Actors and Actresses Married and Divorced in 1963

Weddings in Film & TV

Bob Newhart

Jan 12 Actor and comedian Bob Newhart (33) weds Virginia "Ginnie" Quinn

Francis Ford Coppola

Feb 2 Filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola (23) weds documentary filmmaker Eleanor Jessie Neil (26) in Las Vegas, Nevada

Barbra Streisand

Mar 21 Singer and actress Barbra Streisand (20) marries actor Elliott Gould (24)

Anita Ekberg

Apr 6 Actress Anita Ekberg (31) weds actor Rik Van Nutter (33) in Lugano, Switzerland

Rod Taylor

Jun 1 Australian actor Rod Taylor (33) weds model Mary Hilem (25) at Westwood Community Methodist Church in Hollywood, California; divorce in 1969

Betty White

Jun 14 "The Golden Girls" actress Betty White (41) weds "Password" game show host Allen Ludden (45) at the Sands Hotel-Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada

Geraldine Page

Sep 8 Academy Award-winning actress Geraldine Page (38) weds actor Rip Torn (32) in Pinal, Arizona

Elizabeth Montgomery

Oct 26 Actress Elizabeth Montgomery (30) weds director-producer William Asher (42) in El Paso, Texas

Doris Roberts

Nov 10 Actress Doris Roberts (33) weds novelist William Goyen (48)

Robert Goulet

Nov 12 American singer and actor Robert Goulet (30) weds American actress Carol Lawrence (31); divorce in 1981

  • Nov 23 "12 Angry Men" director Sidney Lumet (39) weds Lena Horne's daughter Gail Jones