Events in Film & TV on January 28

  • 1951 "La Vie Commence Demain" the 1st X-rated movie, depicting artificial insemination, opens in London
  • 1953 WJTV TV channel 12 in Jackson, MS (CBS) begins broadcasting

Television Premiere

1957 "Tonight! America After Dark" premieres, with Jack Lescoulie & Al (Jazzbo) Collins on NBC (between Steve Allen & Jack Paar)

Radio History

1960 "The Goon Show"'s final episode on BBC radio

  • 1965 "The Who" make their 1st appearance on British television programme "Ready Steady Go!"
  • 1973 "Barnaby Jones" premieres on CBS TV
  • 1973 Ron Howard appears on M*A*S*H in "Sometimes You Hear the Bullet"

Golden Globes

1984 41st Golden Globes: Terms of Endearment, Tom Courtenay, Robert Duvall, & Shirley MacLaine win

  • 1991 "A Closer Look" with Faith Daniels premieres on NBC-TV
  • 1996 12th Sundance Film Festival: "Welcome to the Dollhouse" wins Grand Jury Prize Dramatic
  • 2001 17th Sundance Film Festival: "The Believer", directed by Henry Bean, wins Grand Jury Prize Dramatic
  • 2007 23rd Sundance Film Festival: "Padre Nuestro", directed by Christopher Zalla, wins Grand Jury Prize Dramatic