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1938 in Film & Television History

Events in Film & TV

  • Feb 11 World's first science fiction TV program - a broadcast of the play R.U.R. by Karel Čapek
  • Feb 16 "Bringing Up Baby" film directed by Howard Hawks, starring Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant, is released

Film & TV Awards in 1938

Weddings in Film & TV

Divorces in Film & TV

  • Jul 19 Actor Burgess Meredith (30) divorces actress Margaret Perry (25) after 2 years of marriage
  • Dec 6 Actress Bette Davis (30) divorces musician Harmon Nelson (31) due to cruel and inhuman manner after more than 6 years of marriage

Actors and Actresses Who Died in 1938

  • Jan 12 Gösta Ekman (senior), Swedish actor (b. 1890)
  • Jan 21 George Méliès, French early filmmaker (A Trip to the Moon), dies at 76
  • Feb 18 Alida Tartaud-Klein, Dutch actress and nomination artist (Rotterdam Stage), dies at 64
  • Mar 21 Oscar Apfel, American actor (The Squaw Man, Inspiration, Before Dawn), dies from a heart attack at 60
  • May 14 Jacobus C J "Jacques" Hermans, actor (Ghetto), dies at 81

More Deaths in Film & TV