middlebury College
  • 1830 Charles Durant, 1st US aeronaut, flies a balloon from Castle Garden, NYC to Perth Amboy, NJ, a dsstance of about 25 miles, covered in 3 hours

Historic Publication

1836 Ralph Waldo Emerson publishes his influential essay "Nature" in the US, outlining his beliefs in transcendentalism

Famous Photo

1839 English scientist and astronomer John Herschel takes 1st glass plate photograph

  • 1841 Great Lakes steamer "Erie" sinks off Silver Creek NY, kills 300
  • 1841 Tom Hyer beats George McChester in 101 rounds at Caldwell's Landing, NY to become first American heavyweight boxing champion
  • 1850 California is admitted as the thirty-first state of the Union
  • 1850 Territories of New Mexico & Utah created
  • 1861 Nurse Sally Tompkins is officially commissioned as an officer (and its only woman officer) by the Confederate US Army

Historic Event

1862 Robert E. Lee splits his army & sends Jackson to capture Harpers Ferry

  • 1863 Battle of Cumberland Gap, TN
  • 1867 Luxembourg gains independence
  • 1875 Lotta's Fountain (Kearny & Market) dedicated
  • 1881 Egyptian military coup under colonel Arab "El Wahid"
  • 1886 The Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works is finalized
  • 1892 E. E. Barnard at Lick discovers Amalthea, 5th Jupiter moon
  • 1892 Manifesto of the Queensland Labour Party to the people of Queensland issued, detailing grievances of working class towards ruling class. Pivotal document in Australian labor and political history. [1]
  • 1895 American Bowling Congress forms (NYC)
  • 1898 Ottawa Football Club re-organizes into the Rough Riders

Historic Event

1899 French Capt Alfred Dreyfus sentenced on unjust grounds

  • 1903 6 km long Engadin-railroad tunnel in Switzerland inaugurated
  • 1904 Boston Herald again refers to NY baseball club as Yankees, when it reports "Yankees take 2," Yankee name not official till 1913
  • 1904 Mounted police 1st used in NYC

Historic Event

1908 Orville Wright makes 1st 1-hr airplane flight, Fort Myer, Va

  • 1908 Russia takes part of Poland
  • 1909 China's Metropolitan Library established by the Qing Dynasty in Beijing Guanghua temple (now the National Library of China) [1]

Boxing Title Fight

1909 Jack Johnson retains his heavyweight boxing title when he fights Al Kaufman to a no decision in 10 rounds at Coffroth's Arena, San Francisco, California

  • 1911 1st European post delivered by air (Hendon to Windsor, England)
  • 1912 J Verdrines becomes 1st to fly over 100 mph (107 mph/172 kph)
  • 1913 Russian pilot Pyotr Nesterov becomes the first pilot to fly a loop, doing so in his Nieuport IV monoplane; he is arrested for ten days for endangering government property
  • 1914 -12] Belgian offensive from Antwerp
  • 1914 Boston Brave George Davis no-hits Philadelphia Phillies, 7-0
  • 1914 First fully mechanized unit in the British Army created - the Canadian Automobile Machine Gun Brigade (WWI)
  • 1914 Meeting held at Gaelic League headquarters between Irish Republican Brotherhood and other extreme republicans; initial decision made to stage an uprising while Britain is at war
  • 1915 Association for the Study of Negro Life and History formed in Chicago by Carter G. Woodson and others. Now the Association for the Study of African American Life and History.
  • 1918 Dutch government of Ruijs de Beerenbrouck forms
  • 1919 Boston's police force strikes
  • 1921 Guatemala, Honduras and San Salvador agree to Central American Union
  • 1922 St Louis Brown "Baby Doll" Jacobson hits 3 triples beating Tigers 16-0
  • 1922 Turkish troops conquer Smyrna/murder Greek citizens
  • 1922 William T Cosgrave replaces Irish premier Collins
  • 1923 Albin Stenroos runs world record 20 km (1:07:11.2)
  • 1924 Hanapepe Massacre occurs on Kauai, Hawaii.
  • 1926 National Broadcasting Company created by Radio Corporation of America
  • 1926 Train disaster at Wassenaar, Netherlands, 4 die

Sports History

1927 Tony Lazzeri Day at Yankee Stadium

  • 1928 Silvio Cator of Haiti, sets then long jump record at 26' ½"
  • 1932 Frank Crosetti ties record, striking out twice in 1 inning
  • 1932 Mine strikes at Belgian Borinage ended
  • 1932 Spanish Cortes grants Catalonia autonomy
  • 1932 Steamboat SS Observation explodes in NYC East River (71 killed)
  • 1934 Armas Toivonen becomes 1st European marathoner (2:52:29.0)
  • 1934 G Kaufman & M Hart's "Merrily We Roll Along" premieres in NYC
  • 1936 New York Yankees beat Cleveland Indians, 12-9 at League Park to clinch AL pennant on the earliest date in history
  • 1939 Nazi army reaches Warsaw
  • 1940 28 German aircraft shot down above England

US Men's Tennis Open

1940 US National Championship Men's Tennis, Forest Hills, NY: Donald McNeill beats fellow American Bobby Riggs 4-6, 6-8, 6-3, 6-3, 7-5 for his second major singles title

US Open Women's Tennis

1940 US National Championship Women's Tennis, Forest Hills, NY: Defending champion Alice Marble beats Helen Jacobs 6-2, 6-3 for her third US singles title

  • 1942 1st bombing on continental US soil at Mount Emily, Oregon during WWII by Japanese planes
  • 1942 Compulsory work for women, children and old males in Batavia
  • 1943 15 German JU-88's sink Italian flag ship Rome

Historic Event

1943 Lieutenant-General Omar Bradley flies from Algiers to Marrakech/Prestwick

  • 1943 Red Army occupies Bachmatsj
  • 1943 US, British & French troops land in Salerno (operation Avalanche)
  • 1944 Allied forces liberate Luxembourg
  • 1944 Red Army supports coup in Bulgaria, instituting new Communist government (1946-1990) during the "National Uprising"
  • 1944 Resistance fighter Jaap Musch arrested in Nijverdal, Netherlands
  • 1944 US 113th cavalry passes Belgian-Dutch borders

Historic Event

1945 1st "bug" in a computer program discovered by Grace Hopper, a moth was removed with tweezers from a relay & taped into the log

  • 1945 Japanese in South Korea, Taiwan, China, Indochina surrender to Allies

Sports History

1945 Jimmie Foxx hits his 534th & final HR

  • 1945 Philadelphia A's Dick Fowler no-hits St Louis Browns, 1-0
  • 1948 "Hilarities (of 1949)" opens at Adelphi Theater NYC for 14 performances
  • 1948 Brooklyn Dodger Rex Barney no-hits NY Giants, 2-0
  • 1950 "Texas, Li'l Darlin'" closes at Mark Hellinger NYC after 293 performances
  • 1950 "Where's Chartev?" closes at St James Theater NYC after 792 performances
  • 1950 1st use of TV laugh track by "The Hank McCune Show" in the US
  • 1950 Mass arrests of communists in France
  • 1951 1st broadcast of "Love of Life" on CBS-TV
  • 1953 WFIE TV channel 14 in Evansville, IN (NBC) begins broadcasting
  • 1954 Earthquake strikes Orleansville (now Chlef), Algeria: 1,250 killed with many aftershocks
  • 1954 Indians becomes 1st Cleveland team to win 100 games in a season
  • 1955 Don Zimmer, hits 4,000th Dodger home run
  • 1956 African Party for Liberation of Guinea-Bissau & Cape Verde forms

TV Show Appearance

1956 Elvis Presley appears on "The Ed Sullivan Show" for the 1st time

US Men's Tennis Open

1956 US National Championship Men's Tennis, Forest Hills, NY: In an all-Australian final Ken Rosewall wins his first US singles title, beating Lew Hoad 4-6, 6-2, 6-3, 6-3

US Open Women's Tennis

1956 US National Championship Women's Tennis, Forest Hills, NY: In an all-American final Shirley Fry Irvin beats Althea Gibson 6-3, 6-4 for her only US singles crown

  • 1957 "Diana" by Paul Anka reaches #1
  • 1957 Nashville's new Hattie Cotton Elementary School dynamited

Historic Event

1957 US President Eisenhower signs 1st civil rights bill since Reconstruction

  • 1958 Race riots in Notting Hill Gate, London
  • 1960 Denver Broncos beat Boston Patriots, 13-10 in the American Football League's first game before 21,597 fans at Nickerson Field in Boston
  • 1960 Pakistan ends India's run of 6 consecutive Olympic field hockey gold medals with a 1-0 win over their sub-continent rivals at the Rome Games
  • 1961 Maria Beale Fletcher (NC), 19, crowned 34th Miss America 1962
  • 1962 Soviet economist Liberman plead for autonomous businesses
  • 1962 WNYS (now WIXT) TV channel 9 in Syracuse, NY (ABC) begins broadcasting

Historic Event

1963 Alabama Governor George Wallace served a federal injunction to stop orders of state police to bar black students from enrolling in white schools

  • 1963 NBC expands "The Huntley–Brinkley Report", their evening television news program, from 15 to 30 minutes
  • 1964 German DR government allows short visits to West Germany
  • 1964 John Osborne's "Inadmissible Evidence" premieres in London

Historic Event

1965 François Mitterrand nominated for French presidency

Baseball Record

1965 LA Dodgers future Baseball Hall of Fame pitcher Sandy Koufax throws his 4th career no-hitter and first perfect game in a 1-0 win over the Chicago Cubs at Dodger Stadium

  • 1965 Tibet is made an autonomous region of China

Historic Event

1966 The National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act is signed into law by U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson.

  • 1967 1st successful Test flight of a Saturn V
  • 1967 Debra Dene Barnes (Kansas), 20, crowned 40th Miss America 1968
  • 1967 Uganda declares independence from Great Britain
  • 1968 WGIQ TV channel 43 in Louisville, AL (PBS) begins broadcasting
  • 1968 WVPT TV channel 51 in Staunton, VA (PBS) begins broadcasting
  • 1969 Allegheny Airlines flight 853 collides with a Piper Cherokee above Indiana, kills all 83 occupants

US Men's Tennis Open

1969 US Open Men's Tennis, Forest Hills, NY: Rod Laver beats fellow Australian Tony Roche 7-9, 6-1, 6-2, 6-2 to claim his record second Grand Slam

  • 1969 WCVN TV channel 54 in Covington, KY (PBS) begins broadcasting
  • 1970 Feyenoord wins soccer's Club World Cup
  • 1971 1,000 convicts riot & seize Attica, NY prison

Album Release

1971 Apple Records releases John Lennon's second solo studio album, "Imagine" in US; it tops the charts in US, UK, Australia, and 3 other countries

  • 1971 John Lennon and Yoko Ono appear on Dick Cavett Show (ABC-TV)
  • 1971 NHL great Gordie Howe retires (for the first time), after 25 seasons with the Detroit Red Wings
  • 1972 Connection found between Mammoth Cave Ridge and Flint cave systems in Kentucky, joining 144 miles of passages - making it the world's longest known cave system (later mapped at 420 miles) [1]
  • 1972 Soviet runner Lyudmila Bragina with a world record 4:01.38 wins the women's 1,500m gold medal at the Munich Olympics
  • 1972 Soviet Union beats the United States 51-50 in the most controversial game in international basketball history; with US leading 50-49 the final 3 seconds is replayed 3 times until the Soviets finally win
  • 1972 Terry Anne Meeuwsen (Wisc), 23, crowned 45th Miss America 1973

US Open Women's Tennis

1972 US Open Women's Tennis, Forest Hills, NY: Billie Jean King retains her title; beats Kerry Melville Reid of Australia 6-3, 7-5

  • 1972 West German equestrian rider Liselott Linsenhoff follows her dressage teams gold in Mexico City with the individual dressage title at her home Olympics in Munich

Sports History

1973 4th place finish in the Italian Grand Prix at Monza is enough to clinch Jackie Stewart his 3rd Formula 1 World Drivers Championship

  • 1973 US Open Men's Tennis, Forest Hills, NY: Australian John Newcombe wins his second US singles title; beats Jan Kodeš 6-4, 1-6, 4-6, 6-2, 6-3

Music Concert

1975 Paul McCartney & Wings begin their "Wings Over The World" tour in Southampton, England; 65 concerts in Europe, Australia, Canada, and United States, runs through October of 1976

  • 1975 Viking 2 Mars probe launches
  • 1976 New Zealand government establishes the country’s first centralised electronic database through the Wanganui Computer Act, raising questions about the state’s ability to gather information on its citizens
  • 1977 Tiger rookies Lou Whitaker & Allan Trammell debut together & will play together for 19 years
  • 1978 3rd game of Boston Massacre; NY Yankees beat Red Sox, 7-0

Historic Event

1978 Ayatollah Khomeini calls for an uprising in the Iranian army

  • 1978 Baltimore Orioles pull their 7th triple play (5-4-3 vs Toronto)
  • 1978 Kylene Barker (Virginia), crowned 51st Miss America 1979

US Open Women's Tennis

1978 US Open Women's Tennis, Flushing Meadows, NY: Chris Evert wins her 4th straight US singles title; beats fellow American Pam Shriver 7-5, 6-4; first time event played on hard courts

  • 1979 31st Emmy Awards: "Taxi"; "Lou Grant"; Ron Leibman & Ruth Gordon win
  • 1979 British film "The Bitch" starring Joan Collins, a sequel to "The Stud", both based on novels by her sister Jackie Collins, premieres in UK
  • 1979 South African Ferrari driver Jody Scheckter wins the Italian Grand Prix at Monza to clinch his first Formula 1 World Drivers Championship; first RSA champion

US Men's Tennis Open

1979 US Open Men's Tennis: John McEnroe wins first Grand Slam title; beats fellow American Vitas Gerulaitis 7-5, 6-3, 6-3

  • 1981 Vernon E Jordan resigns as president of National Urban League
  • 1982 "Your Arm's Are Too Short To Box With God" opens at Alvin Theater, NYC; runs for 69 performances
  • 1982 Columbia mated with SRBs & external tank in preparation for STS-5
  • 1982 Conestoga 1, 1st private commercial rocket, makes suborbital flight
  • 1983 Challenger returns to Kennedy Space Center via Sheppard AFB, Texas
  • 1983 Radio Shack announces their color computer 2 (Coco2)

Sports History

1983 Vitas Gerulaitis bets his house that Martina Navratilova can't beat 100th ranked male tennis player

  • 1984 US Open Men's Tennis: John McEnroe wins his 4th US title and final Grand Slam singles event; beats Ivan Lendl 6-3, 6-4, 6-1

Historic Event

1985 President Reagan orders sanctions against South Africa

  • 1985 Race riot in Birmingham, England
  • 1986 Minn Tommy Krammer passes for 6 touchdowns vs Green Bay (42-7)
  • 1986 NYC jury indicts Soviet United Nations employee Gennadly Zakharov of spying
  • 1987 Gary Hart admits on "Nightline" to cheating on his wife
  • 1987 Largest US Tennis Open single night session (total) 21,016

Sports History

1987 Larry Bird (Celtics), begins NBA free throw streak of 59

Baseball Record

1987 MLB pitcher Nolan Ryan strikes out his 4,500th batter

  • 1988 "Look Away" single released by Chicago (Billboard Song of the Year 1989)
  • 1988 MLB Atlanta Braves Bruce Sutter joins Rollie Fingers & Gooses Gossage with 300 MLB career saves
  • 1988 US Stars & Stripes H3 defeats NZ's KZ-1 at the 27th America's Cup: NZ appeal in court but eventually lose
  • 1990 George H. W. Bush and Mikhail Gorbachev meet in Helsinki & urge Iraq to leave Kuwait
  • 1990 Liberia president Samuel K Doe is captured by Mr Johnson's forces
  • 1990 Oakland beats NY 7-3 to complete a 12-game sweep of Yankees this year

US Men's Tennis Open

1990 US Open Men's Tennis: 19 year old Pete Sampras wins his first Grand Slam title; beats fellow American Andre Agassi 6-4, 6-3, 6-2; Sampras youngest male US Open winner

Sports History

1991 Mike Tyson indicted for rape of Desiree Washington

  • 1991 Only 1,695 fans watch Boston Red Sox play Cleveland
  • 1992 1st time Baltimore Orioles draw 3 million fans at home

Video Music Awards

1992 9th MTV Video Music Awards: Howard Stern appears as 'Fartman'

  • 1992 MLB player Robin Yount, is 17th to reach 3,000 hits
  • 1993 Croupier of casino in Bristol, England, shoots a 4 a record eight times
  • 1993 Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization exchange letters of mutual recognition
  • 1994 Space shuttle STS 64 (Discovery 20) launches into orbit
  • 1994 Tu-22 crashes into Aeroflot Tu-134a at Zhukovsky, 7 killed
  • 1995 "Broadway Limited" last train ride (began in 1902)
  • 1995 Dean St Station in Brooklyn, is 6th MTA station to close since 1904
  • 1995 US Open Women's Tennis: Steffi Graf wins her 4th US title; beats Monica Seles 7-6, 0-6, 6-3
  • 1997 Sinn Féin accepts Mitchell Principles on para-military disarmament

US Open Women's Tennis

2000 US Open Women's Tennis: Venus Williams wins her first US title; beats fellow American Lindsay Davenport 6-4, 7-5

Television Premiere

2001 "Band of Brothers" based on book by Stephen E. Ambrose, created by Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks premieres, then most expensive miniseries ever made

  • 2001 At 01:46:40 UTC the time on the Unix clock in milliseconds passes 1 billion since January 1, 1970, which Unix systems recognize as zero-time