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Person of interestRicky Gervais

1961-06-25 Ricky Gervais, English actor and comedian (The Office), born in Reading, England

Comedian Ricky Gervais
Ricky Gervais
  • 1961-06-27 Tim Whitnall, English actor (Best Possible Taste: The Kenny Everett Story), born in Canvey Island, Essex, England
  • 1961-07-02 James McNichol, actor (Fitzpatricks, California Fever), born in Los Angeles, California
  • 1961-07-02 Michael Lindsay, Voice actor
  • 1961-07-08 Toby Keith, American country singer and actor (Boomtown, Blue Moon), born in Clinton, Oklahoma
  • 1961-07-10 Jacky Cheung, Hong Kong singer and actor (Bullet in the Head), born in Hong Kong
  • 1961-07-14 Jackie Earle Haley, Northridge California, actor (Breaking Away)

Person of interestForest Whitaker

1961-07-15 Forest Whitaker, actor and director (The Last King of Scotland, Platoon), born in Longview, Texas

  • 1961-07-17 Jonathan Potts, Canadian actor
  • 1961-07-19 Campbell Scott, American actor, director and producer (Saint Ralph, Big Night), born in NYC, New York

Person of interestWoody Harrelson

1961-07-23 Woody Harrelson, American actor (Woody Boyd in Cheers), born in Midland, Texas

Person of interestLaurence Fishburne

1961-07-30 Laurence Fishburne, American actor (The Matrix, CSI, Apocalypse Now), born in Augusta, Georgia

  • 1961-08-01 Mark "Red" Mitchell, American actor (JFK, 8 Seconds, I Want to Live), born in Houston, Texas (d. 1994)
  • 1961-08-13 Sunil Shetty, Indian Actor, Producer
  • 1961-08-18 John Viscardi, American actor (Father Tony-One Life to Live), born in NYC, New York
  • 1961-08-24 Jared Harris, English actor
  • 1961-09-02 Anthony Wong [Chau-sang], Hong Kong actor (The Untold Story), born in Hong Kong
  • 1961-09-04 Kevin Kennedy, English actor

Person of interestJames Gandolfini

1961-09-18 James Gandolfini, American actor (The Sopranos), born in Westwood, New Jersey (d. 2013)

  • 1961-09-23 Chi McBride, American actor
  • 1961-09-27 Andy Lau, Hong Kong actor and singer (Internal Affairs), born in Hong Kong
  • 1961-09-28 Michael-James Wixted, actor (Smith Family), born in Santa Monica, California
  • 1961-09-30 Eric Stoltz, actor (Anaconda, Pulp Fiction, Mask)
  • 1961-10-04 David W Harper, actor (Jim Bob in The Waltons), born in Abilene, Texas
  • 1961-10-07 Brian Mannix, Australian singer and actor
  • 1961-10-16 Randy Vasquez, American actor
  • 1961-10-22 Robert Torti, American actor
  • 1961-10-26 Dylan McDermott, American actor (The Practice, American Horror Story), born in Waterbury, Connecticut
  • 1961-11-04 Ralph Macchio, Huntington NY, actor (Karate Kid, 8 is Enough)
  • 1961-11-08 Leif Garrett, singer/actor (Devil x 5, 3 for the Road), born in Hollywood, California
  • 1961-11-14 D B Sweeney, actor (Cutting Edge, Fire in the Sky, Day in October)
  • 1961-11-14 Gordon Jennison Noice, American actor
  • 1961-11-16 Bruno Amato American actor
  • 1961-11-27 Steve Oedekerk, American film director, actor and comedian
  • 1961-11-28 Martin Clunes, British actor
  • 1961-12-01 Jeremy Northam, English actor
  • 1961-12-09 Joe Lando, actor (Byron Sully-Dr Quinn), born in Los Angeles, California
  • 1961-12-09 David Anthony Higgins, American actor
  • 1961-12-20 Mohammad Fouad, Arab singer and actor
  • 1961-12-21 Francis Ng, Hong Kong actor (Internal Affairs), born in Hong Kong
  • 1961-12-26 John Lynch, Irish actor
  • 1962-01-04 Patrick Cassidy, American actor and composer (Fever Pitch, Off the Wall), born in Los Angeles, California
  • 1962-01-05 Joel Wyner, actor and director (Lyle Springer-Sirens, Listen, Club)
  • 1962-01-05 Perry Fenwick, English actor

Person of interestJim Carrey

1962-01-17 Jim Carrey, Canadian-American actor (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Dumb & Dumber, The Mask), born in Ontario Canada

Actor and Comedian Jim Carrey
Actor and Comedian
Jim Carrey
  • 1962-01-22 Robert Mailhouse, actor (Brian-Days of our Life), born in New Haven, Connecticut
  • 1962-01-22 Choi Min-sik, South Korean actor
  • 1962-01-28 Keith Hamilton Cobb, Tarrytown NY, actor (Noah Keefer-All My Children)
  • 1962-01-29 Nicholas Turturro, actor (James Martinez-NYPD Blue), born in Queens, New York
  • 1962-02-02 Michael T Weiss, actor (Jarod-Pretender, Days of our Lives), born in Chicago, Illinois
  • 1962-02-04 Michael Riley, Canadian actor
  • 1962-02-07 Eddie Izzard, British actor and comedian
  • 1962-02-11 Scott Kolden, actor (Scott-Me & the Champ), born in Torrance, California
  • 1962-02-14 Michael Higgs, English actor
  • 1962-02-17 Lou Diamond Phillips, Philippines, actor (La Bamba, Stand & Deliver)
  • 1962-02-27 Adam Baldwin, actor (Full Metal Jacket, My Bodyguard)
  • 1962-02-27 Grant Show, actor (Jack Hanson-Melrose Place), born in Detroit, Michigan
  • 1962-03-04 David Sparrow, English actor
  • 1962-03-09 Brian Green, American actor (Sam Fowler-Another World), born in Columbus, Indiana
  • 1962-03-11 Jeffrey Nordling, American actor
  • 1962-03-11 Peter Berg, American film actor, director and producer
  • 1962-03-15 Jimmy Baio, actor (Billy Tate-Soap, Brass, Playing for Keeps), born in Brooklyn, New York
  • 1962-03-18 Thomas Ian Griffith, American actor
  • 1962-03-18 Etsushi Toyokawa, Japanese actor

Person of interestMatthew Broderick

1962-03-21 Matthew Broderick, American actor (WarGames, Biloxi Blues), born in NYC, New York

  • 1962-04-02 Clark Gregg, American actor and director (Agent Phil Coulson), born in Boston, Massachusetts
  • 1962-04-07 Hugh Edward Ralph O'Connor, actor (In the Heat of the Night)
  • 1962-04-15 Tom Kane, American voice actor
  • 1962-04-23 John Hannah, Scottish actor
  • 1962-04-26 Michael Damian, American actor (Young & Restless) and singer (Rock on), born in San Diego, California
  • 1962-04-27 James LeGros, American actor (Point Break, Enemy of the State), born in Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • 1962-05-09 John Corbett, actor/singer (Northern Exposure, Sex and the City), born in Wheeling, West Virginia
  • 1962-05-12 Emilio Estevez, American actor (Breakfast Club, Young Guns, Mighty Ducks), born in NYC, New York
  • 1962-05-13 Eduardo Palomo, Mexican actor (d. 2003)

Person of interestCraig Ferguson

1962-05-17 Craig Ferguson, Scottish actor, writer and comedian, born in Glasgow, Scotland

Actor & Comedian Craig Ferguson
Actor & Comedian
Craig Ferguson
  • 1962-05-28 Brandon Cruz, actor (Eddie-Courtship of Eddie's Father)
  • 1962-05-29 John D. LeMay, American actor
  • 1962-05-31 Sebastian Koch, German actor
  • 1962-06-10 Vincent Perez, Swiss actor
  • 1962-06-12 Michael Link, American actor (Earl-Julia), born in Provo, Utah
  • 1962-06-12 John Enos III, American actor (Days of Our Lives), born in Boston, Massachusetts
  • 1962-06-13 Mark Frankel, actor (Leon the Pig Farmer)
  • 1962-06-16 Arnold Vosloo, South African actor
  • 1962-06-21 Marc Copage, actor (Corey Baker-Julia), born in Los Angeles, California
  • 1962-06-22 Stephen Chow, Hong Kong actor (Kung Fu Hustle), born in Hong Kong
  • 1962-06-23 Paul LaGreca, actor (Big Trouble), born in The Bronx, New York
  • 1962-06-27 Tony Leung Chiu-wai, Chinese actor (In the Mood for Love), born in Hong Kong
  • 1962-07-01 Andre Braugher, American actor (Homicide: Life on the Street, Brooklyn Nine-Nine), born in Chicago, Illinois
  • 1962-07-03 Thomas Gibson, actor (Dr Daniel Nyland-Chicago Hope)

Person of interestTom Cruise

1962-07-03 Tom Cruise, American actor (Risky Business, Jerry MaGuire, Rainman), born in Syracuse, New York

Actor Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise
  • 1962-07-04 Neil Morrissey, English actor (Men Behaving Badly), born in Stafford, England
  • 1962-07-13 Tom Kenny, American voice actor
  • 1962-07-17 Bill Sage, American actor
  • 1962-07-18 Lee Arenberg, American actor
  • 1962-07-19 Anthony Edwards, American actor (It Takes Two, Dr Greene-ER), born in Santa Barbara, California
  • 1962-07-20 Carlos Alazraqui, American actor and comedian
  • 1962-07-21 Ike Eisenmann, actor (Scott-Fantastic Journey), born in Houston, Texas
  • 1962-07-23 Eriq La Salle, American actor (Dr Peter Benton-ER), born in Hartford, Connecticut
  • 1962-07-31 Wesley Snipes, American actor (Passenger 57, Money Train, Blade trilogy), born in Orlando, Florida
  • 1962-08-13 John Slattery, American actor (Mad Men, The Adjustment Bureau), born in Boston, Massachusetts

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