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Actors and Actresses Married and Divorced in 1960

Weddings in Film & TV

Bob Denver

Jan 22 Comedic actor Bob Denver (25) weds Maggie Ryan in California

  • Jan 31 Songwriter Adolph Green marries actress and singer Phyllis Newman in NYC

Yul Brynner

Mar 31 Actor Yul Brynner (39) weds fashion house executive Doris Kleiner (32) in Mexico City; divorce in 1967

Marlon Brando

Jun 4 "On the Waterfront" actor Marlon Brando (36) weds Mexican-American actress Movita Castaneda (42)

  • Jun 6 American chanteuse and actress Eartha Kitt (33) weds real estate investor Bill McDonald; divorce in 1965

David Lean

Jul 4 Film director David Lean (52) weds fourth wife Leila Matkar

Gene Tierney

Jul 11 Actress Gene Tierney (39) weds oil baron W. Howard Lee in Aspen, Colorado

Vera Miles

Jul 16 American actress Vera Miles (30) weds American actor-director-screenwriter Keith Larsen (36); divorce in 1971

Sammy Davis Jr.

Nov 13 American entertainer Sammy Davis, Jr. (34) marries Swedish actress May Britt (26) at Temple Israel of Hollywood, California; divorce in 1968

Lana Turner

Nov 27 American movie actress Lana Turner (39) weds 5th husband, rancher Frederick May; divorce in 1962

Divorces in Film & TV

Divorce of Interest

Mar 4 American comedienne Lucille Ball files for divorce from Cuban-American singer Desi Arnaz, after 14 years of marriage

Yul Brynner

Mar 26 Academy Award-winning actor Yul Brynner (39) divorces actress Virginia Gilmore (40) after 15 years of marriage

Leo Durocher

Jun 14 Actress Laraine Day (39) divorces manager Leo Durocher (53) due to incompatibility after 12 years of marriage

Bette Davis

Jul 6 Actress Bette Davis (52) divorces actor Gary Merrill (46) after almost 10 years of marriage

Christopher Plummer

Sep 2 Actress Tammy Grimes (26) divorces actor Christopher Plummer (30) after 4 years of marriage