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Birthdays in Film & TV on July 20

  • 1793 Aleksander Fredro, Polish poet and comedy writer (Pan Jowiolski), born in Surochów, Poland (d. 1876)
  • 1889 John Charles Reith, 1st Baron Reith, British broadcasting executive and 1st director-general of BBC (1927-38), born in Stonehaven, Kincardineshire, Scotland (d. 1971)
  • 1890 Verna Felton, American actress (Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Lady and the Tramp, December Bride), born in Salinas, California (d. 1966)
  • 1893 George Llewelyn-Davies, English inspiration for the Peter Pan character, born in London (d. 1915)
  • 1914 William John Phillips, British actor (Nothing but a Man, Z-Cars), born in Birmingham, Warwickshire, England (d. 1995)
  • 1924 Lola Albright, American singer and actress (Delta Country; Kid Galahad; A Cold Wind in August), born in Akron, Ohio (d. 2017)
  • 1926 Patricia "Pat" Cutts, British actress (Coronation Street), born in London, England (d. 1974)
  • 1929 Rajendra Kumar, Indian actor, producer and director (Arzoo, Love Story, Sangam), born in Sialkot, Punjab, British India (d. 1999)
  • 1930 Sally Ann Howes, British singer and actress (Truly Scrumptious - Chitty Chitty Bang Bang; Brigadoon), born in London, England
  • 1932 Nam June Paik, Korean avant-garde composer, and video artist (Medium is the Medium; hommage à john cage), born in Seoul, Korea (d. 2006)
  • 1933 Aliki Vouyouklaki, actress (Madalena)
  • 1935 Ted Rogers, comedian (Aladdin, Cinderella), born in London, England
  • 1937 Ken Ogata [Akinobu Ogata], Japanese actor (Okinawan Boys, Taikōki), born in Tokyo, Japan (d. 2008)
  • 1938 Diana Rigg, English actress (Emma Peel-Avengers, Game of Thrones), born in Doncaster England (d. 2020)
  • 1938 Natalie Wood [Natasha Gurdin], American actress (Gypsy; Rebel WithoutAa Cause; West Side Story), born in San Francisco, California (d. 1981)
  • 1941 Kurt Raab, German actor (d. 1988)

  • 1943 Wendy Richard, English actress (EastEnders), born in Middlesborough, England (d. 2009)
  • 1950 Tantoo Cardinal, Canadian actress
  • 1951 Jeff Rawle, English actor
  • 1952 Keiko Matsuzaka, Japanese actress
  • 1954 Moira Harris, American stage and screen actress (Steppenwolf Theater; One More Saturday Night), born in Pontiac, Michigan
  • 1957 Donna Dixon, American actress, former beauty queen, and wife of actor Dan Aykroyd (Couch Trip, Bossom Buddies), born in Alexandria, Virginia
  • 1962 Carlos Alazraqui, American actor and comedian
  • 1963 Frank Whaley, American actor (Pulp Fiction), born in Syracuse, New York
  • 1964 Dean Winters, American actor
  • 1967 Reed Diamond, American actor, born in New York City
  • 1968 Chris Kennedy, actor (Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure)
  • 1968 Michael Park, American actor
  • 1968 Julian Rhind-Tutt, English actor
  • 1969 Josh Holloway, American actor

Person of interestSandra Oh

1971 Sandra Oh, Korean Canadian actress (Grey's Anatomy), born in Nepean, Ontario

Actress Sandra Oh
Sandra Oh
  • 1972 Vitamin C [Colleen Ann Fitzpatrick], American singer and actress, born in Old Bridge, New Jersey
  • 1974 Simon Rex, American actor
  • 1975 Judy Greer, American actress
  • 1975 El Zorro, Mexican professional wrestler
  • 1978 Charlie Korsmo, actor (Dick Tracy, What About Bob)
  • 1978 Elliott Yamin, American Idol contestant
  • 1979 Claudine Barretto, Filipino actress
  • 1980 Gisele Bündchen, Brazilian model
  • 1982 Percy Daggs III, American actor
  • 1985 John Francis Daley, American actor
  • 1988 Julianne Hough, American ballroom dancer and TV personality (Dancing With The Stars), born in Orem, Utah
  • 1989 Witwisit Hirunwongkul, Thai actor
  • 1991 William Tomlin, British actor
  • 1992 Paige Hurd, American actress
  • 1997 Billi Bruno, American actress