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Appears on tv showTelevision Debut

1963-09-29 "Judy Garland Show" debuts on CBS-TV

Actress Judy Garland
Judy Garland
  • 1963-09-29 "My Favorite Martian" starring Ray Walston, debuts on CBS-TV
  • 1963-11-07 First use of the instant replay machine invented by CBS in US Army vs Navy football game
  • 1963-11-28 WHNT TV channel 19 in Huntsville, AL (CBS) begins broadcasting
  • 1963-12-31 Dear Abby show premieres on CBS radio (runs 11 years)
  • 1964-01-01 KNMT TV channel 12 in Walker, MN (CBS) begins broadcasting
  • 1964-01-01 KTVS TV channel 3 in Sterling, CO (CBS) begins broadcasting
  • 1964-01-24 CBS purchases 1964 & 1965 NFL TV rights for $28.2 million
  • 1964-02-09 NYC news anchor Jim Jenson's 1st appearance on WCBS-TV
  • 1964-03-16 KCOY TV channel 12 in Santa Maria, CA (CBS) begins broadcasting
  • 1964-04-25 "New Phil Silvers Show" last airs on CBS-TV

Appears on tv showTelevision Debut

1964-09-26 "Gilligan's Island", starring Bob Denver as Gilligan, debuts on CBS

Actor Bob Denver
Bob Denver
  • 1964-10-12 WSBK TV channel 38 in Boston, MA (IND/ABC/CBS/NBC) begin
  • 1964-11-02 CBS purchases 80% of Yanks for $11,200,000, later buys remaining 20%

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1965-04-28 Barbra Streisand stars on "My Name is Barbra" special on CBS

Singer-songwriter & Actress Barbra Streisand
Singer-songwriter & Actress
Barbra Streisand
  • 1965-09-04 KREZ TV channel 6 in Durango, CO (CBS/NBC) begins broadcasting

  • 1965-09-12 WCEE TV channel 23 in Rockford, IL (CBS) begins broadcasting
  • 1965-09-17 CBS premiere of WWII sitcom "Hogan's Heroes"
  • 1965-10-17 WBMG TV channel 42 in Birmingham, AL (CBS) begins broadcasting
  • 1965-10-27 WCFT TV channel 33 in Tuscaloosa, AL (CBS) begins broadcasting
  • 1965-12-29 CBS purchases NFL TV rights for 1966-68 at $18.8 million per year
  • 1966-01-11 "Daktari" African adventure series premieres on CBS TV
  • 1966-02-26 KBIM TV channel 10 in Roswell, NM (CBS) begins broadcasting
  • 1966-03-30 Barbra Streisand stars on "Color Me Barbra" special on CBS
  • 1966-09-01 KIFW (now KTNL) TV channel 13 in Sitka, AK (CBS) begins broadcasting
  • 1966-09-17 "Mission Impossible" premieres on CBS-TV

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1966-12-18 Dr. Seuss' "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" airs for 1st time on CBS

Children's Author Dr. Seuss
Children's Author
Dr. Seuss
  • 1967-02-05 "Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour" premieres on CBS (later ABC, NBC)
  • 1967-06-04 KTVN TV channel 2 in Reno, NV (CBS) begins broadcasting

Appears on tv showTelevision Premiere

1967-06-14 "Steve Allen Show" premieres on CBS-TV

TV Personality, Comedian and Composer Steve Allen
TV Personality, Comedian and Composer
Steve Allen
  • 1967-07-09 WRET TV channel 36 in Charlotte, North Carolina (NBC/CBS) begins broadcasting
  • 1967-08-18 WCBS radio in NYC goes all-news
  • 1967-09-02 KUHI (now KSNF) TV channel 16 in Joplin, MO (CBS) begins broadcasting
  • 1967-09-20 WCIX TV channel 6 in Miami, FL (CBS) begins broadcasting
  • 1967-10-13 CBS radio cancels "House Party"
  • 1967-10-17 Barbra Streisand stars on "Belle of 14th Street" special on CBS
  • 1968-01-04 Leo Fender sells Fender Guitars for $13 million to CBS

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1968-02-27 CBS news anchor Walter Cronkite delivers a scathing editorial on America's chances of winning the Vietnam War

Broadcast Journalist Walter Cronkite
Broadcast Journalist
Walter Cronkite
  • 1968-03-14 CBS TV suspends Radio Free Europe free advertising because RFE doesn't make it clear it is sponsored by the CIA
  • 1968-06-10 WHTV (now WTZH) TV channel 24 in Meridian, MS (NBC/CBS) 1st broadcast
  • 1968-09-14 1st broadcast of "60 Minutes" on CBS-TV

  • 1968-09-15 "Barbra Streisand: A Happening in Central Park" Show on CBS TV
  • 1968-09-24 "60 Minutes" premieres on CBS-TV
  • 1968-09-26 1st broadcast of "Hawaii Five-O" on CBS-TV
  • 1968-12-11 KECC (now KECY) TV channel 9 in El Centro, CA (CBS) 1st broadcast
  • 1968-12-24 WATU (now WAGT) TV channel 26 in Augusta, GA (CBS) begins broadcasting
  • 1969-02-02 KMST TV channel 46 in Monterey-Salinas, CA (CBS) begins broadcasting
  • 1969-06-08 "Smothers Brothers comedy Hour" last airs on CBS-TV
  • 1969-06-15 "Hee Haw" with Roy Clark & Buck Owens premieres on CBS TV

Appears on tv showTelevision Debut

1969-09-13 "Scooby-Doo Where are You" by Hanna-Barbera debuts on CBS in the US

Animator Joseph Barbera
Joseph Barbera
Animator William Hanna
William Hanna
  • 1969-10-26 WHMA (now WJSU) TV channel 40 in Anniston, AL (CBS) 1st broadcast
  • 1970-06-05 KPAX TV channel 8 in Missoula, Montana (CBS) begins broadcasting
  • 1970-06-23 "Red Skelton Show" last airs on CBS-TV, moved to NBC-TV

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1970-09-19 "The Mary Tyler Moore" show premieres on CBS

  • 1971-01-12 "All in the Family" premieres on CBS featuring 1st toilet flush on TV
  • 1971-03-14 Barbra Streisand appears on "The Burt Bacharach Special" on CBS TV
  • 1971-03-26 "Cannon" with William Conrad premieres on CBS-TV
  • 1971-06-01 Ed Sullivan's final TV show on CBS
  • 1971-06-06 "Ed Sullivan Show" last broadcasts on CBS-TV
  • 1971-08-01 CBS presents Masterpiece Theatre's 6 Wives of Henry VIII
  • 1971-10-13 WTZH TV channel 24 in Meridian, MS (CBS) suspends broadcasting
  • 1971-12-18 CBS radio cancels Saturday morning band concerts
  • 1971-12-19 CBS airs "Homecoming A Christmas Story," (introducing the Waltons)
  • 1972-02-14 CBS "Late Movie" premieres
  • 1972-02-17 TV comedy M*A*S*H, adapted from the movie, starring Alan Alda, Loretta Swit and Wayne Rogers debuts on CBS in the US
  • 1972-05-18 "Me and The Chimp" an American TV sitcom last airs on CBS in the US
  • 1972-09-04 "The Price is Right" - US's longest running games show debuts on CBS
  • 1972-09-14 "The Waltons" TV program premieres on CBS starring Richard Thomas and Ralph Waite
  • 1972-09-17 "M*A*S*H," premieres on CBS TV

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1973-01-03 George Steinbrenner III buys Yankees from CBS for $12 million

New York Yankees Owner George Steinbrenner
New York Yankees Owner
George Steinbrenner
  • 1973-01-28 "Barnaby Jones" premieres on CBS TV
  • 1973-03-26 TV Soap "The Young & the Restless" premieres on CBS
  • 1973-04-02 CBS radio begins on the hour news, 24 hours a day
  • 1973-11-02 "Barbra Streisand ...and Other Musical Instruments" airs on CBS TV
  • 1974-01-01 NBC radio begins on the hour news 24 hours a day (following CBS lead)
  • 1974-01-06 "CBS Mystery Theater" premieres on radio
  • 1974-02-08 "Good Times" (spinoff from "Maude") premieres on CBS TV
  • 1974-12-27 Dear Abby show ends run on CBS radio after 11 years
  • 1975-01-18 "Jeffersons" spinoff from "All in the Family" premieres on CBS
  • 1975-12-16 1st broadcast of "One Day at a Time" on CBS TV

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1976-04-01 "Helter Skelter", detailing Charles Manson's cult "family", their capture, trial, conviction and aftermath, premieres on CBS

Murderer Charles Manson
Charles Manson
  • 1976-09-29 "Alice" debuts on CBS-TV
  • 1977-02-05 General Mills Adventure Theater premieres on CBS radio
  • 1977-03-10 CBS' premiere of "A Circle of Children", starring Jane Alexander and based on the life and book about this by Mary Mac Cracken
  • 1977-09-03 Last broadcast of "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" on CBS

Film release premierFilm Premier

1978-03-10 "The Incredible Hulk", starring Bill Bixby as David Banner, premieres on CBS

Actor Bill Bixby
Bill Bixby
Comic Book Artist and Writer Jack Kirby
Comic Book Artist and Writer
Jack Kirby
  • 1978-04-02 TV soap show "Dallas" starring Larry Hagman and Barbara Bel Geddes premieres on CBS (as a 5 week mini-series)
  • 1978-09-29 "Flying High," debuts on CBS
  • 1978-10-23 CBS raises LP prices to $8.98
  • 1978-12-13 CBS' premiere of "Lovey: A Circle of Children Part II", sequel to "A Circle of Children", which is also based on Mary Mac Cracken

Appears on tv showTelevision Premiere

1978-12-27 CBS Television's premiere of its version of "Les Miserables", starring Richard Jordan and Anthony Perkins

  • 1979-01-26 "The Dukes of Hazzard" premieres on US TV network CBS
  • 1979-02-04 "Co-Ed Fever," TV Comedy, debut & cancelled that outing on CBS
  • 1979-02-05 Sears Radio Theater premieres on CBS
  • 1979-02-26 CBS' premiere of NYC sitcom "Flatbush", which received many derision phone calls about it from Brooklynites to CBS

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1979-03-16 CBS-TV airs "Wings Over the World" with Paul McCartney

Musician and Beatle Paul McCartney
Musician and Beatle
Paul McCartney
  • 1979-05-29 CBS premiere of Melissa Anderson's modern "Survival of Dana", her first "bad girl" role, in which Anderson's title character leaves her North Dakota town for Los Angeles after her parents' divorce
  • 1979-12-27 Soap Opera "Knots Landing" premieres on CBS-TV
  • 1980-02-01 Sears Radio Theater moves from CBS to Mutual Broadcasting System
  • 1980-11-10 Dan Rather refuses to pay his cabbie, CBS pays $12.55 fare

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