On This Day

Events in Film & TV on August 20

  • 1930 Dumont's 1st TV broadcast for home reception (NYC)
  • 1950 11th Venice Film Festival: "Justice est faite" ("Justice is Done") directed by Andre Cayatte wins the Golden Lion

Venice Film Festival

1951 12th Venice Film Festival: "Rashomon" directed by Akira Kurosawa wins the Golden Lion

Venice Film Festival

1952 13th Venice Film Festival: "Genghis Khan" directed by Manuel Conde wins the Golden Lion

  • 1953 14th Venice Film Festival opens. No Golden Lion awarded
  • 1961 22nd Venice Film Festival: "Last Year at Marienbad" directed by Alain Resnais wins Golden Lion
  • 1997 Shelly Moore, 18, of Tenn, crowned 15th Miss Teen USA

Film Premiere

2013 "One Direction: This Is Us" 3D concert film of One Direction directed by Morgan Spurlock premieres in London