On This Day

Deaths in Film & Television in December 1997

  • Dec 2 Shirley Crabtree Jr. [Big Daddy], English pro wrestler (record-breaking 64-inch chest), dies from a stroke at 67
  • Dec 3 Violet Carlson, American Broadway actress (The Student Prince), dies at 97
  • Dec 4 Richard Vernon, British actor (Gandhi, Hard Days Night), dies at 72
  • Dec 6 Alan Mouncer, film director and producer, dies at 68
  • Dec 9 Tamara Geva, Russian-born dancer and actress, dies at 91
  • Dec 10 Jake Carey, American actor (Rock Rock Rock!, Go, Johnny, Go!), dies at 71
  • Dec 14 Stubby Kaye [Bernard Solomon Kotzin], American actor (Guys & Dolls, Lil' Abner, Cat Ballou), dies of lung cancer at 79
  • Dec 16 Lillian Disney, widow of animator Walt Disney, dies of a stroke at 98
  • Dec 16 Richard Warwick, English actor (Johnny Dangerously, Sebastine, If), dies of AIDS complications at 52
  • Dec 18 Chris Farley, American actor (SNL, Wayne's World, Coneheads), dies of a drug overdose at 33
  • Dec 20 Dawn Steel, American filmmaker, 1st woman to head Hollywood studio, dies of cancer at 51
  • Dec 21 Juzo Itami, film director/actor (Lord Jim, Yuuguremade), dies at 64
  • Dec 23 Hrvoje Horvatic, Croatian video artist, dies at 39
  • Dec 23 Stanley Cortez, American cinematographer (Magnificent Ambersons), dies at 89
  • Dec 24 James Komack, American writer, director and actor (Courtship of Eddie's Father), dies at 67

Toshiro Mifune

Dec 24 Toshiro Mifune, Japanese writer and actor (Rashomon, Seven Samurai, Shogun), dies at 77

  • Dec 25 Denver Pyle, American actor (The Dukes of Hazzard, The Andy Griffith Show), dies of lung cancer at 77
  • Dec 28 Ronald Clive Williams, Welsh actor and comedian (Twin Town), dies at 68
  • Dec 31 Billie Dove [Lilian Bohny], American actress (Black Pirate, Stolen Bride), dies at 96