Deaths in Film & TV on October 20

  • 1942 May Robson, Australian born actress (Star is Born, Reckless), dies at 84
  • 1952 Basil Radford, British actor (The Lady Vanishes, Whiskey Galore, Night Train), dies from a heart attack at 55
  • 1959 Werner Krauss, German actor (Joyless Street), dies at 75 (b. 1884)
  • 1968 Bud Flanagan [Chaim Reuben Weintrop], English comedian (duo with Chesney Alley), dies at 72
  • 1970 Patrick Wymark [Cheeseman], British actor (Skull, Tomb of Ligeia), dies of a heart attack at 44
  • 1983 Peter Dudley, British character actor (Coronation Street, 1979-83 - "Bert"), dies after multiple heart attacks and stokes at 48
  • 1989 Anthony Quayle, British actor (Anne of 1000 Days, Lawrence of Arabia), dies from liver cancer at 76
  • 1990 Joel McCrea, American actor (Foreign Correspondent, Sullivan's Travels), dies of pulmonary complications at 84
  • 1993 Maurice Dolbier, American actor and author (Nowhere Near Everest; The Bus That Nobody Loved), dies at 81

Burt LancasterBurt Lancaster (1913-1994)

American actor (Spartacus, Apartment, From Here to Eternity, Elmer Gantry), dies of a heart attack at 80

  • 1994 Eberhard Feik, German actor (Tatort), dies at 50
  • 1994 Sergei Bondarchuk, Soviet director and actor (Destiny of a Man, War and Peace), dies of a heart attack at 74
  • 1995 Christopher Stone, American actor (Dave-Dallas, Interns), dies at 53
  • 1995 Jack Rose, American screenwriter (The Seven Little Foys), dies at 83
  • 2002 Barbara Berjer, American soap opera actress (Another World), dies at 82
  • 2002 Bernard Fresson, French actor (Hiroshima Mon Amour), dies at 71
  • 2003 Čkalja [Miodrag Petrović], Serbian actor and one of the most popular comedians of former Yugoslavia, dies at 79
  • 2003 Jack Elam, American actor (The Dakotas, East Street, Rio Lobo), dies at 82
  • 2006 Frank Vicari, American jazz, session, and touring saxophonist (Maynard Ferguson; Woody Herman; Tom Waits; Saturday Night Live), dies at 75

Jane WyattJane Wyatt (1910-2006)

American actress (Father Knows Best, Star Trek), dies at 96

  • 2014 Lili Carati, Miss Italy 1975 and actress (Alcove), dies at 58