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  • 1973-07-02 Peter Kay, British comedian
  • 1973-07-15 Chris Taylor, Australian comedian, member of The Chaser
  • 1973-07-17 Liam Kyle Sullivan, American comedian and actor
  • 1973-08-22 Kristen Wiig, American comedian and actress (Bridesmaids, Ghostbusters), born in Canandaigua, New York
  • 1973-08-24 Dave Chappelle, American actor and comedian, born in Washington, D.C.
  • 1973-09-14 Mike Ward, Canadian comedian
  • 1973-10-06 Jeff Davis, American comedian

Person of interestPerson of Interest

1973-12-28 Seth Meyers, American actor, comedian, writer and producer (Late Night with Seth Meyers, Saturday Night Live), born in Evanston,, Illinois

Comedian and Writer Seth Meyers
Comedian and Writer
Seth Meyers
  • 1974-01-19 Frank Caliendo, American comedian
  • 1974-01-21 Rove McManus, Australian television host and comedian
  • 1974-03-05 Matt Lucas, English comedian
  • 1974-05-24 Will Sasso, Canadian actor and comedian
  • 1974-07-14 David Mitchell, English comedian and actor
  • 1974-07-28 Justin Lee Collins, British radio host, actor and comedian, born in Southmead, Bristol
  • 1974-08-25 Dave Luza, Dutch comedian

Person of interestPerson of Interest

1974-09-19 Jimmy Fallon, American actor and comedian, born in NYC, New York

Comedian and TV Host Jimmy Fallon
Comedian and TV Host
Jimmy Fallon
  • 1974-10-10 Assi Cohen, Israeli comedian and actor
  • 1974-11-24 Stephen Merchant, British comedian
  • 1975-01-25 Dat Phan, Vietnamese stand-up comedian
  • 1975-02-15 Brendon Small, American comedian and animator
  • 1975-02-25 Chelsea Handler, American comedian and actress
  • 1975-04-03 Aries Spears, American comedian
  • 1975-04-25 Chris Lilley, Australian actor, comedian, and writer

Person of interestPerson of Interest

1975-06-04 Russell Brand, English comedian and television personality, born in Grays, Essex

Comedian Russell Brand
Russell Brand
  • 1975-09-18 Jason Sudeikis, American actor and comedian
  • 1975-10-07 Tim Minchin, Australian comedian and musician
  • 1975-12-18 Masaki Sumitani, Japanese comedian
  • 1976-01-30 Andy Milonakis, American comedian
  • 1976-02-11 AndrĂ© Wickström, Finland-Swedish comedian and actor
  • 1976-02-24 Crista Flanagan, American television comedian
  • 1976-06-05 Ross Noble, British comedian
  • 1976-06-14 Alan Carr, British Stand-up comedian, Television presenter
  • 1976-06-23 Patrick Monahan, British comedian
  • 1976-10-23 Ryan Reynolds, Canadian actor and comedian (Deadpool), born in Vancouver, British Columbia
  • 1976-11-15 Brandon DiCamillo, American comedian
  • 1976-12-31 Craig Reucassel, Australian comedian, member of The Chaser
  • 1977-03-19 Jorma Taccone, American writer and comedian

Person of interestPerson of Interest

1977-04-23 John Oliver, English comedian (The Daily Show, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver), born in Birmingham, West Midlands

Comedian John Oliver
John Oliver
  • 1977-05-10 Chas Licciardello, Australian comedian, member of The Chaser
  • 1977-08-10 Matt Morgan, British comedian
  • 1977-08-29 Charlie Pickering, Australian comedian
  • 1978-02-20 Chelsea Peretti, American comedian and actress (Brooklyn Nine Nine), born in Oakland, California
  • 1978-06-07 Bill Hader, American comedian
  • 1978-08-18 Andy Samberg, American comedian and actor (Brooklyn Nine Nine), born in Berkeley, California
  • 1978-08-22 James Corden, British actor, comedian and television host (The Late Late Show with James Corden), born in Hillingdon, London
  • 1979-02-21 Jordan Haworth Peele, American actor, comedian and director (Fargo, Get Out), born in NYC, New York
  • 1979-03-03 Alex Zane, English comedian

Person of interestPerson of Interest

1979-07-06 Kevin Hart, American comedian ("Laugh at My Pain"), born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Comedian and Actor Kevin Hart
Comedian and Actor
Kevin Hart
  • 1979-09-11 Steve Hofstetter, comedian & radio personality
  • 1979-09-24 Ross Mathews, American television personality and comedian
  • 1979-11-29 Simon Amstell, English comedian and television presenter
  • 1980-02-08 Ralf Little, English actor/comedian
  • 1980-03-23 Russell Howard, British Comedian
  • 1980-04-04 Trevor Moore, American comedian
  • 1980-07-21 Lee Camp, American comedian (Redacted Tonight with Lee Camp), born in Washington, D.C.

Person of interestPerson of Interest

1981-06-01 Amy Schumer, American comedian, writer and producer (Inside Amy Schumer), born in New York

Comedian Amy Schumer
Amy Schumer
  • 1981-06-04 T. J. Miller, American actor and comedian
  • 1981-07-31 J.Son Dinant, American comedian, born in Syracuse, New York
  • 1981-10-26 Sam Brown, American comedian
  • 1981-12-11 Hamish Blake, Australian comedian
  • 1982-01-31 Bruno Nogueira, Portuguese actor, comedian and TV host
  • 1982-04-01 Taran Killam, American comedian and actor
  • 1982-05-26 David Reed, British writer and comedian
  • 1982-09-30 Ryan Stout, American comedian
  • 1983-02-23 Aziz Ansari, Indian American comedian and actor (Parks and Recreation, Master of None), born in Columbia, South Carolina
  • 1983-07-02 Sammy J, Australian comedian
  • 1983-09-05 Xavier Susai, Australian comedian
  • 1984-01-06 Kate McKinnon [Berthold] actress and comedian (Ghostbusters), born in Sea Cliff, New York
  • 1984-06-26 Aubrey Plaza, American actress and comedian (Parks and Recreation), born in Wilmington, Delaware

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