Television in History

Events in Film & TV

  • 1912-05-08 Film and television production and distribution studio Paramount Pictures is founded
  • 1925-06-13 Charles Jenkins demonstrates the transmission of synchronized pictures and sound (early television)
  • 1925-06-30 Charles Jenkins is granted the U.S. patent for Transmitting Pictures over Wireless (early television)

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1926-01-26 John Logie Baird gives the first public demonstration of television in his laboratory in London

Inventor of Television John Logie Baird
Inventor of Television
John Logie Baird
  • 1926-08-18 Weather map televised for 1st time
  • 1927-09-07 Philo Farnsworth demonstrates the first use of his electronic television in San Francisco
  • 1928-01-13 RCA and GE install three test television sets in homes in Schenectady, New York allowing American inventor E.F.W. Alexanderson to demonstrate the first home television receiver which delivered a poor and unsteady 1.5 square inch picture
  • 1928-07-02 The Jenkins Television Corporation (owned by Charles Jenkins) goes on air with W3XK, the first television broadcasting station in the USA
  • 1928-07-03 John Logie Baird demonstrates the first colour television transmission in London
  • 1928-07-12 1st televised tennis match
  • 1936-11-12 1st ever TV Gardening show "In Your Garden" shown on BBC television
  • 1938-04-30 The first televised FA Cup Final takes place between Huddersfield Town and Preston North End
  • 1939-05-17 1st televised baseball game is broadcast on NBC, with Princeton defeating Columbia 2-1
  • 1939-06-01 1st boxing match to be televised, Lon Nova defeats Max Baer
  • 1939-09-30 1st televised college football game (Fordham vs Waynesburg at NYC)
  • 1940-02-01 NBC performs the first inter-city television broadcast from its station in New York City to another in Schenectady, New York by General Electric relay antennas.
  • 1940-02-25 1st televised (W2XBS, NYC) hockey game (Rangers vs Canadians)
  • 1940-02-28 1st televised basketball game (U of Pitts beats Fordham U, 50-37)
  • 1946-10-02 1st network soap opera "Faraway Hill" begins broadcasting on DuMont Television Network
  • 1947-01-03 1st opening session of Congress to be televised
  • 1947-05-07 "Kraft Television Theater" premieres on NBC
  • 1947-09-30 Yanks beat Dodgers 5-3-largest WS crowd 73,365-1st WS televised

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1947-10-05 Harry Truman makes the 1st Presidential address televised from the White House

33rd US President Harry Truman
33rd US President
Harry Truman
  • 1948-03-20 1st live televised musical Eugene Ormandy on CBS followed in 90
  • 1948-10-03 NFL becomes 1st sport televised as sport of week
  • 1948-11-29 1st opera to be televised, "Othello", broadcast from the Met (NYC)
  • 1949-01-17 "The Goldbergs", first airs in the US on CBS
  • 1949-01-21 1st inaugural parade televised (Harry Truman)
  • 1949-02-21 US TV soap opera "A Woman to Remember" is 1st broadcast on DuMont Television Network
  • 1949-04-05 Fireside Theater debuts on US television.
  • 1949-12-29 1st UHF television station operating regular basis Bridgeport, Connecticut
  • 1950-10-11 The U.S. Federal Communications Commission issues the first license to broadcast television in color, to CBS
  • 1951-08-11 1st televised baseball game in color, on WCBS in New York City (Boston Braves beat the Brooklyn Dodgers 8-1)
  • 1951-12-23 1st coast-to-coast televised football game (Dumont paid $75,000) LA Rams beat Cleveland Browns 24-17 in NFL championship game
  • 1951-12-24 1st televised opera (Amahl & Night Visitor)
  • 1952-04-30 Mr Potato Head is 1st toy advertised on television
  • 1952-06-05 1st sporting event televised nationally-Walcott vs Charles boxing
  • 1952-10-01 1st ultra high frequency (UHF) television station, Portland Or
  • 1952-12-02 First human birth televised to public on KOA-TV Denver, Colorado
  • 1953-01-01 The first TV detector van, used to track down users of unlicensed television sets, begins operation in the UK

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1953-02-01 "You Are There" with Walter Cronkite premieres on CBS television

Broadcast Journalist Walter Cronkite
Broadcast Journalist
Walter Cronkite
  • 1953-05-25 1st non-commercial educational television station-Houston, Texas
  • 1953-12-30 The first ever NTSC color television sets go on sale for about USD at $1,175 each from RCA.
  • 1954-04-22 US Senate Army-McCarthy televised hearings begin
  • 1954-06-17 Televised Senate Army McCarthy hearings ends
  • 1954-07-05 The BBC broadcasts its first television news bulletin.
  • 1954-09-01 Paul ‘Bear’ Bryant opens infamous 10-day football mini camp in Junction, Texas; ordeal achieves legendary status becoming subject of 2001 book 'The Junction Boys' & television movie of the same name

Appears on tv showTelevision Debut

1955-03-07 Mary Martin as "Peter Pan" 1st televised

Actress Mary Martin
Mary Martin
  • 1955-10-02 "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" premieres on CBS television in the US
  • 1956-03-05 "King Kong" 1st televised
  • 1956-08-06 After going bankrupt in 1955, the American national broadcaster DuMont Television Network makes its final broadcast, a boxing match from St. Nicholas Arena

  • 1956-09-17 Television is first broadcast in Australia.
  • 1956-10-23 First video recording on magnetic tape televised coast-to-coast
  • 1956-11-03 "The Wizard of Oz" 1st televised (CBS-TV)
  • 1957-02-16 The "Toddlers' Truce", a controversial television closedown between 6.00pm and 7.00pm, abolished in the United Kingdom
  • 1957-09-22 Western "Maverick" premieres on ABC television starring James Garner
  • 1958-07-01 The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation links television broadcasting across Canada via microwave

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1960-02-26 Vera Miles stars in the famous "Mirror Image" episode of the classic CBS television series "The Twilight Zone"

Actress Vera Miles
Vera Miles
  • 1960-10-12 Japanese politician Inejiro Asanuma is assassinated with a sword during a televised debate live on TV by 17-year old nationalist Otoya Yamaguchi

Conference meetingConference of Interest

1961-01-25 1st live, nationally televised presidential news conference (JFK)

35th US President John F. Kennedy
35th US President
John F. Kennedy
  • 1961-04-14 1st live television broadcast from Soviet Union
  • 1962-03-24 Welterweight boxing title fight between Benny Paret and Emile Griffith, Paret knocked out 13th round, dies 10 days later. First use of television slow motion replay.
  • 1962-09-01 Channel Television launches to 54,000 households in the Channel Islands.
  • 1966-07-01 The first color television transmission in Canada takes place from Toronto.
  • 1966-11-06 1st entire lineup televised in color (NBC)
  • 1967-06-25 First global satellite television programme - Our World
  • 1967-11-19 The establishment of TVB, the first wireless commercial television station in Hong Kong
  • 1968-03-07 The BBC broadcasts the news for the first time in color on television.
  • 1968-05-02 Israeli television begins transmitting
  • 1968-12-09 Terence O'Neill, Northern Ireland Prime Minister, makes a television appeal for moderate opinion in what became known as the 'Ulster stands at the Crossroads' speech
  • 1969-08-05 The UVF plant their first bomb in the Republic of Ireland, damaging the RTÉ Television Centre in Dublin
  • 1970-10-05 PBS becomes a US television network.
  • 1970-11-09 The Goodies make their television debut on the BBC
  • 1971-02-14 Movie "Ben Hur" 1st shown on television
  • 1975-02-26 1st televised kidney transplant (Today Show)
  • 1975-03-01 Colour television transmissions begin in Australia.
  • 1975-09-29 Sharon Dahlonega Raiford Bush becomes American television's first African-American weathercaster.

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1976-09-23 US televised presidential debate between Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter

39th US President Jimmy Carter
39th US President
Jimmy Carter
38th US President Gerald Ford
38th US President
Gerald Ford
  • 1976-11-07 "Gone With the Wind" televised
  • 1977-11-26 'Vrillon', claiming to be the representative of the 'Ashtar Galactic Command', takes over Britain's Southern Television for six minutes at 5:12 PM.
  • 1978-09-12 Situation comedy "Taxi" premieres on ABC television

Film release premierFilm Premier

1978-12-27 CBS Television's premiere of its version of "Les Miserables", starring Richard Jordan and Anthony Perkins

  • 1980-11-17 WHHM Television in Washington, D.C., becomes the first African-American public-broadcasting television station
  • 1981-05-15 SCTV Network 90, sequel to Second City Television, debuts on NBC
  • 1982-03-07 NCAA Tournament Selection televised live for 1st time
  • 1985-01-23 Britains House of Lords debate 1st televised
  • 1985-06-14 "Michael Nesmith In Television Parts" premieres on NBC-TV
  • 1985-11-01 Nostalgia Television begins on cable
  • 1985-12-20 Sportscaster Howard Cosell retires from television sports after 20 years with ABC
  • 1986-02-27 The United States Senate allows its debates to be televised on a trial basis
  • 1987-01-22 Pennsylvania politician R. Budd Dwyer shoots and kills himself at a press conference on live national television, leading to debates on boundaries in journalism
  • 1987-11-22 Two Chicago television stations are hijacked by an unknown pirate dressed as Max Headroom.
  • 1988-01-23 Bob Benoit bowls 1st 300-pt game in a televised title match
  • 1988-12-09 NY Yankees sign 12-year television contract with MSG for $500M
  • 1991-04-11 NYC's Museum of Broadcasting becomes "Museum of Radio & Television"
  • 1995-05-22 Laverne & Shirley 20th anniversary reunion special, televised

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1997-03-10 "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" created by Joss Whedon and starring Sarah Michelle Geller premieres on WB Television Network

  • 1997-03-13 Phoenix lights seen at night over Phoenix, Arizona by hundreds of people, and by millions on television. Now a hotly debated controversy.
  • 1999-05-21 All My Children star Susan Lucci finally wins a Daytime Emmy after being nominated 19 times, the longest period of unsuccessful nominations in television history
  • 1999-06-02 The Bhutan Broadcasting Service brings television transmissions to the Kingdom for the first time
  • 2001-03-04 IRA explode a bomb in front of the BBC Television Centre in London, injuring 11 people

Event of interestEvent of Interest

2002-07-24 On 200th anniversary of his birth French author Alexandre Dumas' ('The Three Musketeers') ashes are interred in the Panthéon in Paris in a televised ceremony

  • 2002-10-30 British Digital terrestrial television (DTT) Service Freeview begins transmitting in parts of the United Kingdom.

Event of interestEvent of Interest

2004-11-30 Longtime "Jeopardy!" champion Ken Jennings of Salt Lake City, Utah finally loses, leaving him with $2,520,700 USD, television's all-time biggest game show haul

74 Time Jeopardy Champion Ken Jennings
74 Time Jeopardy Champion
Ken Jennings
  • 2006-09-01 Luxembourg becomes the 1st country to complete the move to all digital television broadcasting
  • 2006-09-18 Right wing protesters riot the building of the Hungarian Television in Budapest, Hungary, one day after an audio tape was made public, in which Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány admitted he and his party lied during the 2006 general elections.
  • 2007-07-27 Two News helicopters from Phoenix, Arizona television stations KNXV and KTVK collide over Steele Indian School Park in central Phoenix while covering a police chase; there were no survivors. Worst civil aviation incident in Phoenix history.

AgreementAgreement of Interest

2008-05-04 Seth MacFarlane reaches an agreement worth $100 million with Fox to keep "Family Guy" and "American Dad" on television until 2012, making MacFarlane the world's highest paid television writer

  • 2009-06-12 TSC: All television broadcasts in the United States switch from analog NTSC to digital ATSC transmission.
  • 2012-09-02 A decades-long ban on veiled female news presenters is lifted from State television in Egypt
  • 2014-02-02 Super Bowl XLVIII: Seattle Seahawks defeat Denver Broncos 42-8, most viewed television event in the United States with over 111 million viewers
  • 2016-01-27 On This Day receives its second substantial face-lift, courtesy of a fresh new website design and brand by design studio Fhoke. Dedicated history and film and television channels are launched alongside the new design.
  • 2018-03-10 Two girls aged 8 and 6 become the first female weightlifters to appear on Iranian television after a protest
  • 2018-03-21 China announces greater controls over the media, including merging state-run radio and television broadcasters into a single conglomerate called “Voice of China”