Events in Film & TV on January 10

  • 1927 Fritz Lang's silent film "Metropolis" premieres in Berlin
  • 1932 "Pete the Tramp" cartoon strip by C D Russell debuts
  • 1949 1st Jewish family show "Goldbergs" premieres on CBS

Film Premiere

1952 "The Greatest Show on Earth", directed and produced by Cecil B. DeMille, starring James Stewart and Charlton Heston, premieres in New York (Best Picture 1953)

  • 1955 "Ordet", directed by Carl Theodor Dreyer, starring Henrik Malberg, Emil Hass Christensen, is released

Sports History

1957 Baseball Commissioner Ford Frick rules Bing Crosby can keep token stock in Detroit Tigers, even though he owns part of Pittsburgh Pirates

  • 1965 WKBD TV channel 50 in Detroit, Michigan (IND) begins broadcasting
  • 1970 Preview Center opens at Walt Disney World, Florida - first building to open
  • 1980 Last broadcast of "The Rockford Files" on NBC
  • 1982 NBC's premiere of TV film "Will: G. Gordon Liddy", based on the Watergate conspirator, participant and convict
  • 1992 8th Soap Opera Digest Awards - Days of Our Lives wins
  • 1995 "Late Late Show" with Tom Snyder premieres on CBS at 12:30 AM; program airs until 1999
  • 1997 4,000th episode of "Entertainment Tonight"

Television Debut

1999 "The Sopranos", starring James Gandolfini as mobster Tony Soprano, debuts on HBO

Film and TV Awards

1999 25th People's Choice Awards: Tom Hanks & Sandra Bullock win (Dramatic Motion Picture) and Tim Allen & Helen Hunt win (TV)

Film Awards

2004 9th Critics' Choice Movie Awards: The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King wins Best Film

  • 2005 10th Critics' Choice Movie Awards: "Sideways" wins Best Film

Film and TV Awards

2006 32nd People's Choice Awards: Johnny Depp & Sandra Bullock win (Motion Picture) and Ray Romano & Jennifer Garner win (TV)

Film & TV History

2011 Ian McKellen officially confirms that he will reprise the role of Gandalf in "The Hobbit" film adaptations

  • 2013 18th Critics' Choice Movie Awards: Argo wins Best Film

Film and TV Awards

2013 39th People's Choice Awards: Robert Downey Jr & Jennifer Lawrence win (Movie Star) and Nathan Fillion & Ellen Pompeo win (TV Drama)

Golden Globes

2016 73rd Golden Globes: "The Revenant", "The Martian", Leonardo DiCaprio, Brie Larson win

Golden Globes

2022 79th Golden Globes: Best film "The Power of the Dog" (drama), "West Side Story" (comedy/musical), Best TV series "Succession", Best Director Jane Campion (Motion Picture)