Actors and Actresses Married and Divorced in 1972

Weddings in Film & TV

Tom Stoppard

Feb 11 Playwright Tom Stoppard (34) weds doctor and author Miriam Moore-Robinson (34)

Bob Denver

Apr 25 Comedic actor Bob Denver (37) weds third wife Carole Abrahams

Robert Wagner

Jul 16 American actress Natalie Wood (33) weds American actor Robert Wagner (40) for the second time, aboard the Ramblin' Rose, moored off Malibu, California

  • Aug 5 "The Addams Family" actor John Astin (42) weds actress Patty Duke (25); divorce 1985

Divorces in Film & TV

Phil Hartman

Sep 19 Actor Phil Hartman (23) divorces Gretchen Lewis after 2 years of marriage