Events in Film & TV on January 11

  • 1709 Colley Cibber's play "Rival Fools" premieres in London
  • 1917 Guy Bolton & PG Wodehouse's "Have a Heart" premieres in New York

Film & TV History

1927 Louis B. Mayer head of film studio MGM announces creation of Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

  • 1927 Royale Theater (Golden, CBS Radio Playhouse) opens at 242 W 45th NYC
  • 1966 "Daktari" African adventure series premieres on CBS TV
  • 1974 ABC airs final episode of "Love, American Style"
  • 1988 ABC premiere of fact-based "Evil in Clear River"
  • 1990 Actor Joseph Cotton undergoes vocal cancer operation at 84

Pro Wrestling

1991 Ric Flair wins NWA/WCW wrestling title

Film and TV Awards

1998 24th People's Choice Awards: Harrison Ford & Julia Roberts win (Dramatic Motion Picture) and Tim Allen & Oprah Winfrey win (TV)

Film Awards

2002 7th Critics' Choice Movie Awards: A Beautiful Mind wins Best Film

  • 2004 30th People's Choice Awards: Mel Gibson & Julia Roberts win (Dramatic Motion Picture) and Ray Romano & Jennifer Aniston win (TV)

Golden Globes

2009 66th Golden Globes: Slumdog Millionaire, Mickey Rourke, Kate Winslet win

Film & TV History

2010 Simon Cowell leaves "American Idol"

Film and TV Awards

2012 38th People's Choice Awards: Johnny Depp & Emma Stone win (Movie Star) and Nathan Fillion & Nina Dobrev win (TV Drama)

Film & TV History

2018 YouTube issues sanctions against vlogger Logan Paul after he posted footage of suicide victim's body in Japan in December