Events in Film & TV on November 15

  • 1926 1st formal radio network, RCA takes over AT&T 25 station Network (NBC)
  • 1932 Walt Disney Art School created
  • 1949 KRON-TV channel 4 in San Francisco, California (NBC) begins broadcasting; call letters a nod to the owners other business, The San Francisco Chronicle newspaper
  • 1953 WIBW TV channel 13 in Topeka, KS (CBS/ABC) begins broadcasting
  • 1953 WRBL TV channel 3 in Columbus, GA (CBS) begins broadcasting
  • 1964 KBYU TV channel 11 in Provo, UT (PBS) begins broadcasting
  • 1967 WLTV TV channel 23 in Miami, FL (IND) begins broadcasting
  • 1969 The 1st ever colour television commercial in the UK, for Birds Eye peas, airs on ATV in the Midlands during a Thunderbirds episode

Music Single

1974 Ringo Starr releases singles "Goodnight Vienna" and "Only You" in the UK

  • 1979 ABC-TV announces it would broadcast nightly specials on Iran hostage
  • 1980 Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (a rollercoaster) opens at Disney World in Florida

Film & TV History

1986 2nd time "Saturday Night Live" uses a time delay (Sam Kinison hosts)

  • 1989 "Batman" film is released on video tape
  • 2001 Microsoft releases the first Xbox game console in the US
  • 2002 British drummer Ringo Starr inducted into the Percussive Arts Society Hall Of Fame [1]
  • 2013 Sony launches the Playstation Four, selling one million units on the first day

Film & TV History

2019 "Joker" starring Joaquin Phoenix is the 1st R-rated film to earn $1 billion worldwide