Weddings & Divorces in Film & TV on December 6

Weddings in Film & TV

Sean Connery

1962 Actor Sean Connery (32) weds actress Diane Cilento on Gibraltar; divorce 1973

Peter Jennings

1997 ABC's World News Tonight news anchor Peter Jennings (59) weds Kayce Freed in Bridgehampton, New York

  • 2008 "Lonestar" bass guitarist John Rich (34) weds former model Joan Bush in Nashville

Divorces in Film & TV

Bette Davis

1938 Actress Bette Davis (30) divorces musician Harmon Nelson (31) due to cruel and inhuman manner after more than 6 years of marriage

Robin Williams

1988 Actor and comedian Robin Williams (37) divorces Valerie Velardi after 10 years of marriage