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Actors and Actresses Married and Divorced in 1950

Weddings in Film & TV

David Attenborough

Feb 17 Natural history broadcaster David Attenborough (24) weds Jane Elizabeth Ebsworth Oriel

Sidney Poitier

Apr 29 American actor Sidney Poitier (23) weds model Juanita Hardy; divorce in 1965

Elizabeth Taylor

May 6 Elizabeth Taylor (18) marries for the 1st time to hotel heir Conrad "Nicky" Hilton (23)

Jayne Mansfield

May 6 American student, and aspiring actress, Vera Jayne (Palmer) Peers (later known as Jayne Mansfield) (17) weds American student Paul Mansfield (20), in Fort Worth, Texas; divorce in 1958

Jack Lemmon

May 7 Actor Jack Lemmon (25) weds tv actress Cynthia Stone (24)

Bette Davis

Jul 28 Actress Bette Davis (42) weds actor Gary Merrill (34) in Mexico

Dorothy Parker

Aug 17 Short story writer Dorothy Parker (57) weds screenwriter Alan Campbell (46)

Shirley Temple

Dec 16 American child actress Shirley Temple (22) weds 2nd husband US naval officer Charles Alden Black (31), at his parents' home, Del Monte, California

Henry Fonda

Dec 27 American actor Henry Fonda (45) weds socialite and third wife Susan Blanchard (22) in New York City; divorce in 1956

John Steinbeck

Dec 28 Author John Steinbeck (48) weds actress Elaine Anderson (36)

Divorces in Film & TV

Ingrid Bergman

Mar 1 Actress Ingrid Bergman (34) divorces dentist Petter Aron Lindström after 12 years of marriage

Bette Davis

Jul 5 Actress Bette Davis (42) divorces artist William Grant Sherry after more than 4 years of marriage