Events in Film & TV on June 30

  • 1925 Charles Jenkins is granted the U.S. patent for Transmitting Pictures over Wireless (early television)
  • 1940 "Brenda Starr, Reporter", 1st cartoon strip by a woman, Dale [Dalia] Messick, begins as a comic-book supplement to Chicago's Sunday Tribune

Television Finale

1951 "Victor Borge Show" last airs on NBC-TV

  • 1952 "Guiding Light" soap opera moves from radio to TV

Television Debut

1955 "Johnny Carson Show" debuts on CBS-TV

  • 1973 "Burns & Schreiber Comedy Hour" TV Variety; debut on ABC

TV Show Appearance

1979 British punk rocker johnny rotten and British actress Joan Collins appear together on BBC TV's "Juke Box Jury"

  • 1982 "Lena Horne: Lady, Music" closes at Nederlander, NYC, after 333 performances

Daytime Emmy Awards

1987 Emmy 14th Daytime Award presentation - Susan Lucci loses for 8th time

  • 1988 Sitcom "Sledge Hammer!" last airs on ABC-TV

Film Premiere

1989 "Great Balls of Fire!" a quasi-biographical drama film starring Dennis Quaid as rockabilly pioneer Jerry Lee Lewis premieres; Lewis hates the film and the book from which it sourced, but praises Quaid's performance

Film Release

2004 "Spider-Man 2" directed by Sam Raimi and starring Toby Maguire and Kirsten Dunst is released

Film Premiere

2008 "Mamma Mia!, The Movie!" premieres at Leicester Square, London

  • 2014 Australian entertainer Rolf Harris is convicted of indecent assault in London, England

Film & TV History

2021 Pennsylvania Supreme overturns comedian Bill Cosby's sexual assault conviction, ruling that the prosecutor who brought the case was bound by his predecessor’s agreement not to charge Cosby in return for Cosby's testimony in a related civil suit; Cosby immediately released from prison

  • 2021 US actress Allison Mack sentenced to three years for her role in the Nxivm sex cult in New York