February 1976 in Film & Television

Events in Film & TV

  • Feb 1 "Rich Man, Poor Man" mini-series premieres on ABC TV

Music History

Feb 1 Sonny & Cher resume TV variety show, despite real-life divorce; now titled "The Sonny & Cher Show"

  • Feb 2 "Rich Little Show" debuts on NBC-TV

Film & TV History

Feb 2 "The Honeymooners Second Honeymoon" airs on TV

Taxi Driver

Feb 8 "Taxi Driver" directed by Martin Scorsese, starring Robert De Niro and Jodie Foster, premieres in NYC (Palme d'Or 1976)

  • Feb 29 ABC-TV broadcasts premiere of 1965's hit "The Sound of Music"

Birthdays in Film & TV

  • Feb 2 Lori Beth Denberg, American actress

Isla FisherIsla Fisher (47 years old)

Feb 3 Australian actress (Arrested Development, The Great Gatsby), born in Muscat, Oman

Chen KunChen Kun (47 years old)

Feb 4 Chinese actor (Painted Skin), and singer ("Power to Go"), born in Chongqing, China

  • Feb 5 Abhishek Bachchan, Indian actor, born in Mumbai, India
  • Feb 5 Tony Jaa, Thai actor & martial artist, born in Surin, Thailand

Charlie DayCharlie Day (47 years old)

Feb 9 American actor (Charlie Kelly-"It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia"; "Pacific Rim") and producer, born in NYC, New York

  • Feb 10 Keeley Hawes, British actress, born in Marylebone, United Kingdom
  • Feb 11 AndrĂ© Wickström, Finland-Swedish comedian & actor, born in Sipoo, Finland
  • Feb 11 Brice Beckham, American actor (Wesley-Mr Belvedare), born in Long Beach, California
  • Feb 12 Anna Benson, US model, born in Mableton, United States
  • Feb 12 Christopher Pettiet, American actor (Young Riders), born in Los Angeles, California
  • Feb 12 Silvia Saint, Czech actress, born in Kyjov, Czech Republic
  • Feb 16 Eric Byrnes, American baseball outfielder and broadcaster (Oakland A's, Arizona Diamondbacks), born in Redwood City, California
  • Feb 16 Joe Odagiri, Japanese actor
  • Feb 17 Kelly Carlson, American actress
  • Feb 20 Gail Kim, Canadian professional wrestler

Kelly MacdonaldKelly Macdonald (47 years old)

Feb 23 Scottish actress (Nanny McPhee, No Country for Old Men), born in Glasgow, United Kingdom

  • Feb 24 Crista Flanagan, American television comedian

Rashida JonesRashida Jones (47 years old)

Feb 25 American actress (Parks and Recreation), writer, model, and musician, born in Los Angeles, California

  • Feb 28 Ali Larter, American actress and model
  • Feb 28 Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge, Canadian actor

Ja RuleJa Rule (47 years old)

Feb 29 American rapper (Between Me and You, Always on Time) and actor, born in NYC, New York

Weddings in Film & TV

Gloria Swanson

Feb 2 Actress Gloria Swanson (76) weds writer William Dufty (60)

Deaths in Film & TV

  • Feb 2 Johan Kaart, Dutch actor (My Fair Lady), dies at 78
  • Feb 5 Roger Livesey, Welsh actor (Drum, The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp), dies from bowel cancer at 69
  • Feb 6 Ritwik Ghatak, Bengali filmmaker (Titash Ekti Nadir Naam), dies at 50
  • Feb 11 Alice Allen, actress (Call of the Hills), dies
  • Feb 11 Charles "Charlie" Naughton, Scottish actor (Frozen Limits), dies at 89
  • Feb 11 Lee J. Cobb [Leo Jacoby], American actor (Virginian, 12 Angry Men, On the Waterfront), dies from a heart attack at 64
  • Feb 12 Sal Mineo, American actor (Exodus, Rebel Without a Cause), stabbed at 37
  • Feb 13 Alice "Lily" Pons, French-American coloratura soprano opera singer (Metropolitan Opera, 1931-60) and actress (That Girl From Paris), dies of pancreatic cancer at 77
  • Feb 17 Jean Servais, Belgian actor (Le Plaisir, Every Man is My Enemy), dies from heart failure at 65
  • Feb 18 Eddie Dowling, American actor (Rainbow Man, Anywhere USA), dies at 80
  • Feb 18 Joseph Henabery, actor and director (Cobra), dies at 88
  • Feb 22 Angela Baddeley, English actress (Speckled Band), dies at 71
  • Feb 23 John Forest "Fuzzy" Knight, American stage and screen actor, noted as sidekick in Westerns (Oklahoma Annie; Cowboy & the Lady), dies at 74
  • Feb 24 H. Allen Smith, American humorist and author (Low Man on Totem Pole), dies at 69
  • Feb 24 Julian Rivero, American actor (Son of Oklahoma, Via Pony Express), dies at 85
  • Feb 26 Frieda Inescort, Scottish-American stage and screen actress (Hay Fever; Pride and Prejudice (1940)), dies from complications of multiple sclerosis at 74