Actors and Actresses Married and Divorced in 1940

Weddings in Film & TV

Wedding of Interest

Jan 26 Actor Ronald Reagan (28) weds Academy Award-winning actress Jane Wyman (23) at the Wee Kirk o' the Heather church in Glendale, California

Lana Turner

Feb 13 American actress Lana Turner (19) weds American bandleader Artie Shaw (29) in a Las Vegas elopement; divorce after 4 months

Oliver Hardy

Mar 7 Comedian Oliver Hardy (48) marries film assistant Virginia Lucille Jones (30)

Mary Martin

May 5 Actress Mary Martin (26) weds producer Richard Halliday (35)

Paul Harvey

Jun 4 Radio broadcaster Paul Harvey (21) weds radio producer Lynne Cooper

Loretta Young

Jul 31 Actress Loretta Young (27) weds advertising executive Tom Lewis at the chapel of St. Paul's Church in Westwood

Mike Wallace

Aug 30 CBS news correspondent Mike Wallace (22) weds Norma Kaphan in Brookline, Massachusetts

Wedding of Interest

Aug 31 "Wuthering Heights" actor Laurence Olivier (33) weds "Gone With The Wind" actress Vivien Leigh (26)

Harry Morgan

Sep 1 American "Dragnet" and "M*A*S*H" actor Harry Morgan (25) weds Eileen Detchon

George Reeves

Sep 22 "Adventures of Superman" actor George Reeves (26) weds Ellanora Needles at the Church of Our Savior in San Gabriel, California

  • Sep 25 "Sullivan's Travels" actress Veronica Lake (18) weds American motion picture art director and set designer John S. Detlie (31)

David Lean

Nov 23 Film director David Lean (32) weds actress Kay Walsh (29)

Guy Gibson

Nov 23 RAF pilot Guy Gibson (22) weds show dancer and actress Eve Moore in Penarth’s Anglican Church

Wedding of Interest

Nov 30 "I Love Lucy" actress Lucille Ball (28) weds Cuban actor and singer Desi Arnaz (23) in Greenwich, Connecticut; divorce in 1960

Bette Davis

Dec 31 Actress Bette Davis (32) weds New England innkeeper Arthur Farnsworth at 15,000-acre ranch in Lake Montezuma, Arizona