Actors and Actresses Married and Divorced in 1961

Weddings in Film & TV

Pablo Picasso

Mar 13 Pablo Picasso (79) marries his model Jacqueline Rocque (37)

Christopher Lee

Mar 17 Actor Christopher Lee (38) weds actress Gitte Lee (25)

Ted Williams

Sep 10 Baseball player Ted Williams marries model Lee Howard (divorced 1967)

Lucille Ball

Nov 19 American television comedy icon Lucille Ball (50) weds American stand-up comic Gary Morton (36) at Marble Collegiate Church, NYC, the second marriage for both

Martin Sheen

Dec 23 Actor Martin Sheen (21) weds Janet Templeton


Divorces in Film & TV

Rita Hayworth

Sep 1 American "Gilda" actress Rita Hayworth (42) divorces American film producer James Hill (45) after 3-1/2 years of marriage