Weddings & Divorces in Film & TV on November 20

Weddings in Film & TV

Wedding of Interest

1937 American actor Jackie Coogan (23) weds American actress Betty Grable (20) at St. Brendan Catholic Church in Los Angeles; divorce in 1939

Eileen Ford

1944 Model agency executive Eileen Ottensoser (22) weds businessman Gerard W. Ford (20) in San Francisco, California

Steve Martin

1986 Comedian and actor Steve Martin (41) weds actress Victoria Tennant (36)

Luke Perry

1993 Actor Luke Perry (27) weds Minnie Sharp (24) at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills

  • 2001 ABC News political analyst George Stephanopoulos (40) weds actress Alexandra Wentworth (36) at Greek Orthodox Archdiocesan Cathedral of the Holy Trinity in Manhattan
  • 2005 Bollywood actor Zayed Khan (25) weds Malaika Parekh at the Grand Maratha Sheraton in Mumbai, India

Divorces in Film & TV

Hulk Hogan

2007 Linda Bollea (46) divorces professional wrestler Hulk Hogan (53) after 23 years of marriage