On This Day

Actors and Actresses Married and Divorced in 1932

Weddings in Film & TV

Frank Capra

Feb 1 Film director Frank Capra (34) weds secretary Lucille Reyburn

Jean Harlow

Jul 2 Platinum blonde screen goddess Jean Harlow (21) weds MGM producer Paul Bern (42)

  • Aug 3 Austro-Hungarian-American theatre and film director Otto Preminger (26) weds Marion Mill; divorce in 1949

Bette Davis

Aug 18 Actress Bette Davis (24) weds musician Harmon Nelson (25)

Ray Milland

Sep 30 Actor and director Ray Milland (27) weds Muriel Frances Weber

  • Dec 5 "East of Eden" director Elia Kazan (23) weds playwright Molly Day Thatcher (25)