Birthdays in Film & TV on September 29

  • 1887 Billy Bevan, Australian actor (Terror by Night, White Sin), born in Orange, New South Wales, Australia (d. 1957)
  • 1891 Gerda Björne, Swedish actress (Familjen Bjork, Hemsoborna), born in By, Värmland, Sweden (d. 1979)
  • 1893 Phillip Tead, American actor (The Front Page, Lightnin', Fighting Blade), born in Somerville, Massachusetts (d. 1974)

Person of interestPerson of Interest

1904 Greer Garson, British actress (Mrs Miniver), born in East Ham, Essex (d. 1996)

Actress Greer Garson
Greer Garson
  • 1905 Ted Decorsia, American actor (The Killing, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea), born in Brooklyn, New York (d. 1973)
  • 1907 Gene Autry, Tioga Tx, cowpoke/singer/actor/owner (California Angels)
  • 1907 Michael Shepley, Plymouth England, actor (Dick & the Duchess)
  • 1907 Richard Harkness, Artesian SD, newscaster (Story of the Week, NBC)
  • 1910 Virginia Bruce, American actress (Action in Arabia), born in Minneapolis, Minnesota (d. 1982)
  • 1912 Lukas Ammann, Basel, actor (Day of Anger, Class Reunion, Palace Hotel)
  • 1913 Stanley E Kramer, American producer/director (Inherit the Wind), born in NYC, New York (d. 2001)
  • 1913 Trevor Howard, British actor (Brief Encounter, Superman, The Third Man), born in Kent, England (d. 1988)
  • 1915 Ann Nagel, actress (Don Winslow of the Navy), born in Boston, Massachusetts
  • 1915 Brenda Marshall, Philippines, actress (Sea Hawk, Paris After Dark)
  • 1918 Don Castle, TX, actor (Born to Speed, Tombstone, Motor Patrol)
  • 1922 Lizabeth Scott, Scranton, Pa, American actress (Dark City, Desert Fury)
  • 1925 Steve Forrest, Huntsville, Texas, American actor (Ben-Dallas, SWAT), (d. 2013)

Person of interestPerson of Interest

1931 Anita Ekberg, Swedish actress (La Dolce Vita) and Miss Sweden 1950, born in Malmö, Sweden (d. 2014)

Actress Anita Ekberg
Anita Ekberg
  • 1931 Eddie Barth, actor (Shaft, Simon & Simon), born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • 1932 Mehmood, Indian actor (d. 2004)
  • 1936 Mylene Demongeot, Nice France, actress (3 Murderesses)
  • 1939 Larry Linville, Ojai California, actor (Frank Burns-M*A*S*H, Blue Movie)
  • 1939 Molly Haskell, American film critic
  • 1942 Donna Corcoran, Quincy Mass, actress (Man Without a Star)
  • 1942 Ian McShane, Blackburn England, actor (Roots, Bare Essence)
  • 1942 Madeline Kahn, actress (Young Frankenstein, High Anxiety), born in Boston, Massachusetts
  • 1942 Steve Tesich, screenwriter/playwright
  • 1944 Torben Jensen, Danish actor (Taxa, Hayfever, Watch Me Fly, Guldregn)
  • 1946 Alasdair Fraser, QC/director (Public Prosecutions for N Ireland)
  • 1946 Patricia Hodge, English actress (Heat of the Day, Miranda), born in Cleethorpes, England
  • 1947 Martin Ferrero, American actor
  • 1948 Bryant Gumbel, sportscaster/TV host (Today Show), born in New Orleans, Louisiana
  • 1949 Tony Hoty, actor (Ransom, Paper), born in Cleveland, Ohio
  • 1951 Mike Enriquez, Philippine broadcaster
  • 1953 Drake Hogestyn, Ft Wayne Indiana, actor (7 Brides for 7 Brothers)
  • 1953 Jean-Claude Lauzon, director/writer (Leola, Night Zoo), born in Montreal, Quebec
  • 1954 Cindy Morgan, [Cichorski], actress (Tron), born in Chicago, Illinois
  • 1955 Ken Weatherwax, American actor (Pugsley-Addams Family), born in LA, CA
  • 1955 Mark Mitchell, actor (Larger than Life, Lift Off, Ground Zero)
  • 1955 Benoît Ferreux, French actor
  • 1957 Andrew "Dice" Clay, [Silverstien], comedian (Adv of Ford Fairlane)
  • 1959 Leslie Graves, Silver City, New Mexico, American actress (Brenda-Capitol, Death Wish 2)
  • 1962 Roger Bart, American actor
  • 1964 Julie Peterson, playmate (Feb, 1987), born in Havre de Grace, Maryland
  • 1966 Jill Whelan, actress (Vicki-Love Boat, Young & Restless), born in Oakland, California
  • 1968 Patrick Burns, American television presenter
  • 1968 Samir Soni, Indian film actor
  • 1969 Erika Eleniak, playmate (Jul, 1989)/actress (Baywatch), born in Glendale, California
  • 1970 Emily Lloyd, actress (Wish You Were Here, In Country), born in London, England
  • 1970 Natasha Gregson Wagner, actress (Dark Horse, SFW), daughter of Robert Wayner
  • 1970 Yoshihiro Tajiri, Japanese professional wrestler
  • 1971 Mackenzie Crook, British actor and comedian
  • 1972 Robert Webb, British actor, comedian, and writer
  • 1974 Danielle DuClos, actress (Midnight Run, Zits)
  • 1974 Brian Ash, American film producer
  • 1977 Won Bin, South Korean actor
  • 1980 Zachary Levi [Pugh], American actor (Chuck), born in Lake Charles, Louisiana