On This Day

Actors and Actresses Who Died in April 1997

  • Apr 2 Tomoyuki Tanaka, Japanese film producer (Godzilla), dies of a stroke at 86
  • Apr 2 Anthony Bushell, British actor (Journey's End, A Night to Remember), dies at 92
  • Apr 13 Voldemar Väli, Estonian wrestler, dies at age 94
  • Apr 16 Michael Stroka, actor (Aristede-Dark Shadows), dies of cancer at 57
  • Apr 24 Pat Paulsen, American comedian (Smothers Brothers Show) and presidential candidate, dies at 69
  • Apr 26 Joey Faye, American comedian (Joey Faye's Follies), dies at 86
  • Apr 26 John Beal [James Andrew Bliedung], American actor (10 Who Dare, I Am the Law, Les Misérables), dies at 87
  • Apr 27 Paul Lambert, American character actor (Executive Suite, Spartacus), dies at 74