Actors and Actresses Married and Divorced in 1962

Weddings in Film & TV

Rex Harrison

Mar 21 Academy award-winning British actor Rex Harrison (54) weds actress and third wife Rachel Roberts (34) in Genoa, Italy

Christopher Plummer

May 4 Actor Christopher Plummer (32) weds columnist Patricia Lewis at the Marylebone Registry office in London

Jack Nicholson

Jun 17 American actor Jack Nicholson (25) weds American actress Sandra Knight (22) in Los Angeles, California; divorce in 1968

Jane Froman

Jun 22 American actress-singer Jane Froman (54) weds college friend Rowland Smith

Marlon Brando

Aug 10 Actor Marlon Brando (38) marries Tahitian actress Tarita Teriipaia (20) (divorced 1972)

Jack Lemmon

Aug 17 Actor Jack Lemmon (37) weds actress and model Felicia Farr (29) in Paris, France

Janet Leigh

Sep 15 American actress Janet Leigh (35) weds Swedish film maker and stockbroker Robert Brandt

Edith Piaf

Oct 9 French singer Édith Piaf (46) marries French Greek actor Théo Sarapo (26)

Yoko Ono

Nov 28 Japanese artist and peace activist Yoko Ono (30) weds American musician and film producer Anthony Cox (26-ish); annulled and remarried in 1963, divorce in 1969

Sean Connery

Dec 6 Actor Sean Connery (32) weds actress Diane Cilento on Gibraltar; divorce 1973


Divorces in Film & TV

Robert Wagner

Apr 27 American actress Natalie Wood (23) divorces American actor Robert Wagner (30) after almost 5 years of marriage; they remarry in 1972

Divorce of Interest

Sep 14 American actress Janet Leigh (35) divorces American actor Tony Curtis (37) after 10 years of marriage