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Actors and Actresses Married and Divorced in 1943

Weddings in Film & TV

Bettie Page

Feb 15 Model Bettie Page (19) weds high school sweetheart Billy Neal in Gallatin, Tennessee

Lana Turner

Mar 14 American movie actress Lana Turner (22) and American actor and restaurateur Steve Crane remarry in Tijuana, Mexico; divorce in 1944

Peter Cushing

Apr 10 Actor Peter Cushing (29) weds actress Violet Helene Beck in London, England

Claire Trevor

Apr 17 Actress Claire Trevor (34) weds Navy lieutenant Cyclos William Dunsmoore in Tijuana, Mexico

Charlie Chaplin

Jun 16 Actor/comedian Charlie Chaplin (54) marries actress Oona O'Neill (18)

Betty Grable

Jul 5 Actress Betty Grable (26) weds big band leader Harry James (27)

Wedding of Interest

Sep 7 American "Gilda" actress Rita Hayworth (24) weds American actor-director-wunderkind Orson Welles (28); divorce in 1947

Dinah Shore

Dec 5 Singer and actress Dinah Shore (27) weds actor George Montgomery (27)

Carl Reiner

Dec 24 American comic actor and writer Carl Reiner (21) weds singer Estelle Lebost (29)

Divorces in Film & TV

Jackie Coogan

Jun 29 Actor Jackie Coogan (28) divorces actress Flower Parry after almost 2 years of marriage