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  • 1956-04-18 Eric Roberts, Miss, actor (Pope of Greenwich Village, King of Gypsies)
  • 1956-04-18 John James, actor (Jeff Colby-Dynasty), born in Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • 1956-05-01 Byron Stewart, Baxter Springs Ks, actor (Warren Coolidge-St Elsewhere)
  • 1956-05-19 Steve Ford, actor (Young & Restless)/son of President Gerald Ford
  • 1956-05-20 Dean Butler, American actor
  • 1956-05-22 Douglas Heyes Jr, actor (Captains & Kings, Aspen), born in Los Angeles, California
  • 1956-06-04 Keith David, American actor
  • 1956-06-18 Brian Benben, Winchester Va, actor (Dream On, Gangster Chronicles)
  • 1956-06-22 Tim Russ, actor (Tuvoc-Star Trek Voyager), born in Washington, D.C.
  • 1956-06-24 Joe Penny, English actor
  • 1956-07-01 Alan Ruck, American actor (Spin City), born in Cleveland, Ohio
  • 1956-07-06 Casey Sander, American actor

Person of interestTom Hanks

1956-07-09 Tom Hanks, American actor (Saving Private Ryan, Forrest Gump, Philadelphia), born in Concord, California

Actor Tom Hanks
Tom Hanks
  • 1956-07-14 Vladimir Kulich, Czech actor
  • 1956-07-17 Robert Romanus, American actor
  • 1956-07-19 Peter Barton, Valley Stream LI, actor (Powers of Matthew Star)

Person of interestMichael Biehn

1956-07-31 Michael Biehn, American actor (Rampage, Hog Wild, Aliens, Abyss), born in Anniston, Alabama

  • 1956-08-12 Bruce Greenwood, actor (Spy, Another Chance, Malibu Bikini Shop)
  • 1956-08-19 Adam Arkin, actor (Busting Loose, Pearl, Northern Exposure), born in Brooklyn, New York
  • 1956-08-23 Skipp Sudduth, American actor
  • 1956-08-28 Luis Guzmán, Puerto Rican actor
  • 1956-09-14 Joe Penny, actor (Gangster Wars, Riptide, Jake & the Fatman), born in London, England
  • 1956-09-20 Gary Cole, Park Ridge, Illinois, American actor (Pineapple Express, Midnight Caller)
  • 1956-10-03 Hart Bochner, actor (Aron-East of Eden, Supergirl, Die Hard), born in Toronto, Ontario
  • 1956-10-03 Peter Frechette, American actor (Paint it Black, George-Profiler), born in Warwick, Rhode Island
  • 1956-10-04 Christoph Waltz, German Austrian actor (Django Unchained), born in Vienna, Austria
  • 1956-10-07 James Van Patten, American actor (Bo-Chisholms), born in Brooklyn, New York
  • 1956-10-19 Sunny Deol, Indian actor
  • 1956-11-03 Kevin Murphy, American actor and puppeteer
  • 1956-11-10 Matt Craven, actor (Juror, Killer, K2), born in Port Colborne, Ontario
  • 1956-11-10 Sinbad, comedian and actor (Different World, At the Apollo)
  • 1956-11-13 Christopher Noth, US actor (Law and Order, The Good Wife), born in Madison, Wisconsin
  • 1956-11-18 Sinbad, [David Adkins], Benton Harbor MI, actor (1st Kid, Vibe)
  • 1956-11-19 Scott Jacoby, actor (Bad Ronald, Return to Horror High), born in Chicago, Illinois
  • 1956-11-22 Richard Kind, American actor
  • 1956-11-27 William Fichtner, American actor
  • 1956-12-02 Steven Bauer, Cuban-American actor (Scarface, Thief of Hearts), born in Havana, Cuba
  • 1956-12-03 Hart Bochner, actor and director (Rich & Famous), born in Los Angeles, California
  • 1956-12-05 Brian Backer, American actor
  • 1956-12-18 T. K. Carter, US actor (Mike-Punky Brewster, Just our Luck), born in Los Angeles, California
  • 1957-01-03 Frank Dicopoulos, actor (Frank Cooper-Guiding Light), born in Akron, Ohio
  • 1957-01-15 Mario Van Peebles, Mexican actor (Posse, South Bronx Heroes)
  • 1957-01-16 Ricardo Darin, Argentine director and actor (The Secret in Their Eyes), born in Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • 1957-01-17 Steve Harvey, American actor, comedian and radio personality
  • 1957-02-06 Robert Townsend, comedian and actor (Hollywood Shuffle, Ratboy), born in Chicago, Illinois
  • 1957-02-19 Ray Winstone, British actor
  • 1957-02-27 Timothy Spall, English actor (Auf Wiedersehen, Pet, Life is Sweet), born in London, England
  • 1957-02-28 John Turturro, actor (Brain Donor, Color of Money, Jungle Fever), born in Brooklyn, New York
  • 1957-03-06 Edward "Eddie" Deezen, American actor (Grease, I Wanna Hold Your Hand), born in Cumberland, Maryland
  • 1957-03-10 Matt Knudsen, American actor
  • 1957-03-12 Jerry Levine, actor (Born on 4th of July), born in New Brunswick, New Jersey
  • 1957-03-29 Christopher Lambert, French-American actor (Highlander, Subway, Greystoke, Why Me), born in Great Neck, New York
  • 1957-03-30 Paul Reiser, American actor (My 2 Dads, Diner, Aliens, Mad About You), born in NYC, New York
  • 1957-03-31 Marc McClure, San Mateo California, actor (Ross-California Fever)
  • 1957-04-04 Ali El Haggar, Egyptian singer and actor, born in Imbabah, Giza
  • 1957-04-07 Kim Kap-su, South Korean actor
  • 1957-04-11 John Castellanos, American actor (John Silva-Young & Restless), born in San Diego, California
  • 1957-04-14 Lothaire Bluteau, Canadian actor
  • 1957-04-17 Byron Cherry, actor (Coy-Dukes of Hazzard), born in Atlanta, Georgia
  • 1957-04-20 Geraint Wyn Davies, Welsh-Canadian actor (Nick Knight-Forever Knight, Bury Me in Niagara, High Hopes), born in Swansea, Wales
  • 1957-04-22 Alan Campbell, Homestead Fla, actor (E Z-3's a Crowd)
  • 1957-04-27 Michel Barrette, Canadian actor and stand-up comedian, born in Chicoutimi, Quebec

Person of interestDaniel Day-Lewis

1957-04-29 Daniel Day-Lewis, English actor (Last of the Mohicans, Gangs of New York), born in London

  • 1957-05-05 Richard E Grant, Swaziland, actor (Posse, Bram Stoker's Dracula)
  • 1957-05-05 Peter Howitt, British actor and film director
  • 1957-05-08 Jeff Wincott, actor (Night Heat), born in Toronto, Ontario
  • 1957-05-21 Judge Reinhold, actor (Fast Times at Ridgemont High), born in Wilmington, Delaware
  • 1957-05-22 Gary Sweet, Australian actor
  • 1957-05-23 Mark Arnold, American actor
  • 1957-06-12 Timothy Busfield, American actor (30 Something, West Wing), born in East Lansing, Michigan
  • 1957-06-15 Seppo Pääkkönen, Finnish actor
  • 1957-06-16 Ian Buchanan, Scotland, actor (General Hospital, Gary Shandling Show)
  • 1957-06-17 Jon Gries, American actor
  • 1957-06-17 Jack Wouterse, Dutch actor
  • 1957-06-20 Butch Patrick, actor (Real McCoys, Eddie-Munsters), born in Inglewood, California
  • 1957-06-23 Lee John, [John L Mcgregor], English singer/actor (Body Talk)
  • 1957-07-11 Vince Williams, actor (Hamp-Guiding Light)
  • 1957-07-12 Buddy Foster, actor (Hondo, Mayberry RFD)
  • 1957-07-20 Donna Dixon, Virginia, actress and wife of actor Dan Aykroyd (Couch Trip, Bossom Buddies)
  • 1957-07-21 Jon Lovitz, Tarzana California, actor (SNL, League of their Own, Critic)
  • 1957-07-26 Yuen Biao, Hong Kong actor and martial artist, born in Castle Peak Road, Hong Kong
  • 1957-07-30 Mark Tymchyshyn, actor (Gavin-As The World Turns), born in Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • 1957-07-31 Dirk Blocker, American actor (Ryan's Four, Brooklyn Nine Nine), born in Los Angeles, California
  • 1957-08-01 Brad Stephen "Taylor" Negron, American actor and writer (Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Easy Money), born in Glendale, California (d. 2015)
  • 1957-08-02 Mojo Nixon, American musician and actor
  • 1957-08-05 Clayton Rohner, American actor
  • 1957-08-15 Zeljko Ivanek, Lujubljana Yugoslavia, actor (Mass Appeal)
  • 1957-08-18 Denis Leary, American actor and comedian (Rescue Me), born in Worcester, Massachusetts
  • 1957-08-19 Darby Hinton, actor (Israel in Daniel Boone), born in Santa Monica, California

Person of interestStephen Fry

1957-08-24 Stephen Fry, English comedian, writer and actor (Blackadder, QI), born in London

Actor, Comedian and Writer Stephen Fry
Actor, Comedian and Writer
Stephen Fry
  • 1957-08-28 Daniel Stern, actor (City Slickers, Wonder Years), born in Stamford, Connecticut
  • 1957-08-28 Rick Rossovich, actor (Top Gun, Roxanne, ER), born in Palo Alto, California
  • 1957-09-06 Paul Lewis Harrhy, actor/opera singer (Intelligence Park)
  • 1957-09-06 Tim Whitnall, English actor and narrator
  • 1957-09-10 Brian Fitzpatrick, actor (Rick Alden in Loving), born in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania
  • 1957-09-17 William De Acutis, American actor (9½ Weeks, Other People's Money), born in Fairfield, Connecticut (d. 1991)
  • 1957-09-25 Ian Reddington, English actor
  • 1957-09-28 Marc Duret, actor (Dobermann, Hatred, Big Blue)
  • 1957-09-30 William Christian, actor (Derek Frye-All My Children), born in Washington, D.C.
  • 1957-10-01 Stelios Mainas, Greek actor

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