Events in Film & TV on April 9

Theater Premiere

1928 Mae West's NYC debut in a daring new play "Diamond Lil"

TV Show Appearance

1950 Bob Hope's 1st TV appearance

  • 1954 7th Cannes Film Festival: "Gate of Hell" directed by Teinosuke Kinugasa wins the Grand Prix du Festival International du Film
  • 1954 WECT TV channel 6 in Wilmington, NC (NBC/CBS) begins broadcasting

Academy Awards

1962 34th Academy Awards: "West Side Story" (Best Picture, Director, and 8 more), Sophia Loren (Two Women) & Maximilian Schell (Judgement At Nuremberg) win

  • 1967 Shortwave broadcaster Radio NY Worldwide's transmitter burns down

Music Single

1971 Ringo Starr releases single "It Don't Come Easy" in the UK

Film Premiere

1973 "Paper Moon" film starring Ryan O'Neal and his daughter, Tatum O'Neal, directed by Peter Bogdanovich premieres in Hollywood, California; Tatum O'Neal becomes youngest (age 10) Academy Award winner (Supporting Actress)

Film Release

1976 "All the President's Men", directed by Alan J. Pakula, based on the non-fiction book by journalists Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward detailing their Watergate investigation, starring Dustin Hoffman and Robert Redford, is released

Academy Awards

1979 51st Academy Awards: "The Deer Hunter", Jon Voight & Jane Fonda win

Film & TV History

1986 TV show "Dallas" announces it will revive killed Bobby Ewing character

  • 1990 "Capital News" starring Lloyd Bridges premieres on ABC-TV

Music Concert

1994 Rock for the Rainforest benefit concert held at Carnegie Hall, NYC; performers include: Sting, Elton John, James Taylor, Whitney Houston, Luciano Pavarotti, Aaron Neville, Tammy Wynette, Branford Marsalis, and Larry Adler

  • 2000 53rd British Academy Film Awards (BAFTAs): "American Beauty" Best Film, Pedro Almodovar Best Director

Television Debut

2009 Mockumentary "Parks and Recreation" starring Amy Poehler, Nick Offerman and Aziz Ansari debuts on NBC in the US