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  • 1958-10-04 Anneka Rice, Dutch TV hostess
  • 1958-10-05 Neil deGrasse Tyson, American astrophysicist, TV presenter and writer, born in New York City
  • 1958-12-07 Edd Hall, TV announcer (Jay Leno's Tonight Show)
  • 1959-12-03 Eamonn Holmes, Northern Irish TV presenter
  • 1960-05-04 Andrew Denton, Australian television presenter and comedian, born in Sydney, Australia
  • 1960-08-30 Guy A. Lepage, Quebec humorist, television host and producer, born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  • 1960-09-25 Sonia Benezra, Canadian television host
  • 1960-11-20 Marc Labrèche, Canadian actor and television host
  • 1960-12-24 Carol Vorderman, British television presenter, born in Bedford, United Kingdom
  • 1961-01-01 Fiona Phillips, British television presenter
  • 1961-09-06 Simon Reeve, Australian TV presenter and host (Million Dollar Minute), born in Perth, Australia
  • 1961-10-11 Neil Buchanan, English television presenter (Finders Keepers), born in Aintree, Liverpool, England
  • 1961-11-09 Jill Dando, British television presenter, born in Weston-super-Mare, United Kingdom (d. 1999)
  • 1961-12-03 Adal Ramones, Mexican television host
  • 1961-12-12 Daniel O'Donnell, Irish singer and television presenter, born in Donegal, Ireland
  • 1961-12-15 Annie Pujol, Perpignan, French TV hostess (Roue de la Fortune)
  • 1962-01-11 Julie Moran, TV hostess (Entertainment Tonight, Independence Day)
  • 1962-02-21 Vanessa Feltz, British television presenter

Person of interestRosie O'Donnell

1962-03-21 Rosie O'Donnell, comedienne, actress and TV host (League of Their Own, Flintstones, Rosie, born in Commack, New York

Comedienne Rosie O'Donnell
Rosie O'Donnell
  • 1962-03-24 Star Jones, attorney/TV hostess (NBC, Inside Edition)
  • 1962-03-30 Bil Dwyer, American comedian and TV host, born in Evergreen Park, Illinois
  • 1962-10-25 Nick Hancock, British television presenter
  • 1962-11-01 Sharron Davies, British Olympic swimmer and tv presenter (BBC), born in Plymouth, Devon
  • 1962-11-04 Jeff Probst, American television host
  • 1962-11-12 Mariella Frostrup, Norwegian born journalist and television presenter
  • 1963-01-16 James May, English television presenter
  • 1963-03-03 Sophia Aliberti, Greek actress and TV presenter
  • 1963-03-04 Janey Lee Grace, English singer, author, television presenter and radio disc jockey
  • 1963-03-26 Paul de Leeuw, Dutch TV host (Cry of the Lion)

Person of interestGraham Norton

1963-04-04 Graham Norton [Graham Walker], Irish comedian and TV presenter, born in Dublin

TV Host and Comedian Graham Norton
TV Host and Comedian
Graham Norton

Person of interestConan O'Brien

1963-04-18 Conan Chris O'Brien, American TV host (Late Night), born in Brookline, Massachusetts

TV Host Conan O'Brien
TV Host
Conan O'Brien
  • 1963-12-28 Willow Bay, American TV host (Good Morning America), born in New York City, New York
  • 1964-01-29 Anna Ryder Richardson, British interior designer and television presenter
  • 1964-02-10 Glenn Beck, American radio and television host, born in Everett, Washington
  • 1964-02-24 Andy Crane, British children's television presenter

Person of interestStephen Colbert

1964-05-13 Stephen Colbert, American comedian and TV host (The Colbert Report, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert), born in Washington, D.C.

Comedian and TV Host Stephen Colbert
Comedian and TV Host
Stephen Colbert
  • 1964-07-12 Gaby Roslin, English television presenter
  • 1964-08-07 Michael Weishan, American TV host
  • 1964-09-01 Ray D'Arcy, Irish DJ and TV presenter
  • 1964-10-19 Ty Pennington [Gary Tygert Burton], American television host (Extreme Makeover: Home Edition), born in Atlanta, Georgia
  • 1964-12-31 Lowri Turner, British TV presenter, born in London, United Kingdom
  • 1965-03-11 Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, British television presenter
  • 1965-05-20 Ted Allen, American television host
  • 1965-05-26 Hazel Irvine, British television presenter
  • 1965-07-07 Jeremy Kyle, English radio and television presenter (The Jeremy Kyle Show), born in Berkshire, England
  • 1965-08-06 Mark Speight, British television presenter (d. 2008)
  • 1965-09-12 Einstein Kristiansen, Norwegian cartoonist, designer and TV host, born in Greåker, Sarpsborg, Norway
  • 1965-09-19 Debbye Turner, Miss America (1990) and TV host, born in Honolulu, Hawaii
  • 1965-11-03 Maty Monforth, TV host (Mike & Maty)
  • 1967-02-03 Dave Benson-Phillips, Children's TV Presenter
  • 1967-04-02 Helen Chamberlain, British television presenter, born in Street, Sommerset, England
  • 1967-04-20 J. D. Roth, American TV host (Fun House), born in Cherry Hill, New Jersey
  • 1967-04-27 Aki Avni, Israeli entertainer and TV host, born in Rehovot, Israel
  • 1967-05-04 Kate Garraway, English TV presenter (ITV Breakfast), born in Abingdon-on-Thames, Berkshire

Person of interestJoe Rogan

1967-08-11 Joe Rogan, American television host, comedian and podcaster (Fear Factor, The Joe Rogan Experience), born in Newark, New Jersey

Comedian and Podcaster Joe Rogan
Comedian and Podcaster
Joe Rogan
  • 1967-09-22 Kim Watkins, Australian television presenter
  • 1967-10-16 Davina McCall, British television presenter

Person of interestJimmy Kimmel

1967-11-13 Jimmy Kimmel, American TV host and producer (Jimmy Kimmel Live!), born in Brooklyn, New York

TV Host Jimmy Kimmel
TV Host
Jimmy Kimmel
  • 1968-01-22 Brian Jones, American sports radio and television host and former NFL linebacker (New Orleans Saints), born in Iowa City, Iowa
  • 1968-02-12 Gregory Charles, French-Canadian performing artist, born in Montreal, Canada
  • 1968-03-28 Tim Lovejoy, British television presenter (Soccer AM with Helen Chamberlain), born in Northwood, London
  • 1968-09-14 Dan Cortese, American actor and TV host (Jess Hanson-Melrose Place), born in Sewickley, Pennsylvania
  • 1968-09-23 Yvette Fielding, English television presenter (Blue Peter), born in Manchester, England
  • 1968-09-29 Patrick Burns, American television presenter, born in Highland Park, Illinois
  • 1968-12-12 Kate Humble, English television presenter, born in Wimbledon, London
  • 1969-01-20 Melissa Rivers, American TV hostess (MTV, CBS Morning News), born in NYC, New York
  • 1969-03-31 Samantha Brown, American television host
  • 1969-06-25 Matt Gallant, American television host (The Planet's Funniest Animals), born in Syracuse, New York

Person of interestSamantha Bee

1969-10-25 Samantha Bee, Canadian-American comedian, actress, and television host, born in Toronto, Ontario

Comedian and TV Host Samantha Bee
Comedian and TV Host
Samantha Bee
  • 1969-10-29 Eleni Menegaki, Greek TV presenter
  • 1969-12-19 Richard Hammond, English television presenter (Top Gear), born in Solihull, West Midlands
  • 1970-01-05 Rick Campanelli, Canadian TV presenter, born in Hamilton, Canada
  • 1970-01-06 Julie Chen, American television presenter, born in New York City, New York
  • 1970-05-11 Glenn Hugill, British television presenter and producer
  • 1970-08-22 Giada De Laurentiis, Italian-American chef and television host, born in Rome, Italy
  • 1971-01-23 Lorne Spicer, British TV presenter
  • 1971-02-14 Kris Aquino, Filipino Actress and TV Host
  • 1971-02-23 Melinda Messenger, English television presenter, born in Swindon, Wiltshire
  • 1971-03-23 Gail Porter, British television presenter
  • 1971-04-15 Katy Hill, British television presenter
  • 1971-04-27 Tess Daly, British television presenter (Strictly Come Dancing), born in Stockport, Cheshire, England
  • 1971-06-10 Leanza Cornet, TV host (Entertainment Tonight)
  • 1971-06-27 Jo Frost, British television personality (Supernanny), born in London, England
  • 1971-07-09 Dani Behr, Model & TV Presenter
  • 1971-10-13 Billy Bush, American radio and TV host, born in Manhattan, New York
  • 1972-01-15 Claudia Winkleman, English television presenter, born in London, United Kingdom
  • 1972-12-22 Big Tigger [Darian Morgan], American television host & radio personality, born in Co-op City, New York
  • 1973-02-21 Bowie Tsang, Taiwanese singer and TV host
  • 1973-04-24 Gabby Logan, British television presenter, born in Leeds, England

Person of interestHeidi Klum

1973-06-01 Heidi Klum, German supermodel and TV presenter (Project Runway), born in Bergisch Gladbach, North Rhine-Westphalia

Supermodel Heidi Klum
Heidi Klum
  • 1974-01-21 Rove McManus, Australian television host and comedian
  • 1974-03-03 Paula Malai Ali, Malaysian-Bruneian TV Presenter and Actress
  • 1974-06-07 Edward "Bear" Grylls, British adventurer, author and TV presenter (Man vs. Wild), born in Donaghadee, Northern Ireland
  • 1974-09-09 Gok Wan [Kowkhyn Wan], British fashion consultant, author and TV presenter (How to Look Good Naked, Gok Cooks Chinese), born in Leicester, England
  • 1974-10-16 Deo Grech, Maltese television presenter, songwriter
  • 1974-11-24 Dave Aizer, US television host
  • 1974-12-24 Ryan Seacrest, American television host, born in Dunwoody, Georgia
  • 1975-07-17 Konnie Huq, English television presenter
  • 1975-09-25 Declan Donnelly, English television presenter (Ant and Dec)
  • 1975-11-18 Anthony McPartlin, British actor and television presenter (Ant and Dec), born in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England

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