Weddings & Divorces in Film & TV on January 1

Weddings in Film & TV

Paul Henreid

1936 Actor Paul Henreid (27) weds Elizabeth Camilla Julia Gluck

Stan Laurel

1938 Comedian Stan Laurel (47) marries 3rd wife Vera Ivanova Shuvalova

Gene Hackman

1956 American actor Gene Hackman (25) weds Fay Maltese; divorce in 1986

Sammy Davis Jr.

1958 American entertainer Sammy Davis, Jr. marries Loray White; divorce in 1959

John Carpenter

1979 Film director John Carpenter (30) weds actress Adrienne Barbeau (33)

Michael Biehn

1988 Actor Michael Biehn (31) weds film producer Gina Marsh

Leonard Nimoy

1989 Actor Leonard Nimoy (57) weds actress Susan Bay

  • 2003 "A Beautiful Mind" actress Jennifer Connelly (32) weds actor Paul Bettany in Scotland
  • 2003 "Lord of The Rings" actress Miranda Otto (35) weds actor Peter O'Brien (44) at St. Mary's Cathedral in Sydney, Australia

Valerie Bertinelli

2011 "Hot in Cleveland" actress Valerie Bertinelli (50) weds financial planner Tom Vitale at their home in Malibu, California; divorce in 2022