Events in Film & TV on May 10

  • 1849 Astor Place Riot: Backers of American actor and working class hero Edwin Forrest attempt to disrupt British actor William McReady's performance at Astor Place Opera House in NYC; Military troops supporting police shoot at the crowd, killing between 22 and 31 [1]
  • 1928 WGY, Schenectady begins regular TV programming

Cannes Film Festival

1952 5th Cannes Film Festival: "The Tragedy of Othello: The Moor of Venice" directed by Orson Welles and "Two Cents Worth of Hope" directed by Renato Castellani jointly awarded the Grand Prix du Festival International du Film

  • 1953 KCBD TV channel 11 in Lubbock, TX (NBC) begins broadcasting
  • 1955 8th Cannes Film Festival: "Marty" directed by Delbert Mann wins Palme d'Or

Cannes Film Festival

1956 9th Cannes Film Festival: "The Silent World" directed by Jacques Cousteau and Louis Malle wins the Palme d'Or

  • 1956 KFSN TV channel 30 in Fresno, CA (ABC/CBS) begins broadcasting

Film & TV History

1973 Bruce Lee collapses in Golden Harvest studios in Hong Kong and is rushed to Hong Kong Baptist Hospital where doctors diagnose him with cerebral edema

  • 1982 WABC joins ABC's All Talk radio network

Radio History

1982 WABC radio (NYC) plays its last record - John Lennon's "Imagine" - and switches to all-talk format

Television Finale

1983 TV sitcom "Laverne & Shirley" last airs on ABC-TV

Film & TV History

1990 Howard Stern holds a mock funeral for rival John DeBella

  • 1993 Last TV appearance of Dutch television presenter Mies Bouwman

Music Concert

1994 Barbra Streisand's begins 1st concert tour in 30 years, at the Capitol Centre in Landover, Maryland (after "warm-up" shows in Las Vegas and London)

Film & TV History

1996 "Twister" disaster film written by Michael Crichton starring Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton premieres

Pro Wrestling

2010 Flavor Flav guest hosts the wrestling show WWE Raw

Film & TV History

2015 61st British Academy Television Awards: "The Graham Norton Show" Best Comedy, "Happy Valley" Best Drama

  • 2019 YouTube dispute between beauty vloggers James Charles and Tati Westbrook viewed more than 40 million times
  • 2021 NBC says it will not televise the 2022 Golden Globes because of criticism of its lack of diversity [1]