Deaths in Film & TV on August 12

  • 1918 Anna Held, Polish-born French actress and singer (A Parisian Model), dies of cancer at 46
  • 1964 Ian Fleming, English author (James Bond novels), dies at 56
  • 1969 Dick Ryan, American actor (For Heaven's Sake, Born to be Bad), dies after long illness at 72

Henry FondaHenry Fonda (1905-1982)

American stage and screen actor (Mr. Roberts; 12 Angry Men; On Golden Pond), dies of heart disease at 77

  • 1985 Kyu Sakamoto, Japanese singer (Sukiyaki), and actor, dies in JAL 123 crash at 43
  • 1990 Dorothy Mackaill, actress (Love Affair), dies of kidney failure at 87
  • 1990 Sara Seegar [Stone], actor (Mystery of Room 13), dies at 76
  • 1991 Irene Campbell, British actress/dancer (Wicker Man, St Justice), dies
  • 1991 William Gordon, screenwriter (Back to Bataan), dies
  • 1992 Patricia Harmsworth, Lady Rothermere [Bubbles], English socialite and actress, dies at 59
  • 1993 Jerome Thor, American actor (Riot in Juvenile Prison), dies of cardiac at 69
  • 1995 Frank Cvitanovich, Canadian filmmaker, dies at 68

Loretta YoungLoretta Young (1913-2000)

American actress (Farmer's Daughter, Stranger), dies of ovarian cancer at 87

  • 2004 Peter Woodthorpe, British actor (b. 1931)
  • 2007 Merv Griffin, American television host and game show creator, dies at 82
  • 2010 Paul Ryan Rudd, American stage and screen actor, dies at 70
  • 2011 Robert Robinson, British television presenter (Ask The Family, Call My Bluff) (b. 1927)
  • 2014 Lauren Bacall, American actress and singer named the 20th greatest female star of classic Hollywood cinema (Dark Passage, Key Largo), dies of a stroke at 89
  • 2015 Stephen Lewis, British stage and screen comic actor, screenwriter and playwright (In The Buses - "Blakey"; Last of the Summer Wine - "Smiler"), dies at 88
  • 2021 Una Stubbs, English actress (Till Death Us Do Part; Sherlock - "Mrs. Hudson"), dies at 84

Anne HecheAnne Heche (1969-2022)

American actress (Donnie Brasco; Juror; Volcano), dies from injuries one week after a fiery single vehicle car crash at 53

  • 2022 Wolfgang Petersen, German director, screenwriter and producer (Das Boot; Air Force One; The Perfect Storm), dies of pancreatic cancer at 81