November 1974 in Film & Television

Events in Film & TV

Music Single

Nov 15 Ringo Starr releases singles "Goodnight Vienna" and "Only You" in the UK

Music History

Nov 18 "The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway" by English progressive rock band Genesis is released, their last to feature original frontman Peter Gabriel

Film & TV History

Nov 29 Coco the Clown [Nicolai Poliakoff] special memorial service held at St. Paul's Cathedral, London, England

Birthdays in Film & TV

  • Nov 2 Alex Tanaka, American actor (Saja-Swan's Crossing), born in Huntington, New York
  • Nov 4 Louise Redknapp, British R&B singer-songwriter (Eternal), and TV personality, born in London, England
  • Nov 9 Dah-ve Chodan, actress (Tia-Uncle Buck)

Leonardo DiCaprioLeonardo DiCaprio (48 years old)

Nov 11 American actor (The Departed, Inception, The Wolf of Wall Street), born in Los Angeles, California

  • Nov 12 Tamala Jones, American actress, born in Pasadena, California
  • Nov 14 David Moscow, actor (Big)
  • Nov 17 Abbygale Williamson Arenas, Miss Universe-Photogenic (Phil, 1997)
  • Nov 17 Berto Romero, Spanish humorist
  • Nov 17 Leslie Bibb, American actress
  • Nov 18 Chloë Sevigny, American actress
  • Nov 18 Christian Schmidt, actor (Mullers Baro)
  • Nov 20 Marissa Ryan, American actress (Elizabeth MacGillis-Major Dad), born in Manhattan, New York City, New York
  • Nov 24 Dave Aizer, American television host (Slime Time Live)
  • Nov 24 Stephen Merchant, British comedian, writer, director, and actor (The Office; Extras; Life's Too Short), born in Hanham, Bristol, England
  • Nov 24 Taro Yamamoto, Japanese actor and politician, born in Takarazuka, Hyōgo, Japan
  • Nov 26 Tammy Lynn Michaels, American actress (Popular), born in Lafayette, Indiana
  • Nov 28 Kristian Schmid, Australian actor
  • Nov 29 Lin Chi-ling, Taiwanese model, born in Taipei, Taiwan
  • Nov 30 Marina de Tavira, Mexican actress (Roma), born in Mexico City, Mexico

Deaths in Film & TV

  • Nov 1 Ralf Harolde, American actor (Framed, Smart Money, Tip-off), dies at 75
  • Nov 5 Stafford Repp, American actor (Playhouse 90, Batman, Plunder Road), dies of a heart attack at 56
  • Nov 7 Rodolfo Acosta, Mexican-American character actor (Salón México, The Fugitive, Littlest Outlaw), dies of cancer at 54
  • Nov 11 Jane Ace, American comedian (Easy Aces), dies at 74
  • Nov 12 Charles Quinlivan, American actor (Seven Guns to Mesa, Mr. Garlund), dies of a heart attack at 50
  • Nov 13 Vittorio de Sica, Italian actor and director (Bicycle Thieves, Sciuscià), dies at 73
  • Nov 14 Johnny Mack Brown, American actor (Lawman is Born, Back Trail), dies from a cardiac condition at 70
  • Nov 15 James Morrison, American actor (Wine of Youth, Little Detectives), dies on his birthday at 86
  • Nov 17 Clive Brook, British actor and director (List of Adrian Messenger, On Approval), dies at 87
  • Nov 25 Rosemary Lane, American actress (An Angel from Texas, 4 Mothers, Harvest Melody), dies from diabetes and pulmonary obstruction at 61
  • Nov 30 Bert Gordon [Barney Gorodetsky], American comedian, dies at 79