Events in Film & TV on September 29

  • 1930 Lowell Thomas made debuts on CBS Radio replacing Floyd Gibbons
  • 1933 Little King, Cartoon Character, by Von Beuren, debut
  • 1946 "Adventures of Sam Spade" debuts on CBS Radio

Film release premierFilm Release

1948 "Hamlet" directed by and starring Laurence Olivier's opens at Park Avenue Cinema (Best Picture 1949)

  • 1948 WBAP (now KXAS) TV channel 5 in Fort Worth-Dallas, TX (NBC) begins
  • 1948 WSB TV channel 2 in Atlanta, GA (ABC) begins broadcasting
  • 1949 "Front Page" debuts on CBS-TV
  • 1949 "Inside USA With Chevrolet" debuts on CBS-TV
  • 1949 Elia Kazan's "Pinky" starring Ethel Waters opens at Rivoli
  • 1950 "Tin Pan Alley TV" last airs on ABC-TV
  • 1951 1st color telecast of football game on network, Philadelphia (CBS)
  • 1952 "Lights Out" last airs on NBC-TV
  • 1953 "Buick-Berle Show" debuts on NBC-TV
  • 1953 "Make Room for Daddy" starring Danny Thomas, premieres on ABC-TV

Film release premierFilm Premier

1954 "Barefoot Contessa" film directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz, starring Ava Gardner and Humphrey Bogart premieres at the Capitol

  • 1954 "Masquerade Party" TV game Show; moves to ABC

Film release premierFilm Premier

1954 "Star is Born" starring Judy Garland & James Mason premieres

Actress Judy Garland
Judy Garland
  • 1954 KALB TV channel 5 in Alexandria, LA (NBC/ABC) begins broadcasting
  • 1955 "Sergeant Preston" debuts on CBS
  • 1956 "Oh! Susanna" debuts on CBS-TV
  • 1957 "DuPont Show of the Month" debuts on CBS-TV
  • 1957 "Paul Winchell Show" debuts on ABC-TV
  • 1958 "Studio One" TV Anthology Drama last airs on CBS-TV
  • 1958 "Texan" debuts on CBS-TV
  • 1959 "Many Loves Of Dobie Gillis" debuts on CBS-TV
  • 1959 "Philip Marlowe" debuts on ABC-TV
  • 1960 "Johnny Ringo" TV Western Drama; last airs on CBS-TV
  • 1960 "My Three Sons" starring Fred MacMurray, debuts on ABC-TV
  • 1960 "Outlaws" TV Western Drama; debuts on NBC-TV
  • 1961 "Detectives" TV Crime Drama; moves to NBC-TV
  • 1962 "Roy Rogers & Dale Evans Show" debuts on ABC-TV
  • 1963 "Judy Garland Show" debuts on CBS-TV
  • 1963 "My Favorite Martian" starring Ray Walston, debuts on CBS-TV
  • 1963 "Tom Jones" film based on the novel by Henry Fielding, directed by Tony Richardson, starring Albert Finney and Susannah York premieres at the Venice Film festival (Best Picture 1964)
  • 1965 WLVT TV channel 39 in Allentown, PA (PBS) begins broadcasting
  • 1969 "Bright Promise" TV Daytime Soap; debuts on NBC-TV
  • 1969 "Letters To Laugh-In" debuts on NBC-TV
  • 1969 "Love American Style" premieres on ABC-TV
  • 1969 "Name Droppers" debuts on NBC-TV
  • 1969 "Sale Of Century" debuts on NBC-TV
  • 1971 "McMillan & Wife" debuts on NBC-TV
  • 1975 "Three For Money" debuts on NBC-TV
  • 1975 Sharon Dahlonega Raiford Bush becomes American television's first African-American weathercaster.
  • 1976 "Alice" debuts on CBS-TV
  • 1977 "Star Wars Theme/Cantina Band" by Meco hits #1
  • 1978 "Flying High," debuts on CBS
  • 1978 "For Richer, For Poorer," TV Daytime Soap; last airs on NBC-TV
  • 1982 1st broadcast of comedy "Cheers" on NBC-TV starring Ted Danson and Shelley Long

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1984 Elizabeth Taylor undergoes rehabilitation at the Betty Ford Clinic

  • 1985 "Alfred Hitchcock Presents," returns to NBC-TV

Appears on tv showTelevision Debut

1985 "Amazing Stories" by Steven Spielberg, debuts on NBC-TV

  • 1985 "MacGyver" starring Richard Dean Anderson, debuts on ABC-TV
  • 1986 "Designing Women" TV comedy, debuts on CBS
  • 1986 NBC true life drama "Adam: His Song Continues" premieres, sequel to "Adam" (1983)

Music release#1 in the Charts

1987 "Didn't We Almost Have It All," by Whitney Houston hits #1

Singer and Actress Whitney Houston
Singer and Actress
Whitney Houston
  • 1987 "thirtysomething" debuts on ABC-TV
  • 1993 "Grace Under Fire" starring Brett Butler debuts on ABC-TV
  • 1994 Pointer Sisters receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
  • 2000 "In the Mood for Love", Hong Kong film directed by Wong Kar-wai, starring Maggie Cheung and Tony Leung, is released

Event of interestEvent of Interest

2010 Seth Rogen and Lauren Miller become engaged

Actor & Writer Seth Rogen
Actor & Writer
Seth Rogen