Deaths in Film & TV on February 9

  • 1948 Karl Valentin, Bavarian comedian and film producer, dies at 65
  • 1954 Mabel Paige, American actress (Lucky Jordan), dies at 73
  • 1966 Sophie Tucker [Kalish], Russian-born American singer and actress (My Yiddish Mama) known as "last of the red hot mammas", dies at 79
  • 1968 Barbara Everest, actress (Inquest, Madeleine), dies at 77
  • 1969 [George] Gabby Hayes, actor (Albuquerque, Colorado), dies at 83
  • 1973 Vasiliki Maliaros, Greek-American actress (The Exorcist), dies at 89
  • 1993 David Willis, British journalist (BBC World Service), dies at 54
  • 1993 Kate Wilkinson, actress (Clara-Another World), dies of cancer at 76
  • 1995 David Wayne, American stage and screen actor (Andromeda Strain, Adam's Rib), dies of lung cancer at 81
  • 1996 Gerald Savory, British actor playwright and TV producer (Heart of the Matter), dies at 86
  • 1997 Barry Evans, actor (Dr Upton-Dr in the House), dies at 53
  • 1999 Bryan Mosley, British actor (b. 1931)
  • 2001 Reginald Marsh, British actor (Sicilians, It Happened Here), dies at 74
  • 2003 Vera Ralston [Věra Helena Hrubá], Czech figure skater and actress (Dakota, Accused of Murder), dies of cancer at 83
  • 2006 Nadira, Indian actress (b. 1932)
  • 2007 Ian Richardson, Scottish actor (Francis Urquhart in the BBC's House of Cards), dies in his sleep of a great attack at 72 [1]

Ed SabolEd Sabol (1916-2015)

American filmmaker (NFL Films), dies at 98

  • 2018 Jóhann Jóhannsson, Icelandic theatre, dance, and film score composer (The Theory of Everything), dies form a combination of cocaine and prescription medication at 48
  • 2018 John Gavin [Juan Vincent Apablasa Jr], American actor (Imitation of Life, Psycho), and US Ambassador to Mexico (1981–86), dies of complications from pneumonia at 86
  • 2018 Reginald "Reg" E Cathey, American actor (The Wire, Oz, House of Cards), dies of lung cancer at 59
  • 2022 Betty Davis (née Mabry); American model, soul and funk singer-songwriter ("They Say I'm Different"; "Nasty Gal"), dies at 77