Birthdays in Film & Television in 1984

About 1984

How Old? 33 or 34 years old
Generation: Generation Y or Millennial

Chinese Zodiac: Rat (Jan 1 - Feb 19), Pig (Feb 13 - Dec 31)

Birthdays in Film & TV

  • Jan 6 Kate McKinnon [Berthold] actress and comedian (Ghostbusters), born in Sea Cliff, New York
  • Jan 15 Victor Rasuk, American actor
  • Jan 18 Kristy Lee Cook, American Idol 7 cast member
  • Jan 20 Olivia Hallinan, English Actress
  • Jan 20 Toni Gonzaga, Filipina Actress and Singer
  • Jan 22 Raica Oliveira, Brazilian supermodel
  • Jan 26 Layla Kayleigh, British television personality
  • Jan 27 Davetta Sherwood, American actress
  • Feb 1 Lee Thompson Young, American actor
  • Feb 6 Brandon Hammond, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, American actor (Gregory Hines Show)
  • Feb 10 Kim Hyo-jin, South Korean actress, born in Seoul, South Korea
  • Feb 15 Meera Jasmine, Indian actress (Paadam Onnu: Oru Vilapam), born in Thiruvalla, Kerala, India
  • Feb 17 Jimmy Jacobs, American professional wrestler
  • Feb 17 Kenta Kamakari, Japanese actor and seiyuu
  • Feb 19 Chris Richardson, American Idol finalist

Person of interestTrevor Noah

Feb 20 Trevor Noah, South African comedian, actor and TV host (The Daily Show), born in Johannesburg, South Africa

Comedian and TV Host Trevor Noah
Comedian and TV Host
Trevor Noah

  • Feb 21 Karina, Japanese model and actress
  • Feb 24 Sterling James Keenan, American professional wrestler
  • Feb 25 Logan Leistikow, American director and actor

Person of interestKarolína Kurková

Feb 28 Karolína Kurková, Czech supermodel, born in Děčín, Czechoslovakia

Supermodel Karolína Kurková
Karolína Kurková
  • Mar 1 Naima Mora, American model
  • Mar 2 Elizabeth Jagger, English model and actress
  • Mar 4 Ai Iwamura, Japanese actress
  • Mar 7 Brandon T. Jackson, American actor
  • Mar 10 Li Yuchun [Chris Lee], Chinese singer-songwriter and actress (Supergirl), born in Chengdu, Sichuan, China
  • Mar 10 Olivia Wilde, American actress
  • Mar 11 Anna Tsuchiya, Japanese model, actress and singer
  • Mar 11 Marc-André Grondin, Canadian actor
  • Mar 12 Jaimie Alexander, American Actress (Blindspot), born in Greenville, South Carolina
  • Mar 13 Rachael Bella, American actress (The Ring), born in Vermillion, South Dakota
  • Mar 13 Noel Fisher, Canadian actor (Shameless, The Riches), born in Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Mar 13 Yuuka Nanri, Japanese actress, voice actress and pop singer, born in Nagasaki, Japan
  • Mar 14 Liesel Matthews, American former child actress
  • Mar 18 Vonzell Solomon, American Idol Contestant
  • Mar 19 Tanushree Dutta, Indian actress (Aashiq Banaya Aapne), born in Jamshedpur, India
  • Mar 20 Rami Malek, Egyptian-born actor
  • Mar 20 Christy Carlson Romano, American actress
  • Mar 24 Tommy Snider, American actor (Dumb and Dumber To), born in Tacoma, Washington
  • Mar 25 Katharine McPhee, American singer-songwriter and actress (scorpion), born in Los Angeles, California
  • Mar 26 Sara Jean Underwood, American model
  • Mar 27 Emily Ann Lloyd, American actress (Apollo 13), born in Glendale, California

  • Mar 27 Jon Paul Steur, American actor (Grace Under Fire), born in Escondido, California
  • Mar 28 Nikki Sanderson, British actress and model
  • Apr 1 Olga Rei, Russian television personality
  • Apr 2 Meryl Cassie, New Zealand actress and singer (The Tribe), born in George, Cape Province, South Africa
  • Apr 5 Shin Min-a, South Korean model and actress
  • Apr 8 Taran Noah Smith, actor (Mark Taylor-Home Improvement), born in San Francisco, California
  • Apr 8 Júlia Liptáková, Slovakian model
  • Apr 8 Kirsten Storms, American actress
  • Apr 9 Linda Chung, Hong Kong actress and singer
  • Apr 10 Mandy Moore, American singer (Candy) and actress (Rebecca Pearson-This Is Us), born in Nashua, New Hampshire
  • Apr 11 Kelli Garner, American actress (Dreamland), born in Bakersfield, California
  • Apr 13 Hiro Mizushima, Japanese actor
  • Apr 16 Noah Fleiss, American actor, born in White Plains, New York
  • Apr 16 Claire Foy, English Actress (The Crown), born in Stockport, England
  • Apr 18 America Ferrera, American actress
  • Apr 19 Lee Da Hae, South Korean actress
  • Apr 21 Ashley Peldon, actress (Marsha-Guilding Light, Deceived), born in Staten Island, New York
  • Apr 22 Michelle Ryan, English actress
  • Apr 26 Ryan O'Donohue, Pomona Ca, actress (Byrds of Paradise, Boys are Back)
  • Apr 29 Taylor Cole, American actress
  • Apr 29 Firass Dirani, Lebanese-Australian actor
  • Apr 30 Shawn Daivari, Persian-American professional wrestler and manager
  • May 1 Farah Fath, American actress
  • May 3 Nam Sang-mi, South Korean actress and model, born in Yeongju, South Korea
  • May 5 Eve Torres, American dancer and model
  • May 8 Nadine Chandrawinata, 2006 Miss Universe Pageant (Indonesia)
  • May 13 Caitlin Murphy, Australian actress and Model
  • May 16 Mickie Knuckles, American female professional wrestler
  • May 17 Lena Waithe, American screenwriter, actress and producer (Master of None), born in Chicago, Illinois
  • May 18 Scarlett Keegan, Playboy Playmate
  • May 21 Lorena Ayala, Spanish-Dutch model and beauty queen
  • May 23 Adam Wylie, actor (Picket Fences)
  • May 24 Sarah Hagan, American actress
  • May 25 Unnur Birna Vilhjálmsdóttir, 2005 Miss World
  • May 28 Beth Allen, New Zealand actress

Person of interestLaverne Cox

May 29 Laverne Cox, American actress and LGBT advocate, born in Mobile, Alabama

Actress Laverne Cox
Laverne Cox
  • May 31 Jason Smith, Australian actor
  • Jun 4 Rainie Yang, Taiwanese singer and actress
  • Jun 5 Cécilia Cara, French singer and actress
  • Jun 6 Shannon Stewart, American model
  • Jun 17 John Gallagher Jr., American stage actor (The West Wing, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit), born in Wilmington, Delaware
  • Jun 19 Paul Dano, American actor (Love and Mercy), born in NYC, New York
  • Jun 25 Indigo [Alyssa Ashley Nichols], American actress (Weeds), born in Los Angeles, California
  • Jun 26 Aubrey Plaza, American actress and comedian (Parks and Recreation), born in Wilmington, Delaware
  • Jun 27 Rocío Guirao Díaz, Argentinian model, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Jun 27 Emma Lahana, New Zealand actress (Haven), born in Auckland, New Zealand

Person of interestKhloé Kardashian

Jun 27 Khloé Kardashian, American reality television star (Keeping Up with the Kardashians), born in Los Angeles, California

TV Personality Khloé Kardashian
TV Personality
Khloé Kardashian
  • Jun 27 Julie Ordon, Swiss model, born in Geneva, Switzerland
  • Jun 29 Han Ji-hye, South Korean actress and model
  • Jun 29 Christopher Egan, Australian actor
  • Jul 2 Vanessa Lee Chester, American actress
  • Jul 3 Corey Sevier, Canadian actor
  • Jul 5 Yu Yamada, Ryukyuan model, actress and singer
  • Jul 6 James Henderson, American model
  • Jul 8 Alexis Dziena, American actress
  • Jul 10 Maria Julia Mantilla Garcia, Miss World 2004
  • Jul 11 Hitomi Hyuga, Japanese actress
  • Jul 11 Rachael Taylor, Australian actress
  • Jul 16 Katrina Kaif, Indian actress (Dhoom 3), born in Hong Kong
  • Jul 19 Lasse Gjertsen, Norwegian animator
  • Jul 19 Alessandra De Rossi, Filipino actress
  • Jul 30 Gabrielle Christian, American actress
  • Aug 1 Valery Ortiz, Puerto Rican actress (Hit the Floor), born in San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Aug 2 Chiara Mastalli, Italian actress
  • Aug 3 Jon Foster, American actor (Stay Alive), born in Boston, Massachusetts
  • Aug 3 Amanda Kimmel, American actress and beauty queen, born in Los Angeles, California
  • Aug 10 Mariel Rodriguez, Filipino TV host
  • Aug 11 Katie Rees, American beauty pageant contestant
  • Aug 12 Marian Rivera, Philippine actress
  • Aug 14 Nick Grimshaw, English DJ/Television presenter

  • Aug 19 Micah Alberti, American actor
  • Aug 20 Mirai Moriyama, Japanese actor
  • Aug 20 Golan Yosef, Dutch actor
  • Aug 21 Melissa Schuman, American actress (Love Don't Cost a Thing), born in San Clemente, California
  • Aug 24 Kyle Schmid, Canadian actor, born in Mississauga, Canada
  • Sep 3 Garrett Hedlund, American actor
  • Sep 4 Camila Bordonaba, Argentine actress, singer and composer
  • Sep 13 Nabil Abou-Harb, Arab-American filmmaker, born in Marietta, Georgia
  • Sep 14 Adam Lamberg, American actor
  • Sep 16 Sabrina Bryan, American actress and singer
  • Sep 17 Eugenia Volodina, Russian supermodel
  • Sep 19 Kevin Zegers, Canadian actor and model, born in Woodstock, Ontario, Canada
  • Sep 22 Theresa Fu, Hong Kong singer and actress
  • Sep 22 Laura Vandervoort, Canadian actress
  • Sep 23 Anneliese van der Pol, American actress
  • Sep 26 Thore Schölermann, German actor
  • Oct 2 John Morris, American voice actor (Toy Story), born in Paris, Texas
  • Oct 3 Yoon Eun Hye, South Korean actress
  • Oct 6 Joanna Pacitti, American actress and singer
  • Oct 7 Ikuta Toma, Japanese Singer/Actor
  • Oct 10 Chiaki Kuriyama, Japanese actress (Battle Royale), born in Tsuchiura, Ibaraki, Japan
  • Oct 11 Martha MacIsaac, Canadian actress (Superbad), born in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
  • Oct 16 Trevor Blumas, Canadian actor
  • Oct 17 Chris Lowell, American actor
  • Oct 18 Freida Pinto, Indian Bollywood actress (Slumdog Millionaire, Rise of the Planet of the Apes), born in Mumbai, India
  • Oct 23 Izabel Goulart, Brazilian model
  • Oct 23 Meghan McCain, American columnist, author, and TV host, born in Phoenix, Arizona
  • Oct 24 Kaela Kimura, Japanese model and singer
  • Oct 26 Amanda Overmyer, American Singer, American Idol (season 7)
  • Oct 27 Kelly Osbourne, English television personality
  • Oct 28 Amanda Paige, American model
  • Oct 30 Eva Pigford, American model
  • Nov 1 Natalia Tena, English actress
  • Nov 2 Tamara Hope, Canadian actress (The Sandy Bottom Orchestra), born in Toronto, Ontario
  • Nov 2 Julia Stegner, German supermodel, born in Munich, Germany
  • Nov 12 Sandara Park, South Korean actor
  • Nov 16 Gemma Atkinson, British actress and model
  • Nov 16 Kimberly J. Brown, American actress
  • Nov 17 Park Han-byul, South Korean actress
  • Nov 21 Jena Malone, American Actress

Person of interestScarlett Johansson

Nov 22 Scarlett Johansson, American actress (Lost in Translation, Avengers), born in NYC, New York

  • Nov 23 Lucas Grabeel, American actor and singer
  • Nov 25 Gaspard Ulliel, French actor
  • Nov 28 Joross Gamboa, Filipino actor
  • Nov 28 Mary Elizabeth Winstead, American actress
  • Nov 30 Omahyra Mota, Dominican model/actress
  • Dec 4 Brooke Adams, American model
  • Dec 4 Lindsay Felton, American actress
  • Dec 4 Lauren London, American actress
  • Dec 10 Jayson Paul, American professional wrestler
  • Dec 14 Jackson Rathbone, American actor (The Twilight Saga), born in Singapore
  • Dec 16 Theo James (Taptiklis), British actor (Divergent, Insurgent), born in Oxford, England
  • Dec 25 Georgia Moffett, British actress
  • Dec 25 Jessica Origliasso, Australian singer-songwriter and actress (The Veronicas), born in Albany Creek, Queensland, Australia
  • Dec 25 Lisa Origliasso, Australian singer-songwriter and actress (The Veronicas), born in Albany Creek, Queensland, Australia
  • Dec 28 Beverly Mullins, American Wrestler/Model