On This Day in Film & TV for December 26

Events in Film & TV

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1924 Judy Garland, 2½, billed as Baby Frances, makes her show business debut

Actress Judy Garland
Judy Garland

Film release premierFilm Release

1940 "The Philadelphia Story" film directed by George Cukor, based on the Broadway play of the same name and starring Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn, is released (Academy Awards Best Actor 1941)

Film release premierFilm Release

1951 "The African Queen", directed by John Huston and based on the 1935 novel of the same name, starring Humphrey Bogart and Katharine Hepburn, is released in LA, California (Academy Awards Best Actor 1952)

  • 1967 BBC broadcasts "Magical Mystery Tour"

Film release premierFilm Premier

1973 Horror film "The Exorcist" based on book and screenplay by William Peter Blatty, starring Linda Blai, rated X, premieres - 1st horror film to be nominated for Best Picture

Writer & Filmmaker William Peter Blatty
Writer & Filmmaker
William Peter Blatty
  • 1996 Six-year-old beauty queen JonBenét Ramsey is found beaten and strangled in the basement of her family's home in Boulder, Colorado

Birthdays in Film & TV

  • 1822 Dion Boucicault [Dionysus Lardner Boursiquot], Irish actor and playwright (Rip van Winkle, London Assurance), born in Dublin, Ireland (d. 1890)
  • 1849 Samuel "Sam" van Beem, Flemish actor (Fanfan la Tulipe), born in Groningen, Netherlands (d. 1912)
  • 1903 Elisha Cook Jr, American actor (Maltese Falcon, Shane, Magnum PI), born in San Francisco, California (d. 1995)
  • 1910 Imperio Argentina, Argentine actress and singer, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina (d. 2003)
  • 1914 Richard Widmark, American actor (Madigan, Murder on the Orient Express, Judgement at Nuremberg), born in Sunrise Township, Minnesota (d. 2008)
  • 1914 Annemarie Wendl, German actress (Lindenstraße, Der Seitensprung), born in Trostberg, Germany (d. 2006)

Person of interestSteve Allen

1921 Steve Allen, American comedian, composer, actor and TV host (Tonight Show, Steve Allen Show), born in NYC, New York (d. 2000)

TV Personality, Comedian and Composer Steve Allen
TV Personality, Comedian and Composer
Steve Allen
  • 1922 Richard Mayes, British actor (Doctor Who, Emmerdale), born in Luton, Bedfordshire, England (d. 2006)
  • 1927 Alan King [Irwin Kniberg], American comedian and actor (Anderson Tapes, Memories of Me), born in Brooklyn, New York (d. 2004)
  • 1927 Denis Quilley, British actor (Anything Goes, The Lady's Not For Burning, Masada), born in London, England (d. 2003)
  • 1930 Donald Moffat, British actor (Kent-Logan's Run), born in Plymouth, Devon
  • 1930 Sayed Mutawli imam ad-Darsh, scholar/broadcaster
  • 1933 Ugly Dave Gray, Australian television personality
  • 1933 Caroll Spinney, American puppeteer behind Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch on Sesame Street (1969-2018), born in Waltham, Massachusetts
  • 1938 Bahram Beizai, Iranian playwright and film director
  • 1938 Alamgir Kabir, Bangladeshi film director (d. 1989)
  • 1941 Daniel Schmid, actor and director (Paloma, Violanta, Hecate, Amateurs)
  • 1944 Jane Lapotaire, British actress (Spirit of the Dead), born in Ipswich, Suffolk, England
  • 1945 John Walsh, activist/TV host (America's Most Wanted)
  • 1946 Lisette Hordijk, Dutch TV broadcaster
  • 1947 Joyce Jillson, Cranston RI, psychic/actress (Superchick)
  • 1950 Victoria Racimo, American actress (Corene-Falcon Crest), born in NYC, New York
  • 1957 Dermot Murnaghan, British broadcaster
  • 1959 Koji Morimoto, Japanese animated film director
  • 1960 Temuera Morrison, New Zealand actor
  • 1961 Tahnee Welch, [La Tahn Renee Welch], actress (Cocoon), born in San Diego, California
  • 1961 John Lynch, Irish actor
  • 1964 Colleen Dion, actress (Search for Tomorrow), born in Newburgh, New York
  • 1968 Dennis Knight, American professional wrestler
  • 1970 Krissada Terrence, Thai singer and actor
  • 1971 Jared Leto, American actor (My So Called Life, Requiem for a Dream), born in Bossier City, Louisiana
  • 1971 Jonathan M. Parisen, American film director
  • 1973 Reichen Lehmkuhl, American television personality
  • 1974 Tiffany Brissette, actress (Vicki-Small Wonder)
  • 1976 Lea De Mae, Czech actress (d. 2004)
  • 1982 Oguri Shun, Japanese Actor/Model
  • 1985 Steven Hartman, actor (Rick Forrester in Bold & Beautiful), born in Westlake, California
  • 1986 Kit Harington [Christopher Catesby Harington], English actor (Game of Thrones), born in London, England
  • 1995 Zach Mills, American actor

Weddings in Film & TV

HeartWedding of Interest

1946 Actor Jackie Coogan (32) weds Ann McCormack (22)

HeartWedding of Interest

1993 Comedian Rodney Dangerfield (72) weds Joan Child (41) at Silver Bells Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas

Comedian and Actor Rodney Dangerfield
Comedian and Actor
Rodney Dangerfield
  • 1994 Actor Jason Hervey (22) weds Kelley Patricia O'Neill (27)
  • 2004 "Kill Bill" actress David Carradine (67) weds Annie Berman (43) at the seaside in Malibu

Deaths in Film & TV

  • 1956 Holmes Herbert, British actor (Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, The Kiss), dies at 74
  • 1963 "Gorgeous George" Wagner, wrestler, dies
  • 1971 Robert Lowery, actor (Circus Boy, Pistols 'n' Petticoats), dies at 57
  • 1973 Steven Geray, American actor (French Line), dies at 69
  • 1973 William Haines, US actor (Little Annie Rooney), dies of cancer at 73
  • 1974 Jack Benny [Benjamin Kubelski], American comedian (Jack Benny Show), dies of pancreatic cancer at 80
  • 1974 Farid al-Atrash [El-Atrache], Syrian composer, musician, virtuoso oud player, and actor (Akher kedba), dies of heart disease at 59
  • 1977 Howard Hawks, American director and producer (Rio Bravo, Scarface, The Big Sleep), dies at 81
  • 1981 Savithri, Indian actress (b. 1937)
  • 1983 Violet Carson, British actress (b. 1898)
  • 1985 Harold P. Warren, American movie director (d. 1928)
  • 1985 Jackie Ormes, African-American cartoonist (Torchy Brown), dies at 74
  • 1986 Elsa Lanchester, actress (Bride of Frankenstein), dies at 84
  • 1988 Cynthia Stone, American actress (That Wonderful Guy, Ad Libbers), dies at 62
  • 1988 John Loder, actor (Sabotage, Java Head), dies at 90
  • 1989 Peggy Thorpe-Bates, actress (Alcatraz Island), dies
  • 1992 Constance Carpenter, actress (2 Worlds), dies of stroke at 87
  • 1993 Jeff Morrow [Leslie Irving Morrow], American actor (Robe, Union Pacific, Temperatures Rising), dies at 86
  • 1994 Robert Emhardt, American actor (Another World, Underworld USA, Mooncussers), dies at 80
  • 1994 Sylvia Koscina, Croatian/Italian actress (Hercules), dies at 61
  • 2000 Jason Robards, American actor (A Thousand Clowns, Any Wednesday), dies at 78
  • 2000 Jason Robards, American actor (b. 1922)
  • 2000 Leo Gordon, American actor (Maverick, Circus Boy, Enos, Winds of War), dies of cardiac failure at 78
  • 2001 Nigel Hawthorne, English actor (Tartuffe, Pope John Paul II), dies at 72
  • 2005 Vincent Schiavelli, American actor (b. 1948)
  • 2008 Gösta Krantz, Swedish actor (b. 1925)
  • 2012 Gerry Anderson, English writer/producer/director, dies from Alzheimer's disease at 83
  • 2016 George S Irving [Shelasky], American broadway singer and actor (Dumplings), dies at 94