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Events in Film & TV

  • 1928-05-10 WGY, Schenectady begins regular TV programming
  • 1936-07-29 RCA shows 1st real TV program (dancing, film on locomotives, Bonwit Teller fashion show and monologue from Tobacco Road & comedy)
  • 1946-05-09 1st hour long entertainment TV show, "NBC's Hour Glass" premieres
  • 1947-11-06 NBC's "Meet the Press" debuts - US's longest running TV show
  • 1948-01-13 1st country music TV show, Midwestern Hayride, premieres on WLW Cin
  • 1949-07-07 "Dragnet" premieres on NBC radio; also a TV series in 1951 & 1967
  • 1949-12-28 20th Century Fox announces it will produce TV programs
  • 1950-08-27 1st transmission of a TV programme from continental Europe shown on BBC
  • 1950-09-11 Dick Tracy TV show sparks uproar concerning violence

Film release premierFilm Premier

1952-09-19 "Adventures of Superman" TV series starring George Reeves premieres in syndication in the US

  • 1954-10-26 Walt Disney's 1st television program, "Disneyland", premieres on ABC

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1954-10-27 Walt Disney's 1st TV show, "Disneyland", premieres on ABC

Animator Walt Disney
Walt Disney
  • 1955-01-19 "Millionaire" TV program premieres on CBS
  • 1956-04-10 Philips broadcasts 1st Dutch color TV programs

Appears on tv showTelevision Debut

1956-07-07 "Hancock's Half Hour" premieres as a TV show starring Tony Hancock and Sid James, written by Ray Galton and Alan Simpson

Comedian Tony Hancock
Tony Hancock
  • 1957-02-27 Premiere of only prime-time network TV show beginning with an "X": "Xavier Cugat Show" on NBC (until X-Files)
  • 1957-06-03 Howard Cosell's 1st TV show

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1957-09-21 "Perry Mason" TV series based on the character by author Erle Stanley Gardner, starring Raymond Burr premieres on CBS-TV

Detective Writer Erle Stanley Gardner
Detective Writer
Erle Stanley Gardner

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1960-02-26 Vera Miles stars in the famous "Mirror Image" episode of the classic CBS television series "The Twilight Zone"

Actress Vera Miles
Vera Miles
  • 1960-10-07 TV series "Route 66" premieres on CBS
  • 1961-09-23 1st movie to become a TV series-How to Marry a Millionaire

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1962-01-15 Coco the Clown [Nicolai Poliakoff] is the subject of the BBC TV programme "This is Your Life"

Famous Clown Coco the Clown
Famous Clown
Coco the Clown
  • 1962-08-23 1st Europe-US live TV program (via Telstar)

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1962-09-23 ABC's 1st color TV series - The Jetsons by Hanna-Barbera first broadcast

Animator William Hanna
William Hanna
Animator Joseph Barbera
Joseph Barbera
  • 1963-08-09 Britains rock TV show, Ready Steady Go, premieres
  • 1966-01-08 The Who & the Kinks perform on the last "Shindig" TV show on ABC
  • 1966-12-23 Britain's rock TV show "Ready Steady Go" last program
  • 1967-06-25 First global satellite television programme - Our World
  • 1968-09-24 "That's Life" premieres-A Broadway musical type TV show
  • 1968-12-12 Rolling Stones film TV show "Rock 'n Roll Circus"-never aired

Appears on tv showTV Show Appearance

1969-06-14 John Lennon and Yoko Ono appear on David Frost's British TV Show

Artist & Musician Yoko Ono
Artist & Musician
Yoko Ono
Musician and Beatle John Lennon
Musician and Beatle
John Lennon
  • 1971-06-01 Ed Sullivan's final TV show on CBS
  • 1972-09-14 "Waltons" TV program premieres
  • 1972-09-16 1st TV series about mixed marriage-Bridgit Loves Bernie

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1976-02-01 Sonny & Cher resume TV show, despite real-life divorce

Goddess of Pop  Cher
Goddess of Pop

Appears on tv showTelevision Debut

1978-01-08 TV series "All Creatures Great and Small" debuts on BBC TV, based on the books by James Herriot, starring Robert hardy and Christopher Timothy

Novelist James Herriot
James Herriot
  • 1978-10-14 1st TV movie from a TV series-"Rescue from Gilligan's Island"
  • 1980-03-21 On TV show "Dallas", J.R. is shot
  • 1981-04-20 Final performance of TV show "Soap" airs
  • 1984-01-17 Supreme Court rules (5-4) oks private use of home VCRs to tape TV programs for later viewing does not violate federal copyright laws
  • 1987-07-15 Boy George barred from British TV show, he may be a bad influence
  • 1988-09-16 Jury awards Valerie Harper $1.6 M in dispute over TV series
  • 1988-10-19 US Senate passes bill curbing ads during children's TV shows

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1989-04-05 David Letterman becomes 1st network TV series to use dolby stereo

Comedian and Television Host David Letterman
Comedian and Television Host
David Letterman
  • 1990-04-13 Final episode of Pat Sajak's late night TV show on CBS
  • 1991-11-29 TV show "Roc" has a gay wedding episode - Can't Help Loving that Man
  • 1992-07-01 Fox broadcasting adds Wednesday night TV programming
  • 1992-09-30 Mariel Hemmingway appears nude on TV show Civil Wars

Appears on tv showTelevision Debut

1993-04-21 Action TV series "Walker, Texas Ranger" starring Chuck Norris debuts on CBS

  • 1994-06-20 Howard Stern begins 30-minute (Radio) TV show on E! cable network

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1995-09-04 Cult TV series "Xena: Warrior Princess" starring Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor debuts in the US

Actress & Singer Lucy Lawless
Actress & Singer
Lucy Lawless
  • 1997-02-23 NBC TV shows "Schindler's List" completely uncensored, 65M watch

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1997-12-25 Jerry Seinfeld says this is the final season of his TV show

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld
Jerry Seinfeld
  • 2010-12-31 Post-apocalyptic zombie TV series "The Walking Dead" premieres, starring Andrew Lincoln and Jon Bernthal on AMC

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2016-05-22 TV series "Preacher", developed by Evan Goldberg, Sam Catlin, and Seth Rogen, premieres on AMC

Actor & Writer Seth Rogen
Actor & Writer
Seth Rogen