On This Day

Actors and Actresses Who Died in 1986

  • Jan 2 Una Merkel, American actress (Abraham Lincoln), dies at 82
  • Jan 14 Donna Reed, American actress (From Here to Eternity; It's a Wonderful Life; The Donna Reed Show), dies of cancer at 64
  • Jan 18 Claire James, American actress (Jack Armstrong), dies at 65
  • Jan 24 Gordon MacRae, American singer and actor (Oklahoma!, Carousel), dies of pneumonia at 64
  • Jan 27 Lilli Palmer [Peiser], German actress (Cloak and Dagger, Anastasia: The Czar's Last Daughter), dies from abdominal cancer at 71
  • Jan 29 Leif Erickson, American actor (Invaders from Mars, On the Waterfront), dies at 74
  • Feb 6 Dandy Nichols [Daisy Sander], British actress (Till Death Us Do Part, Confessions of a Window Cleaner), dies at 78
  • Feb 10 Brian Aherne, British actor (I Confess, Titanic, Juarez), dies at 83
  • Feb 12 Sid Stone, American comedian (Milton Berle Show), dies at 82
  • Feb 16 Howard Da Silva [Silverblatt], American actor (1776, The Lost Weekend, The Blue Dahlia), dies from lymphoma at 76
  • Feb 19 Adolfo Celi, Italian film actor and director (Next Man, Murders in Rue Morgue), dies at 63
  • Feb 19 Paul Stewart, American actor (Citizen Kane, Kiss Me Deadly), dies from a heart attack at 77
  • Feb 28 Laura Z. Hobson, American TV writer and panelist (I've Got a Secret), dies at 85
  • Mar 6 Adolph Caesar, actor (Club Paradise, Soldier's Story), dies
  • Mar 9 Ned Calmer, TV host (In the First Person), dies at 78

Ray Milland

Mar 10 Ray Milland, Welsh actor (The Lost Weekend-Academy Award 1945), dies at 81

  • Mar 14 Edith Atwater, American actress (Phyllis-Love on a Rooftop), dies at 74
  • Mar 14 Huw Wheldon, Welsh broadcaster (BBC), dies at 69
  • Mar 17 Hal Buckley, American actor (John Quincy-OK Crackerby), dies at 51
  • Mar 22 Charles Starrett, American actor (The Mask of Fu Manchu, Bonanza Town), dies at 82
  • Mar 22 Derek Farr, British actor (8 O'Clock Walk, Doctor at Large), dies from cancer at 74
  • Mar 24 Sarah Cunningham, American actress (Trapper John, M.D. - "Nurse Andrews"), dies of a heart attack while attending the Oscar ceremony at 67
  • Mar 26 Bartlett Robinson, American actor (Wendy & Me, Mona McCluskey), dies at 73
  • Mar 28 Victor J Lopez, actor (Chuey-Man From Atlantis), dies at 39
  • Mar 28 Virginia Gilmore, American actress (Jennie, Western Union), dies at 66
  • Mar 29 Harry Ritz [Joachim], American actor and comedian (Ritz Brothers-Silent Movie), dies at 78
  • Mar 29 Paul Grimault, French animator (Le Roi et l'oiseau - The King and the Bird), dies at 89

James Cagney

Mar 30 James Cagney, American actor (Yankee Doodle Dandy), dies at 86

  • Mar 31 Jerry Paris, American director (Happy Days) and actor (The Dick Van Dyke Show- Jerry), dies at 60
  • Apr 13 Stephen Stucker, American actor (Trading Places, Airplane), dies at 38
  • Apr 14 Horst Bastian, German writer and screenwriter, dies at 46
  • Apr 15 Tim McIntire, American actor (Brubaker; Stand By Your Man), singer-songwriter, and musician (Funzone), dies of congestive heart failure at 41
  • Apr 19 Alvin Childress, actor (Amos-Amos 'n' Andy), dies at 78
  • Apr 23 Otto Preminger, Austro-Hungarian-American theatre and film director, producer (Laura; Advise & Consent; Anatomy of A Murder), and actor (Stalag 17),, dies of lung cancer at 80
  • Apr 26 Bessie Love, American actress (Broadway Melody, Isadora), dies at 87

Broderick Crawford

Apr 26 Broderick Crawford, American actor (All the King's Men, Highway Patrol), dies after a series of strokes at 74

  • May 1 Hylda Baker, English comedy actress (b. 1905)
  • May 3 Robert Alda, American actor (Supertrain, By Popular Demand), dies at 72
  • May 7 Jeffrey Mylett, American actor and songwriter, (Godspell) dies from complications of HIV/AIDS at 36
  • May 9 Herschel Bernardi, American actor (Arnie, Voice of Charlie the Tuna, Front), dies of a heart attack at 62
  • May 12 Elisabeth Bergner, Austrian British stage actress, dies at 85
  • May 12 Lee Bonnell, American actor, dies at 67
  • May 22 Martin Gabel, American stage and screen actor (The Thief; Marnie; Lady In Cement), dies of a heart attack at 74
  • May 23 Sterling Hayden, actor (Blue & Gray), dies at 70
  • May 24 Gunnar Bjornstrand, Swedish actor (7th Seal, Devil's Eye), dies at 76
  • May 24 Yakima Canutt [Enos Edward], American rodeo cowboy, actor and director(Texas Terror), dies at 90
  • May 28 Lurene Tuttle, American actress (Father of Bride, Julia), dies at 79
  • Jun 3 Anna Neagle, English actress (London Melody, Nurse Edith Cavell), dies at 81
  • Jun 3 Patricia Wheel, American actress (Christine-Woman to Remember), dies at 42
  • Jun 14 Marlin Perkins, TV host (Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom), dies at 81
  • Jun 19 Coluche [Michel Colucci], French comedian (My Best Friend's Girl), dies at 41
  • Jun 20 Tim Herbert, American comedian (Dagmar's Canteen), dies at 71
  • Jun 23 Nigel Stock, British actor (Lost Continent, Young Sherlock Holmes), dies at 66
  • Jun 27 Edna Mae Cooper, actress (Folly of Vanity, Grounds for Divorce), dies
  • Jun 29 Ida Mae McKenzie, American actress, dies at 75
  • Jun 29 Robert Drivas [Choromokos], American actor (Cool Hand Luke, Illustrated Man, Our Private World), dies of Aids complications at 47
  • Jul 1 Roy Poole, actor (Winds of War), dies at 62
  • Jul 15 Benny Rubin, American actor and comedian (Benny Rubin Show), dies at 87
  • Jul 15 Florence Halop, American actress (Night Court, 1985-86 -"Florence"; St Elsewhere, 1984-85), dies of lung cancer at 63
  • Jul 20 Helen Craig, American actress (Snake Pit, They Live by Night), dies at 74
  • Jul 21 Virginia Hewitt, American actress (Carol-Space Patrol), dies of cancer at 60
  • Jul 21 Ernest Maas, American screenwriter (b. 1892)
  • Aug 3 Willem Ruis, Dutch TV host (Willem Ruis Show), dies at 41
  • Aug 13 Helen Mack, American actress (Son of Kong, Milky Way), dies of cancer at 72
  • Aug 19 Hermione Baddeley, British actress (Camp Runamuck; Maude), dies at 79
  • Aug 19 Lorenzo Tucker 'the Black Valentino', American actor (Black King), dies at 79
  • Aug 20 Donn Bennett, TV host (The Big Idea), dies at 76
  • Aug 20 Walter Brooke, actor (DA Scanlon-Green Hornet), dies at 71
  • Aug 23 Charles Janssens, Belgian actor (Mira, Malpertuis), dies at 80
  • Aug 25 Allen Case, actor (Deputy, Legend of Jesse James), dies at 51
  • Aug 26 Ted Knight [Tadeusz Wladyslaw Konopka], American actor (The Mary Tyler Moore Show - "Ted Baxter"; Too Close for Comfort), dies of colorectal cancer at 62
  • Sep 1 Murray Hamilton, American character actor (Rich Man Poor Man, Anatomy of a Murder), dies of lung cancer at 63
  • Sep 6 Blanche Sweet, American actress (DW Griffith movies), dies at 90
  • Sep 12 Frank Nelson, actor (Ralph-I Love Lucy, Jack Benny Show), dies at 75
  • Sep 15 Virginia Gregg, American actress (Little Women), dies at 69
  • Sep 17 Patricia "Pat" Phoenix, British actress (Coronation Street, L Shaped Room), dies of lung cancer at 62
  • Sep 26 Hugh Franklin, American soap opera actor (b. 1916)
  • Sep 28 Robert Helpmann, Australian actor, choreographer and dancer (Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Don Quixote), dies at 77
  • Sep 29 Betty Kean, American actress (Amy Tucker-Leave it to Larry), dies at 69
  • Oct 5 Hal B. Wallis [Aaron Blum Wolowicz], American movie producer (Casablanca; Maltese Falcon; Martin & Lewis; Elvis movies; Barefoot in the Park), dies at 87
  • Oct 7 Cheryl Crawford, American actress and producer (Touch of Venus, Brigadoon), dies at 84
  • Oct 14 Keenan Wynn, American actor (Dr Strangelove, Absent Minded Professor), dies at 70
  • Oct 22 Ivor Francis, actor (Dusty's Trail), dies at 68
  • Oct 22 Jane Dornnacker, WNBC-AM NYC helicopter traffic reporter, dies doing a live traffic report as her copter crashes
  • Oct 25 Forrest Tucker, American actor (F Troop, Dusty Trail, The Crawling Eye), dies of lung cancer and emphysema at 67
  • Oct 29 Mimis Fotopoulos, Greek actor (b. 1913)
  • Nov 2 Paul Frees [Solomon Hersh Frees], American voice actor (voice of Boris Badenov in The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show), dies at 66
  • Nov 5 Claude Jutra, Québécois actor and film director (b. 1930)
  • Nov 8 Beatrice Kay, American singer and actress (Sister Sue-Calvin & the Col), dies at 78
  • Nov 10 Rogelio de la Rosa, Filipino film actor and politician, dies of a heart attack at 70
  • Nov 11 Roger C.Carmel, American actor (Mudd-Star Trek, Mothers-in-Law), dies at 54
  • Nov 13 Thierry Le Luron, French humorist, dies at 34
  • Nov 16 Siobhán McKenna [Cionnaith], Irish stage actress (Saint Joan, The Chalk Garden), dies of lung cancer at 63
  • Nov 17 Alan Hewitt, actor (Det Brennan-My Favorite Martian), dies at 71
  • Nov 18 Gia Carangi, American model (AIDS) (b. 1960)
  • Nov 21 Jerry Colonna, American actor (Jerry Colonna Show, Alice in Wonderland, Road to Singapore), dies at 82
  • Nov 21 Marcelino Sanchez, American actor (b. 1957)
  • Nov 21 Dar Robinson, American film stuntman (b. 1947)
  • Nov 22 (Benjamin) "Scatman" Crothers, American singe, musician ("I'd Rather Be a Hummingbird"), and actor (Chico and the Man -"Louie", The Shining), dies of lung cancerat 76
  • Nov 27 Steve Tracy, actor (Percival-Little House on Praire), dies at 61
  • Nov 28 Herb Vigran, actor (Ernest-Ed Wynn Show), dies at 76

Cary Grant

Nov 29 Cary Grant [Archibald Alexander Leach], British-born American actor (Arsenic & Old Lace, North by Northwest), dies from a cerebral hemorrhage at 82

  • Nov 29 Herb Vigran, American actor (Vampire, Mark of Vampire), dies at 76

Desi Arnaz

Dec 2 (Desiderio) "Desi" Arnaz, Cuban-American singer ("Babalú"), bandleader, actor (I Love Lucy - "Ricky Riccardo"), and television producer (The Untouchables),r, dies of lung cancer at 69

  • Dec 10 Susan Cabot, American actress (Sorority Girl, Carnival Rock), is killed by her son following a psychotic episode at 59
  • Dec 11 Paul Keenan, American actor (Summer Fantasy), dies of AIDS at 30
  • Dec 13 Heather Angel, British-American actress (Night in Montmartre; The Informer; The Last of the Mohicans; Lifeboat), dies of cancer at 77
  • Dec 18 Mamo Clark, actor (1 Million BC, Robinson Crusoe of Clipper Island), dies
  • Dec 26 Elsa Lanchester, actress (Bride of Frankenstein), dies at 84
  • Dec 26 Leslie Dwyer, English actor (Hi-de-Hi!), dies at 80
  • Dec 29 Andrei Arsenyevich Tarkovsky, Soviet filmmaker (Andrei Rublev, Mirror, Stalker), dies at 54
  • Dec 31 Lloyd Haynes, American actor and TV writer (Pete Dixon-Room 222), dies of lung cancer at 54