On This Day

Events in Film & TV on February 10

Film Premiere

1939 "Stagecoach" western film directed by John Ford, starring Claire Trevor and John Wayne, premieres in Miami

Film & TV History

1940 "Tom & Jerry" cartoon created by William Hanna & Joseph Barbera debut by MGM

  • 1951 "John and Marsha" by Stan Freberg, a parody of daytime soap operas which had only two voices repeating each other's names, peaks at #21 in the USA
  • 1956 "My Friend Flicka" premieres on CBS (later NBC) TV
  • 1964 WBGU TV channel 27 in Bowling Green, OH (PBS) begins broadcasting
  • 1972 BBC bans "Give Ireland Back to the Irish" by Wings
  • 1978 U.S. premiere of "Blue Collar", Paul Schrader's first film direction
  • 1989 To gain deregulation WWF admits pro wrestling is an exhibition & not a sport, in a NJ court
  • 1989 39th Berlin International Film Festival: "Rain Man" wins the Golden Bear
  • 1990 6th Largest wrestling crowd (63,900-Tokyo Dome)

Music History

1993 "Michael Jackson Talks To Oprah Winfrey" airs on ABC & drew an astounding 39.3 rating/56 share, 90 million people

  • 1994 44th Berlin International Film Festival: "In the Name of the Father" wins the Golden Bear
  • 1995 Chelsi Smith, 21, (Texas), crowned 44th Miss USA
  • 1997 13th Soap Opera Digest Awards - General Hospital wins
  • 1999 49th Berlin International Film Festival: "The Thin Red Line" wins the Golden Bear
  • 2005 55th Berlin International Film Festival: "U-Carmen" wins the Golden Bear

BAFTA Awards

2008 61st British Film and Television Awards (BAFTAS): "Atonement" Best Film, Ethan and Joel Coen Best Director

  • 2011 61st Berlin International Film Festival: "A Separation" wins the Golden Bear

BAFTA Awards

2013 66th British Film and Television Awards (BAFTAS): "Argo", Ben Affleck (Director), Daniel Day-Lewis and Emmanuelle Riva win

Film & TV History

2015 Comedian Jon Stewart announces he will be leaving "The Daily Show" at the end of the year

BAFTA Awards

2019 72nd British Film and Television Awards (BAFTAS): "Roma" Best Film, Alfonso Cuarón Best Director, Olivia Coleman, Rami Malek best actors