On This Day

Birthdays in Film & TV on June 2

  • 1864 Ben Webster, British actor (Old Curiosity Shop), born in London, England (d. 1947)
  • 1899 Royal Beal, American actor (Death of a Salesman), born in Brookline, Massachusetts (d. 1969)

Person of interestJohnny Weissmuller

1904 Johnny Weissmuller, American actor (Tarzan), swimmer (5 Olympic gold 1924, 28), born in Freidorf, Romania (d. 1984)

Swimmer and Actor Johnny Weissmuller
Swimmer and Actor
Johnny Weissmuller
  • 1917 Max Showalter, American actor and composer (Kansas, Niagara, Stockard Channing Show in Caldwell), born in Caldwell, Kansas (d. 2000)
  • 1917 Heinz Sielmann, German photographer and filmmaker (d. 2006)
  • 1920 Yolande Donlan, British-American actress (Jigsaw, Expresso Bongo, Penny Princess), born in Jersey City, New Jersey (d. 2014)
  • 1922 Juan Antonio Bardem, Spanish director and screenwriter (d. 2002)
  • 1922 Carmen Silvera, Canadian-born British actress ('Allo 'Allo!), born in Toronto, Ontario (d. 2002)
  • 1926 Milo O'Shea, Irish character actor (Barbarella, Staircase and Mass Appeal, Romeo & Juliet), born in Dublin, Ireland (d. 2013)
  • 1927 W. Watts Biggers, American novelist (The Man Inside) and animator (Underdog), born in Avondale Estates, Georgia (d. 2013)
  • 1929 Frédéric Devreese, Belgian conductor, and composer of classical music (Gemini Suite; Valse Sacrée), and film scores (The Cruel Embrace), born in Amsterdam, Belgium (d. 2020)
  • 1935 Roger Brierley, English actor (d. 2005)
  • 1936 Sally Kellerman, actress (M*A*S*H, Back to School), born in Long Beach, California
  • 1938 Kevin Brownlow, English film historian and author
  • 1940 Christopher Bernau, actor (Guiding Light), born in Santa Barbara, California
  • 1941 Stacy Keach, American actor (Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer), born in Savannah, Georgia

  • 1942 Maree Cheatham, American actress (Search for Tomorrow, Guiding Light), born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • 1943 Charles Haid, actor (Andy Renko-Hill St Blues, Altered States), born in San Francisco, California
  • 1946 Lasse Hallström, Swedish screenwriter and film director (Cider House Rules; My Life As A Dog; ABBA music videos), born in Stockholm, Sweden
  • 1948 Albert Innaurato, playwright/director (Age in Soho), born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • 1948 Jerry Mathers, Sioux City Iowa, actor (Beaver-Leave It To Beaver)
  • 1950 Joanna Gleason, actress (Morgan-Hello Larry), born in Toronto, Ontario
  • 1950 Toni Alessandrini, actress (Vice Academy Part 2), born in Chicago, Illinois
  • 1954 Dennis Haysbert, American actor (Allstate Insurance, The Unit), born in San Mateo, California
  • 1955 Gary Grimes, American actor (Summer of '42, Class of '44), born in San Francisco, California
  • 1955 Dana Carvey, comedian (SNL, Garth-Wayne's World), born in Missoula, Montana
  • 1956 Mani Ratnam, Indian film director, screenwriter and producer
  • 1958 Lex Lugar [Larry Pfohl], wrestler (WWF/WCW/NWA), born in Atlanta, Georgia
  • 1961 Liam Cunningham, Irish actor (Game of Thrones), born in Dublin, Ireland
  • 1964 Caroline Link, German film director and screenwriter
  • 1968 Jon Culshaw, British comedian and impressionist
  • 1969 Cy Chadwick, English actor
  • 1970 Karen Mok, Hong Kong actress and singer (Around the World in 80 Days), born in Hong Kong
  • 1971 Anthony Montgomery, American film and television actor and graphic novelist

Person of interestWayne Brady

1972 Wayne Brady, American actor and comedian (The Wayne Brady Show, Whose Line Is It Anyway?), born in Columbus, Georgia

  • 1972 Wentworth Miller, American actor
  • 1972 Simon Staho, Danish film director
  • 1977 Ellie Raab, American actor (Fabulous Baker Boys, Extreme Close-up), born in Wisconsin
  • 1977 Zachary Quinto, American actor (Star Trek), born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • 1978 Nikki Cox, actress (Unhappily Ever After)
  • 1978 A.J. Styles, American professional wrestler
  • 1978 Dominic Cooper, English actor
  • 1978 Justin Long, American actor
  • 1982 Jewel Staite, Canadian actress
  • 1985 Ana Cristina, Cuban American singer, composer, and actress
  • 1990 Brittany Curran, American actress