Actors and Actresses Married and Divorced in 1959

Weddings in Film & TV

Raquel Welch

May 8 Aspiring American actress Raquel Tejada (18) weds high school sweetheart James Welch; divorce in 1964 - she keeps his name (Raquel Welch)

Elizabeth Taylor

May 12 Actress Elizabeth Taylor (27) marries for the 4th time to entertainer Eddie Fisher (30)

Jim Henson

May 28 Muppeteer Jim Henson (22) weds Jane Nebel (24) in Salisbury, Maryland

Louise Fletcher

Jul 18 American actress Louise Fletcher (25) weds producer Jerry Bick (36); divorce in 1977

Rod Steiger

Sep 19 Academy award-winning actor Rod Steiger (34) weds stage and film actress Claire Bloom (28) in Los Angeles, California


Divorces in Film & TV

Marlon Brando

Apr 22 Actor Marlon Brando and actress Anna Kashfi divorce