Deaths in Film & Television in May 1975

Person of interestPerson of Interest

May 4 Moe Howard [Moses Horowitz], American actor and comedian (The 3 Stooges), dies at 77

Comedian Moe Howard
Moe Howard
  • May 9 Philip Dorn, Dutch actor (Enemy Agent, I Remember Mama), dies of a heart attack at 73
  • May 11 Walter Kinsella, American actor (Martin Kane Private Eye), dies at 74
  • May 13 Bob Wills [James Robert Wills], American actor (Lone Prairie, Tornado in the Saddle), dies from bronchial pneumonia at 69
  • May 22 Torben Meyer, actor (Viking, Roberta, Sunny), dies at 90
  • May 22 Torben Myer, Danish actor (Girl Who Came Back, Judgment at Nuremberg, Sullivan's Travels), dies at 90
  • May 28 Roy Roberts, American actor (Petticoat Junction, Lucy Show), dies from a heart attack at 69
  • May 30 Michel Simon, actor (Panic, Plague, Two of Us), dies at 80