Events in Film & TV on January 3

  • 1929 27 year old William S Paley becomes CBS president
  • 1947 1st opening session of Congress to be televised - it did not happen again until 1977
  • 1949 "Colgate Theater" dramatic anthology series premieres on NBC TV
  • 1952 "Dragnet" with Jack Webb premieres on NBC TV
  • 1963 WOUB TV channel 20 in Athens, OH (PBS) begins broadcasting

Music History

1964 Jack Paar shows a clip of the Beatles singing "She Loves You", and says he understands that science was working on a cure for the phenomenon

  • 1967 WJAN TV channel 17 in Canton, OH (IND) begins broadcasting
  • 1970 WHAG TV channel 25 in Hagerstown, MD (NBC) begins broadcasting

Sports History

1973 A 12-man syndicate led by Michael Burke and George Steinbrenner III buys MLB's New York Yankees from CBS for US$10 million

  • 1997 Bryant Gumbel co-hosted his final "Today" show on NBC-TV

Film & TV History

2004 After hosting the show for over 30 years, Casey Kasem gives up the hosting duties of "American Top 40" to Ryan Seacrest

Film & TV History

2005 Craig Ferguson becomes the host of "The Late Late Show" on CBS